The Door Opened

It was Halloween eve. The skies were gray and filled with gloom. Droplets fell on her face as she wiped her eyes to keep from squinting. There was a chill in the air and the soft winds oozed around her; giving her no choice but to snuggle deeper into her jacket.

She had just shut the door without ever making a sound. She had already played this role before. Earlier when the time was proper she had went out with her friends and decorated unasked for people’s yards.

She stood there under the eaves remembering the laughter. Still ringing in her ears she smiled remembering  the tricks they had performed. She and her friends didn’t want to be home at curfew so they plotted and decided that they would meet under the big elm tree at 11:00, which is exactly now.

The streets looked like glass mirrors as the lights reflected the rain. They had an eerie and spooky look to them when it was dark out. Brittany had not been allowed out very often after dark.

She had just turned 13 this year but her parents treated her like she was still a child. If it weren’t for their stupid ways she wouldn’t have to be sneaking out of the house now. After all, they had let her go earlier.

She ran down the street trying to miss rain puddles and quickly came to the tree. Her other two friends were already there waiting for her. The three of them ran towards one of the buildings that had a big over hang. They huddled under it together, waiting, as if the rain was going to be stopping soon.

A lonely but obvious drunk staggered out of the bar across the street. He glanced in their direction but pulled his coat closer to him and started walking in the opposite direction. The girls covered their mouths and giggled; making fun of the way he walked.

The three of them agreed and they started walking towards the direction of the cemetery. The way to get there was to go through down town and then walk through the quiet little neighborhood. There was a bunch of old people who lived on this side of town. People who had married and raised their families.

The three pulled out their bar of  soap and wrote some nice little words on the cars. They ran quickly to the front doors and scribbled on them. Giggling they continued their walk until they saw the old iron gate. It was shut. A sure sign there was to be no one in there after dusk.

The girls didn’t let this stop them. They walked towards where they knew there was a space wide enough for them to squeeze through. Once in they took off running for one of the old buildings, and ran inside.

It was a chapel. A small one, made for one family services. There was a newer one on down the path that held more people. They sat on the wooden benches and became quiet. Looking around seeing tree branches swaying on the outside of the window panes gave them the shivers.

Things sure did look different after dusk. They heard a noise. They jumped and saw it was a city rat. This didn’t make them smile anymore. They got on top of the benches in hope that the rat would not climb up to get them.

When the felt it was safe to get down they sat back down and were planning what their next move would be when the entry door opened. One of the girls started to cry out of fear. They grabbed each others hands and squeezed.

They turned towards the door but saw nothing. This scared them more. Now their minds could began to build up an imaginary case against the culprit. Brittany and her friends wanted out of here. It wasn’t as cool to be out at night as they thought it was.

The only way out was the same way they came in. But, the door had opened. They each heard the squeaky hinges. They turned towards the door staring it down. The seconds became louder from the big wall clock and their breathing became hushed.

For what seemed forever they decided to make a run for it as nothing had happened in the last few moments. Not letting go of each other they scampered towards the door, running straight out of there and out of the iron gates.

They never looked back until they were on the other side, back in the safe little neighborhood of old people. None of them wanted to be out anymore. They wanted to go home where they felt safe.

They hugged each other and told the other how lucky they were to have made it out alive. Saying goodbye and they would see each other at school on Monday, they each ran for home. Safe in their rooms, under the covers, head peeking out, each of them were thinking about the door that opened.


What Is Going On Here????

What is going on that I can not see? I wish this was a story made-up in my mind, but I am afraid this one is true.

It started a couple of days a go. It was quiet in the house that day. I didn’t even have the TV on. I was folding clothes from the dryer and the baby monitor was sitting right beside me. The only sounds I could hear was my own breathing.

Suddenly out of no where the monitor started going off. The hairs stood up on end on my arms. My arms froze in mid-air as I was folding a towel. My breathing stopped immediately as I leaned closer into the monitor.

I listened and it stopped. Oh good, I was just imagining this. My mind must be wandering.

Then it happened again. I forced my feet to walk towards Al‘s room where the other half of the monitor sat. I stood at his doorway and looked in all directions. I saw nothing, not even an ant crawling on the floor. I walked all the way into his room and opened the closet doors every so quietly. I guess I was expecting the big bad man to jump out at me. “BOO”, but nothing.

I left the room and rubbed my arms trying to get the hairs to settle down. I came out to the living room and sat down and turned the TV on immediately, not wanting to hear anything again.

The sounds were like big static noises, but kind of eerie sounding. Almost like in syllables but not recognizable in any way. I didn’t hear anything again, and had not until today.

I have been at my computer and the sounds reappeared. They are different this time. I can plainly hear them. It sounds like someone is whispering or speaking or something. It comes and goes.

Actually this has been going on for about an hour now. I walked into his room with more courage this time but did not open the closet doors. I looked around much braver but ended up going back to my chair.

As I write it sounds like someone or something is saying hush, hush, and then I will get a big static sound. Something is going on here. I now feel like I am not alone and yet I can see no one. I know you think that I have probably gone wacky, but the more I am typing about it, the louder it gets. It isn’t stopping.  What is going on here?