How’s Your Weather?

Good afternoon. Today in Russellville, Kentucky it is not bad in temps right now. It is about 38. It is supposed to drop to freezing and below for the next 24-48 hours here. There is snow expected. For our area we are predicting a few inches.

It is windy and gray. I decided to take advantage of the warmer weather now and go get some groceries. When I got to the grocery store it was packed to the max. I heard so many chat about the big storm coming.

I know it is little compared to up north where I am from. A few inches? That is nothing, but I understand it here. We have only had about an inch total this winter so a few inches sets the town up for shut-down.

I got four comments on how much someone liked my purse. Every where I go a person makes a comment. It is a fact, if you know me, I like bling, the more the better. I decided to take a photo of it and place it here. It feels good to hear the words. Maybe sometimes I do have good taste.

After leaving the grocery store I stopped at the video store. If we are going to be indoors for a few days I will be lonely but have food and warmth and of course movies to watch. Instead of getting new releases that are good for over-night; I chose five-night movie rentals. Surely the weather will be back to normal by next Thursday?

My choices were movies I have previously seen and enjoyed. Five movies, five dollars, five nights. What a deal. I chose;

1. Sister’s Keeper

2.La Bamba

3. Lean on Me

4. First Wives Club

5. For Richer or Poorer

6. A Few Good Men

I forgot I had a credit on my account, so I got six instead of five.

Well, folks, what is it doing in your area? Snowing, cold, blowing winds? Let me know and I will keep you updated on our weather here in Kentucky

A photo of my purse.

pink purse