Daily Prompt; Moment of Kindness

man  in wheelchair

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Describe a moment of kindness, between you and someone else — loved one or complete stranger.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us KINDNESS.

A broken man sitting in the garage, looking around at the cob webs, high lighted from the sun. What had he done to himself and his family? How could he be so weak? Straying a way from his very beliefs he was brought up and fed on.

He picked up a stick, twisting it between his fingers. Tears pooling in his eyes as he shaped the one slender piece into a shape of a gun.

He couldn’t admit to his wife his wrong doing. It wasn’t her fault, why make her miserable. Wasn’t he miserable enough for the two of them? And yet he knew, somewhere deep inside of him tugged at him, pulling his strings, begging him to tell.

Standing up and dusting himself off he walked through the doors and bolted them behind him. He went inside the house. His wife was running errands and the sound of the cuckoo clock was all that could be heard.

Walking to the gun cabinet, he ran his hand over the smooth dark wood. Feeling the coldness of the shell reminded him of his heart that one day not long ago.

Making prints on the glass doors his fingers fumbled with the latch until it slowly opened and there with nothing separating them were his favorite hunting guns. It would be so easy. Take a gun down you coward. You are nothing but a stinking coward. Do the only thing you can do, pull the trigger.

He held the gun in his arms as if it was a precious cargo and then got the oil and his polishing rag and sat on the couch and oiled it. When he was finished he could see a slight reflection of himself. Looking at it he felt shame. Tears slowly trickled down his face.

He could take it no longer. He picked the gun up and headed towards his truck. Getting in and putting it in reverse he wanted to see her one more time. The truck proceeded in the direction of town as it had done so many times before.

He knew where she had gone so he pulled into a business parking lot and parked as far back as he could. The shade of the trees helped hide him a bit better. He waited, fingering the gun, watching for her to walk by.

Soon she came into his view. She was stopped, talking to a lady who was a neighbor to them. She was so beautiful. He knew he had married the prettiest woman in the world. They had been married for ten years, most of them a joy.

So why, why in the world did he do what he did? There were no more tears. Instead, anger began to over take his soul as he hated himself more and more for his stupid mistake.

She worked with him. She was always so nice and she smelled good. She teased his manhood with revealing clothes. One of those few nights an argument had broken out at home.

He left and went to the local bar and there she was. Flirting with the guys on the stools. She turned to see who had walked in and their eyes met. She walked over and he had let his ego get the best of him. He knew he was right and he was hurt that his own wife didn’t believe him. Before the evening was over he had sex with this woman.

A pay back, a back fire, a total waste. Now he sat here holding the gun, watching his wife, and thinking of the best way to do it, when a knock came at the side of his truck. He rolled his window down and stared at the dirty man looking up at him.

“Mr. I seen you sitting here in your truck and I thought maybe you could just spare me some change. I am awful hungry. I haven’t eaten all day. Ever since I had that accident and my legs got blown off, I have wished most times I was dead. I used to have this great life. I had a good job at the foundry. I had a pretty wife and a couple of kids. But, then this happened.” He pointed down to the place where once legs would be hanging.

He laid the gun down and dug in his pocket, pulling out a twenty. He handed it down to the guy and as the stranger took it, he said,”Bless you my friend. I am sure God will bless you for saving my life today.”

He watched the man wheel himself out of the parking lot and watched until he could see him no more. He looked to where his wife was standing and saw that she was no longer there.

He started his truck and drove back home. Putting the gun back in the cabinet he sat at the table waiting for her to get home. Finally the door handle turned. He looked up into the most beautiful eyes and said, “Honey, can you come sit by me. I have something to tell you.”

I Lost A Friend

Heart of Jesus

I was so distraught today when I received an email notification from a friend that I used to speak to several times a day here at WP. It was her husband informing me that Sara had taken her life.

My heart broke in to many shattered pieces. I could hear them breaking into tiny puzzles as they hit the floor. My heart went out to the husband as I was reading this short to the point post.

Why? Why did this happen? Although, I am the last one to understand what was actually going on inside her head, I hoped with all my might, that I may at least bring some comfort to her at the point in time of her need.

What allows us to believe that our life is so worthless that the only choice we see in front of us is suicide? What right do we have in the eyes of God to take our own life? I am speaking as a Christian woman here. Some of you may agree and others may not. This is alright. It will not destroy in any way the feelings I carry about you my friend.

I, myself have been so sad for the past few months. There is a light layer of my soul that can understand a person believing there is no way out. Sara blogged and clung to us bloggers just as I do. None of us are guaranteed an easy life. The road we walk until death comes to take us is filled with rocks to climb over and plenty of dips to sink in.

The dips that we fall into are when I try even harder to look towards Jesus Christ. He is the only way to keep from drowning into the pit of death. I believe God wants us to lean heavily on him. He reaches both arms out and we are to take a hold of each one and let him lift us up.

Some of us in this world do not believe in God. Others question if there is even a God out there. I have found over and over that when the dip we fall into is too deep, God reaches his hands farther down and with one request of help me Lord, he will save us.

It breaks my heart for Sara. She and I spoke often about God. She wasn’t sure. She questioned his existence. But, the important thing was she was thinking about it. She was reading the verses. She was searching the word. I don’t know where her mind was at the time she took her life, but I hope that she now has peace and is in God’s hands.

I love you Sara, and I will miss you greatly.

Picture It & Write December 02/2012

Pills__by_howdarntragicThis is a subject too close to home these days. A picture portraying a desperate woman. Wanting her pain to leave, and finding no other way, has questioned the idea of taking pills.

The difference between her and me is very wide. I do not wish to take pills. I hate taking medications and only take ibuprofen, if I think I am dying from pain. LOL. Instead, I want to escape, run away, hide under my blankets and sleep until the next day. If things get too heavy, I will even stay a way from WordPress. The thought of bringing other sweet friends down does not make me happy, so better to go into hiding.

Sometimes, I will get on the phone and talk to one of three friends that I have. This can be very comforting to me. Other times I will go see Al, and hope that he can entertain my thoughts for a while.

Pain can run very deep in my veins. It causes empty voids, feelings of being alone or abandoned. It can cause blue skies to look gray and dreary. I absolutely hate it, but I  don’t seem able  to escape for very long before sad news is dealt to me again from a brand new deck of cards.

What I try to do to, instead of looking in my medicine shelves, is look towards  God. God and constant friends who do not desert me. God and friends are very comforting to me. It is a nice feeling to all humans to know that people care and that we are important to another soul in the world.

I hope this woman in the picture finds God before she reaches for the open pills. Satan is helping her by whispering in her ear, that this is the easiest way out, but God will hold your hand and carry you and I through it. Friends, let’s hope that this lady has friends. Please Lord, allow that phone to ring. Let the person on the other end, tell her that they were thinking of her. Let her know that we care. You, God, are a miracle worker, I pray for a miracle for this lady. Amen.