The Crows

I have my own theory about crows and have had my thoughts proven twice in my own life. It haunts me a little for the fact that when I moved into my new place, the backyard is full of cackling crows all morning.

When I go to the Senior Center and go outside to smoke, the past 2 days, the crows are thick and louder than ever. I hope they are not a sign for me. I am not ready for anymore sad news.

Here is one I was lucky enough to have sit still long enough to capture.

black bird

Ladders, Cracks, And Black Cats

A Black cat Italiano: Un gatto nero Deutsch: E...

A Black cat Italiano: Un gatto nero Deutsch: Eine schwarze Katze (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She hid behind the dumpster in the alley, waiting for it to go by. Her heart was beating so hard, she knew it was about to burst out of her body. It went by, she waited a moment, and then slowly, barely touching her feet to the ground, she emerged out into view. She took small, even steps, counting each one, making sure that each was of the same distance. She had a distance to walk home. She had just gotten off of her part-time job, and today, unfortunately, it was a night shift. She wanted to use the front door, but the manager always insisted they exit the rear door. As she came out of the alley, and was stepping on to the sidewalk, she forgot that construction was going on in her block where she worked. There were many objects in her way, making it difficult to walk straight ahead. She had to walk under the awning. She noticed the tall, stiff, board leaning against the wall, and became frozen in her steps. She knew she would be safest from running in to the construction company’s tools, going through the board with all those holes in it, since it was dark, but she didn’t know if she could force herself to walk that route. It was making a sort of bridge over her head. She pondered, and chewed on her nails. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw it! There was that thing that had scared her so badly. It was crossing the street. She didn’t take time to think. She ran through the tunnel, and  continued running  until she came to the next block. She stopped to catch her breath, inhaling large amounts of air. Slowly she could feel her heart slow down. She started walking again, making sure she counted her steps, making sure she didn’t go to fast or too slow. She didn’t want to step in any holes, or step on any cracks. She had to walk for about fifteen minutes before she arrived at her home. A mist formed, and fog was beginning to surround her. The eerie trees above her looked like long, ugly fingers reaching out to grab her. She caught her breath, but kept walking, trying to keep track of her steps. She heard a trash can being knocked over, and saw a raccoon run across the street from fear of the sounds he had created. Above her she heard an owl signaling to her that he was watching her. Finally, she made it to the front door of her home. She took out her house keys from her pocket, and let herself in. She took two steps at a time up the stairs, relieved when she had shut her bedroom door behind her. Why did her boss make her work the night shift on Friday the 13th? Never again!