Super Sweet Blogging Award


Jo has nominated me for the Super Sweet Blogging Award.

I take this as a great honor to receive this delectable award. Every time I see it I just want to reach out and take a bite.

I met Jo many months ago when I started blogging. She has a family member that has Parkinson’s Disease, just like I do. It drew us together instantly. Come to find out she doesn’t live very far from me. We have talked about meeting up but she has a terrible sense of direction!! (sorry Jo, could not resist)

She is strong, caring and tries to live the good life. She is so fortunate to be involved with loving parents and a wonderful husband. Go check her out if you haven’t met her already. I am sure she will greet you with a hot cup of coffee and something delicious to eat.

Here are the answers to her five questions on her own nomination.

1. Cookies or cake? Uhm….I hate to burst the bubble on the first question, but, I really don’t like sweets.   but, I do like thin mint cookies of the Girl Scout variety.

2. Chocolate or vanilla. Chocolate every time.( I do have a weakness for M&M’s though)

3. What is your favourite sweet treat, cheesecake or frozen yoghurt?  I would have to admit, it would be a piece of homemade cherry cheesecake, but only about once a year…

4.When do you crave sweet things the most?  I don’t crave sweet things, now ask me about a bag of potato chips, or “crisps”…

5. If you had a sweet nickname what would it be?   I’ll leave this one, after all my blog is rated G.  hehehe…

1. My favorite is a hot soft chocolate chip cookie right out of the oven

2. Chocolate wins for me every single time. Vanilla only comes to mind when I am baking and have to add it

3.Cheesecake is the ultimate for me. In fact had some not long ago in the month of December

4. I crave sweets once I have taken a bite of it. With diabetes I want what I can not have, so I try hard to stay a way from sugars

5. People used to call me TJ in school, Teresa is my real name but every one calls me Terry. Dad wanted a boy, so I am nicknamed with a boy’s spelling.

Nominations are


Sex, Spirit, Soul Mates and Chocolate….Ivonne’s Journey








Beyond Back Creek



Thank-you again for this nomination my friend

Super Sweet Blogging Award

Ivonne nominated me for this cute award. Look at the picture. Isn’t it just so edible?super-sweet-blogging-award21

Here is a bit of information about Ivonne. She is so bubbly and full of life. I love reading her blogs and chatting with her.

Who am I? Hmnn….that is a question that I am always asking myself and that is always evolving and changing.

I have been a professional actress since the age of 17.

I have been clowning around and doing children’s entertainment since the age of 19, my “day job” so to speak.

I am currently getting receieved my M.A. degree in religious studies from CSULB in May 2011.

I decided that at the age of 50 I would start learning how to play the piano and guitar.

My passions are sex-religion-chocolate-the arts- travel and my dog Missy.  And now we will add music to that list.  Actually music should have always been there as I am a dancer and a dancer must have music.

This blog is where you will find pieces of my soul, my heart, my mind and hopefully my humor……

The questions I’m to answer:

Give credit to the person who chose to nominate you:  Ivonne

Answer the super sweet questions.

  1. Cookies or Cake? cake any day and make it sugar free chocolate with sugar free chocolate frosting, and then put it in cupcake form so I only eat one at a time hehe
  2. Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate
  3. Favorite sweet treat?  milk chocolate
  4. When do you crave sweet things the most? sweet things remain in my mind at any time
  5. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?  sweet peach

The final requirement for receiving the Super Sweet Blogging Award is to name a baker’s dozen (13) of my favorite bloggers.

Thomas Ross



I Bowed #FWF « Inspiration Import…





1EarthUnited x



Tilly Bud – The Laughing Housewife



Super Sweet Blogging Award

I will not make a fuss and make friends and bloggers repeat reading my prior award. I could not let it slide by thought without letting all of you know who nominated me for this award.

I received this award last evening, but it was  just too late to mention it, so I wanted to do it today, because I feel it is important to let others know who nominates me, and to be able to brag a little about the person.

The rules that I am not going to follow today, for the reasons above, are

Give credit to those who nominated you

Mentions seven things about yourself

Pass the award on to seven others

The blog that nominated was

This is just the sweetest little couple. They look so adorable standing together smiling.

Here is a peek at who they are

Jimmy and Cha are “fifty-something” physicians living in Taiwan. They used to travel a lot, but have toned it down a bit due to very busy schedules. Jimmy is teaching and practicing medicine, while Cha has decided to go into business.

Cha likes to write, and Jimmy likes training people. For now, Cha is just writing on any topic under the sun. She has many interests and can’t seem to get down to just one issue. She wants to write daily, except Sundays, a day of rest and worship.

In the future, though they want to minister to the youth. Since the youth is the future of the world, they want to start a youth ministry geared to help teens grow into confident and responsible adults. Together, they want to find their niche in blogging.


Thank you so much you two for this adorable nomination. The photo symbol looks good enough to eat.

Super Sweet Blogging Award And Family of Bloggers Award

Bonita has honored me with two awards today. One is the Super Sweet Blogging Award. Isn’t the symbol adorable and looks good enough to eat?

Also, she nominated me for the Family of Bloggers Award!

Bonita is a Christian woman who seems to be able to do everything, even when she is having her bad days of pain. She writes very inspirational blogs. Make sure to check her site out!

For the Super Sweet Award you must answer these questions:

a.  Cookies or Cake?, cookies or cake, as long as they are home made. I usually buy the store bought cake mix that is less sugar and the same for the frosting.

b.  Chocolate or Vanilla?, always chocolate, it is a girl’s best friend, next to diamonds!!

  c.   What is your favorite sweet treat?  ice-cream, vanilla with chocolate syrup. I don’t keep it on hands much, because I would never stop opening the freezer door. Al did have an obsession with ice-cream, and we were having it every night. Thank goodness that obsession is over!

d.   When do you crave sweet things the most?  In the evenings, I hate it! No matter what time we have our dinner, in the late evening I want to snack. I try to snack on proteins, although my mouth is watering for sweets!

e.   If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be? quiet girl, it fits me anymore, but it used to be big mouth!!!!

Nominate a bakers dozen:





8 kids and a business





on thehomefrontandbeyond




For the Family of Bloggers Award:

Make sure to pay credit to the one who nominated you

Place a link to the one who nominated you on your award page

Tell what attributes you bring to the family, using an anagram of the word FAMILY.

F.- Funny at times

A.- Assistant, always helping someone in need

M.- Mad woman LOL, sometimes I feel like I am going mad!!

I.- Insight, I seem to be able to feel or see what others are trying to express

L.- Loving, I always have plenty of love for others who need it

Y.-  Yearning, I always have a yearning to learn more in the medical field, therefore being able to do more for others.

These answers are my own answers. You will need to replace them with your own.

Nominate at least 4 other people to be in your family of bloggers, and for this award, and notify them of their nomination.






Thank you Bonita for both of these awesome awards! God bless.