Teens Who Harm Others

When I was a teen I did the teen things. I wasn’t a terrible brat but still, I was a teen. I remember drinking my first taste of wine standing in an alley with my best friend while trick-or treating. Yes, I still did the get the treat things in my teens. I really didn’t go to the door, instead I was a teen stepping out of my guide lines set by my parents.bottle

When I was old enough to drive I would put on a Halloween mask and drive  up and down the streets in our city. I thought it was so much fun getting the looks from older drivers.

I once went to Fort Wayne with some friends. I wasn’t ever to go out-of-town and I was also to tell my parents where I was going. When we do something we know is wrong it always comes back to bite us in the ass, and it did.

I was at the busy intersection at a stop light and it was dark. The laughter from inside the car immediately stopped when all of a sudden steam came barging out from under the hood of the car. I had broken a hose.

I immediately froze and became serious as I was trying to figure out a kind way to call my parents and tell them what happened and where I was. Luck was on my side as one of the guys knew enough about cars to temporarily fix it until I got back home.

So I did the teen thing but never anything bad. So you can imagine how angry I was at the local news on TV tonight when a family who loved to over-decorate outdoors for Christmas. When they woke up this morning they were so sad when they discovered that teens had ripped apart so many of those expensive decorations.

Stomping on lights, smashing Santa and Frosty the Snowman. Tearing lights out of the trees and busting them. What a very expensive teen episode that was. I felt so bad for that family.

They enjoyed having people drive by and being entertained by their hundreds of lights only to have them blown out by teen pranks. I don’t get it. What was the ending goal that was on the positive side?

Why weren’t those teens home going to bed so they could get up and go to work? I was an ornery teen but I also knew if I did something this horrendous, my parents would punish me so badly it would be weeks before I was let out of the house.

I won’t try to place blame here on anyone. I will just say that the word respect for other people has been tossed out the window in the past few years. What a sad situation this was.

Here is a similar video of what that house looked like that got torn apart.

Pain and Emotions

Parkinson's UK balloons

Parkinson’s UK balloons

I got a call from the nurse where Al lives and she told me that the family doctor had just been in and had prescribed an anti-depressant for Al. I freaked and asked her when they were going to give him the first dose and she said the first thing in the morning.


I asked her to please wait until I got back with her. I needed to talk to the doctor. I called and left him a message and he returned my call immediately. I told him about how two years ago Al was last on one of those types of medications. I explained how he had a terrible seizure from it and he couldn’t walk for almost six weeks.


I told him my fears and asked him if he still wanted to give it to him after my information. (This doctor was not our doctor two years ago)


He said, “Terry I just saw him. He is in so much pain and so depressed and sad. He is on the pain patch and now two more weak pain medications. He can’t take anymore. There is nothing I can do but to keep him comfortable. We have to try to lift some of his sadness. I have weighed the pros and cons and the pros are slightly in his favor. He does have the risk of seizures again but we won’t know unless we try, ok?”


I started crying right there on the phone. He told me, “Parkinson’s is a rough and dirty disease. It is beating Al up. How can you and I sit here and watch him suffer every single day.”


He didn’t know it but I was sitting here nodding my head. I knew I agreed with him but it just seems there is no licking this disease. I told him that I would call the nurse back and give her the go ahead for the medication.


I know I am supposed to be strong but here I am once again, a big weak mess. Watching the life disappear out of his life is harder I think than anything I have witnessed in a few years.



I Could Not Let Recognition Pass

Late, last evening, I was reading my comments from all of you and I came across this one, letting me know that I had been nominated for the Silver Quill Blogging Award.

I was nominated by


Although, I had been nominated the day before, and had paid my many thanks to Paula, I could not let this go by without paying my thanks and recognizing her as a wonderful blogger. Thank you Vow!

Here is a little bit about this beautiful blogger lady. She cares for her husband who has Parkinson’s Disease.

About us…

Vow for Parkinson came as an idea from a friend. She pointed out the good it could do to share my husband’s story and how I handle his disease as a wife/med student. Vow For Parkinson is part of http://www.parkinsonpr.com, a webpage in spanish dedicated to inform about the disease.

This blog is for you honey! I love you with all my heart and soul.


Vow For Parkinson nace como una idea de una amiga. Ella fue quien me demostró lo beneficioso que podría ser el compartir la historia de mi esposo como paciente de Parkinson y cómo yo manejo la enfermedad siendo esposa/estudiante de medicina.Vow For Parkinson forma parte de http://www.parkinsonpr.com, un webpage en español dedicado a brindar información sobre la enfermedad.

Este blog es para ti mi amor. Te amo con todo mi corazón y mi alma.

Once again, thank you Puerto Rico!!!!!

Continuing of Rain Showers


English: Photo of sweating at Wilson Trail Stage 1

English: Photo of sweating at Wilson Trail Stage 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The doctor’s nurse did call back, and relayed a message from the doctor to me. He stated that one of the side effects from Parkinson’s as it progresses along, is wild sweats. Sometimes nothing else will trigger it, just the disease itself. He also said that Parkinson’s holds two side effects that hide until one day they pop up. One is a lung infection and the other is a bladder infection.


He explained that the entire body is going to suffer from this nasty disease, and that for some time the only things I will notice is the bending from the waist, tremors, and freezing, along with slow movements. In the latter stages, he says it is not a common thing for Parkinson’s to take Al’s life, it will be the hidden triggers, infections of the lungs, pneumonia, or some other organ in the body gets infected.


He told me to keep an eye on him, and if he continues the heavy sweating, I need to get him in to see him or to the ER for blood work to find where the infection is hiding. Al hasn’t felt good all day, and says the only place he hurts is his legs, but yet he says he doesn’t feel well.


He doesn’t want to ride his scooter, or go anywhere. He just wants to sit, and now laying down. He is cold, but probably because I have the air turned on lower to keep him dry, and he is a little clammy.


So, I am just watching and have prayed for God to give me a signal if he needs further attention by a professional, and if not, let him rest comfortably.