Daily Prompt; No Fair

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Tell us about something you think is terribly unfair — and explain how you would rectify it.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FAIR.

When I was a young kid, many moons ago, I thought life was not fair. When I had to share my toys with my brother. This wasn’t fair at all.kids Not getting to stay up as late as my parents did and being told to go to bed, not fair at all.

As I became a teen I thought I should not have a curfew. Why did I have to come in by midnight on Friday and Saturday nights? I was almost a grown up. After all, I was 16 now.

The rules at my home when I first got privy to driving was, no teens in car until I had much more experience driving. I thought that was the most unfair. How was I supposed to show off my wheels and the fact I was of driving age?keys

Now that I am considered middle-aged I see a lot that is not fair. Why is it there are homeless people?homeless

Why is it that women who need personal hygiene items, you ladies know what I mean, and yet they are so expensive?

Why is it that we say we have no money and yet money is tossed on lottery, alcohol and drugs?drugs

Why are schools so expensive that parents have to fret and worry on how they are going to pay for those school books?Math Books

Why is it that we spend so many big dollars on classes that aren’t needed in college? Or why is it that you graduate college and can’t find a job?graduate

Why is it that nursing homes, hospitals and health care cost so much when we all know that elderly generally do not have the big dollars to pay for it?nursing-care-model

Why is it that one normal funeral cost at the least six thousand dollars? Couldn’t that money be better spent when we are still alive?funeral

I know there are questions with varied answers to these and I didn’t  post this to get discussion groups started.

It is just that our world is difficult to make ends meet. I see it in my little corner of the world. I am sure you know someone who is struggling in an area of their life also.

Life doesn’t seem fair, but believe me when it is all said and done and we leave this earth, God will show us all the answers.

I can’t fix it. Who am I? Only one person. Today’s problems are bigger than us. I am more than willing to voice my opinion. I am able to join a cause, but alone I can not fix these huge issues.

What About….

We can’t stop it                                                           earth

We must walk it

Live it

Feel it

Try to swallow pain

Feel love

When it touches

Grasp changes

Pray for others

Deal the best we can

In a world that

Is ever-changing

Oh how I wish

Sometimes I

Could go back

To a more simple

Time when my

Parents were here

Struggles yes

But not like today

Food on the table

No tears falling

From little children

Crying from hunger

Oh God my precious Lord

Help us sinners

Here on earth

Let us all come

To you on

Bended knees

And pray

Take us out

Of this turmoil

Lift us into

Your arms Lord

Save our souls

As you promised

Lord, I am ready.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



A Cleaning Bottle and Me

English: A plastic bottle with trigger sprayer...

The last thing I usually pay any attention to is the TV commercials. But last night as I was sitting there eating my four Hershey Kisses I saw an ad that caught my eye. It was the new plastic bottles that we buy and use for cleaning. It had a new insert,  the straw I will call it. When you squeeze the lever the cleaner comes up through the straw.

I thought to myself, well I will be shit and shoved in it. Some brainy woman got real creative. She too, got sick and tired of throwing away bottles that still have cleaner in them. Or taking the funnel and trying to empty that into another bottle. Wow, I am impressed.

At night-time my brain has a weird way of thinking. I have put Al to rest. Laid all my bills and worries aside. Now my brain has room to roam and sometimes it really takes off in directions that sometimes surprise even me.

I was thinking about how that straw was now curved. The complete bottle could be used. Nothing was standing in its way from doing its job. I found it amazing that now I can see where curves can be beneficial over straight sticks.

Then I pondered on how we hit many curves in our lives. Our path we hope is very straight. We assume that going down the straight and narrow wins us a big prize. I am not so sure if this is true or not.

It seems the more curves that come in my way I get stronger. If I walked the straight road of life and everything went smooth, what would I have learned? What tests would I have been taught?

I realized at that late hour that I am doing exactly what I am to do. Have issues facing me most of the time. Have some smooth and good days tossed in for relaxation. Lean on Jesus for each problem I need help with. Draw closer to my friendships. Learn to appreciate the smaller things in life.

I may not know so many of you or stand so close to God if I didn’t have the curved bumps in my road. Maybe, I don’t know for sure because my life is not over but when my time is up, I would not know for sure which direction I was going when I pass a way.

But this way, I know for sure that because of a crooked straw in a cleaner bottle that I use daily, I am going to heaven. So I want to thank the person with the brains that came up with this new clever idea for pointing out to me that I can also follow crooked roads. And when my bottle is empty I will be seeing Jesus.