Weekly Writing Challenge; Backward


DP Challenge

caves-0001Her skin wet, wrinkled from being in waters too long. Labored breathing, resting on her back. Looking up at the dark ceiling of her shelter. Glancing to either side of her, looking out through the opening seeing the beautiful blue water. The water she had spent so much time in trying to escape.

Skye was born in the U.S.A. and was moved as a young child to a tropical island. Her father was in the military and as he gained rank and came near his time of retirement he made the decision to move his family to an area he had always dreamed of.

Skye was a late baby in her parents lives. A moment of passion, one night under the stars, gave the new baby her name. Barefoot and barely clothed she grew to learn the island. Short cuts through the mountain. Bike trails into town.

Sky learned quickly. She excelled in the top of her classes. She was a trusting and innocent soul but in the books she was a scholar. She made friends easily, both males and females.

By the time she was a teenager she wore long wavy hair and with her beautiful blue eyes she cast many an eye. Slender from many days of swimming and hiking she felt comfortable in her own skin.

It was summertime, it was always hot here on the island, but this day it was exceptionally hot. She decided to go swimming. Chores at home could wait. She had the same list daily so she could get them done before her parents arrived home.

There were so many swimmers and she just wanted to relax. Skye moved down the beach until she could find a perfect spot for her. Dressing down to the nude, she waded in and then glided into the water.

Coolness immediately over took her body sending small shivers up and down her spine. It felt so calm and the clear blue allowed her to look beyond the water’s surface. Before long she was pushing herself deeper into the sea.

Able to see the fish scattering moving beneath her  made her forget how far out she was going. Popping up for air and going down into the depths of the waters, she immersed her brain into the beauty. Ignoring her book smarts about being here alone. Casting a way all she had been taught, she was caught off guard when a current caught her and carried her much farther out than was safe.

She was startled into reality and rose to the surface grasping at fresh air only to be pulled back into the dark waters. She felt a brush of something hard against her leg. Forcing herself to take notice of what was surrounding her she saw the huge creature.

A shark with enormous teeth. Full-length swimming in circles around her. She started splashing the water trying to scare him a way but it seemed to fire him up even more. She tried lying lifeless feeling herself become weak as she knew she needed air once again.

She relaxed everything in her. She allowed herself to be slowly floated to the surface and gasping for air she felt pain in her leg. Scrambling to get a way, she used every fiber in her body and swam. Swimming faster and faster, gasping for air, darkness swirling around her eyes, she became afraid of passing out.

Becoming supper for this beast. Suddenly she was tossed out of the water. She ended up flipping over. The shark had gotten under her and pushed her with all his force. He knew to win the game he needed to wear the pawn out.

Once on her stomach again she swam harder determined to escape. Racing through her mind was a slide show consisting of her parents, her friends at school, questions about her future.

Once more the nudge came and she was tossed like a salad into the air. Feeling pain surge through her limbs she thought that all she would see was body parts floating on the surface as loose lettuce dropped from the bowl.

He was tired, she was tired. She took advantage of her free seconds and looked quickly around trying to locate any safe haven. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a dark hole. It was so far a way she couldn’t pin point what it was. Her head hurt, her body felt shattered but her spirit refused to give up.

Her body began to wear. She continued to remain  lifeless. The  game was becoming dull for him  The waters calmed as small gentle waves washed over her. The shark,  he was losing interest.

She started to pray to the Gods above. She rolled over on her back and lay limp in the water.  She felt the nudge of the long nose against her back but willed herself to not move.

She could feel her heart racing and she took deep breaths to slow down the beating. Gaining seconds of new energy, she could feel the shark beneath her but his attack was losing strength.

Skye floated for what seemed to be hours. The attack was leaving. The waters stilled. After she felt safe enough to turn over she looked into the water beneath her. The beast was gone.

She lay there for a while longer making sure she had bought enough time to make her escape. Slowly she started to paddle with her arms, moving as a snail on dry ground. When she was secure in her decisions she picked up her speed.

She swam until the dark hole became reality. A cave, a gold nugget, security against the strangers at sea. She swam until she could reach rock. Skye tried to climb up on the ledge but her body was tired.

She lay there floating and then tried again. Another try, another fail. On the third try she made it. She crawled into hiding, into safety. Letting her body guide her she ended up on her back, gasping for air. Her body ached, her gash was bleeding, but she was safe.

FWF Free Write Friday; Keepsakes


boardsIt was my last day. Saturday, the end of my week at camp. Sitting on the edge of the pier I gazed out over the blue waters.

I had made many friends this week. There were many campfires and roasted marshmallows.

Staying up late and getting up early. I never saw the tiredness coming over me. There were too many giggles.  I had a piece of paper in my pocket. It was filled with all of my new friends addresses. We all hugged and promised to write each other every day.

Everyone was gone for the most part. My packed suitcase was sitting back at the dorm. I had received a message from staff that my parents were running a wee bit behind, but were on their way to pick me up.

I glanced over to the side of me and saw some dandelions smiling at me. I walked over and picked two up. Sitting back down on my familiar board I played with one of them. Rubbing it on my wrists I watched my tanned skin turn a pale yellow.

With the other flower I plucked each tiny leaf saying to myself, he loves me he loves me not. I touched my cheek where Kenny had planted a kiss on it. He and I were a real couple.

We met the Sunday prior at the campfire. I was sitting with some girls and he walked over to me and asked,” Can I sit down with you?” I smiled at him and patted the grass showing him it was alright.

He roasted marshmallows for me and we sang together. When the night was over he reached for my hand and held it. I didn’t make him let go. I let him hold it all the way back to my dorm.

He promised to come walk with me to breakfast the next morning. We did everything together. We sat by each other during crafts. We swam together. We fell in love. Around my neck was a gold locket. Kenny had given it to me last night.

He promised that once he got home he would find a picture of himself and cut it down to size. He would mail it in a love letter to me. He made me promise that I would do this for him too. I touched the necklace and remembered him with a smile.

I tossed both stems into the waters and got up to walk back to the dorm. Mom and Dad were probably there by now. I spotted them before they saw me. Dad was acting silly. He was stealing a kiss from Mom and I could hear her saying, ” Not now. Can’t you wait until we get in the car?”

I thought back to my friends. I looked back and engraved all the memories into my heart. I quietly said goodbye to Kenny and then turning around I said,” Hi Mom and Dad. I had a great time. I am so glad you talked me into coming here.” My Mom put her arm around my shoulder. Dad picked up my suitcase. The three of us walked towards the car with me smiling all the way.

Our Day, My Time

Beautiful day, perfect temperatures, plenty of sun. What more could you ask for, maybe free time? fun time? laughter? chatter?

Since it was so beautiful, I took my brother to an antique store a little ways out-of-town. I found one shaker that I purchased, and he bought each of the three items that had to do with coca cola. After that store, I dropped in on a garage sale that was going on. Al didn’t want to get out and look, because it didn’t have anything to do with coca cola, but I ignored his sour face and I went and browsed anyways. He stayed in the car. After leaving there, I took him to lunch and then went and picked up medications at the pharmacy. He did pretty well for this trip. Tired, run down and wore out from his walking in the one store, we came home.

He napped, I petted the cat and then she and I napped. Afterwards, when all three of us were up, I asked him if he wanted to go to Arby’s for supper, and he said yes, but when he found out I had different plans to not eat in the restaurant, and instead go to the park and enjoy God’s beauty and people watching with our drive thru meal, he wasn’t happy anymore.

Very seldom, do I get my own way, but thanks to two very close friends, I am learning that I count. I should get my own way, and I have to acknowledge he can be a grown up spoiled baby. I was determined to have my time, my day also. I gave him his earlier, now it was my turn.

He sulked and looked at no one. He let a few tears pass. He complained about body aches, and all this time, I am eating my supper, and taking photos. When I had felt that I had nothing new to aim and shoot at, I asked him if he was ready to go. The whole time we were there, he sat like a bump on a log, and it made me furious, that he could think of no one but himself, but I ignored the most part and made the most out of the time I was taking.

Here are some photos that I took.

Just A Dream For One Day


Bethany rose to her door being opened by her personal maid. She rubbed her eyes and blinked as the maid lifted her window shades. Her breakfast was placed on the side table, and as Bethany yawned, waking up to the morning sun, she glanced over her foods and smiled, as her favorite, Belgium waffles and fresh strawberries, with maple syrup were waiting to be eaten.

The maid bid her a good morning, and told her she would return in thirty minutes to pick up her tray. Bethany used her hands to let her know it was alright to leave. As Bethany was eating, she watched out her bedroom windows, and was taking in the moving clouds. She heard people’s voices beneath her, and knew that cousins had come to pay her a visit.

Bethany wanted to have fun today, and maybe she could talk her cousins into going out back to the pool and enjoying a swim. She was so lost in her thoughts of herself, that she didn’t hear the knock at the door, announcing the maids return.

The maid carried fresh towels on her arm, and took them into the huge bathroom and Bethany could hear the tub being filled for her bath. Sara, the maid, walked out of the bathroom, and removed the tray from the room. Upon returning, she went to Bethany’s closet and together the two decided what clothing would be worn today.

The bath water was ready, and dropping her house robe, she stepped into a rose petal bath. Sara, let her soak for a while, and went to the bed and began to make it, making sure there were no wrinkles in sight, and fluffing the bed pillows.  She tidied up and emptied the trash from the prior evening.

As she walked back into the bathroom, Bethany announced she was ready to be bathed. Sara began by using the bath sponge and letting the roses pour over Bethany’s body, and then proceeded to bathe her, dry her off, and helped her to get dressed.

Sara then left the room and went about her next task, knowing she would not be needed  here until bed time. Bethany walked down the curved stair way, and welcomed her cousins with a peck to each cheek and a smile showing beautiful white teeth. They made their way out into the courtyard, and shared tea and played catch-up on conversations since their last visit.

They decided to all go to the barn and ask the stable boy to saddle up the horses for the three of them. Upon the request being completed, the three ladies took off for a gallop through the country side. There were two hundred acres for them to ride through, and from the distance of the house, you could observe great horsemanship.

Two hours later, they came back to the stables and handed the reigns over to the worker and taking hankies from their breast pockets, they each wiped their brow, and were exclaiming how the day was heating up nicely.

Walking through the kitchen door, the server announced that lunch had been prepared for the three of them, and they were to take their seats in the dining room. Broasted chicken, cheese and crackers, fresh strawberries and grapes were laid elegantly on each plate, with a glass of water and white wine sparkling beside each setting.

The ladies sat down and continued their chatter and decided to make plans for next month to meet in the city and shop and have lunch together. After the luncheon was over, Bethany walked her cousins to the front door and once again gave each a peck on each cheek and wished them a safe trip home.
The rest of Bethany’s afternoon was spent swimming and writing and an afternoon nap. She awoke to the sounds of the dinner bell, and got up and checked herself  in the mirror, making sure her hair was still in its place, and walked into dinner. Pork chops, fresh carrots, a baked potato, with butter and sour cream, and a nice garden salad was the menu for this evening. This was the time of day that Bethany and her parents dined together. Each telling of their day, and discussing any family or business matter. Formal was the word. No laughter, no real joy, just a meeting place to touch base.

After the dinner was over, the butler announced that she had a visitor, and when she entered the parlor, there he stood in the doorway, the gentleman who had been courting her for several months. Bethany asked him to come in and she excused herself and went to tell her parents that she would be going out for an evening stroll with her beau.

Upon leaving the home, Bethany and her beau made their way to the swing that set directly under the huge apple tree. They both sat down and then he took her in his arms and kissed her lips and neck, sending shivers down her spine. She returned his kisses, letting him know that her body longed for his.  He took her hand and helped her rise from the swing, and walked her a few feet away and gently laid her on the soft grass and placed his hand in all of her warm places and while kissing her, he made her his once again.

Afterwards, the two walked slowly back to the house, promising to see each other again very soon. Bethany kissed him good nite and watched him until she could no longer see him as he drove out of the long driveway.

Bethany entered the house and went up the stairway, and entered her bedroom, greeting Sara, who was ready to help her get ready for bed.


green beans

green beans (Photo credit: Chasqui (Luis Tamayo))

Watermelons, and  strawberry pie

Fresh snapped green beans

Canning and freezing all day long

This is what summer means.

Daylight staying out so long

Kids staying up real late

Figures and salads a perfect pair

For the convertible and a date.

Swimming and camping go together

Bugs are welcome too

Isn’t the summer the best of all

For fun times, me and you.

Picture It And Write It, Prompt #28

This home stands abandoned now. Left with  rooms filled with whispers of laughter and love from its prior guests. I walked in the front door and sat down in one of the wooden rockers. It squeaked against the old wooden floors. I could remember coming here when I was a child. Hearing the stories of how children had been born and raised here. There were summer reunions held here. All family members made a special trip to this house and they had a feast of many great foods. The children would swim, and fish, and  would venture into nature and look for bugs and insects. I could remember finding a rare bug, and taking  it to show grandpa. He said it was the most beautiful bug he had ever seen. He took one of his old boxes and went to his wife’s sewing box and pulled out a straight pin, and he pinned the bug for me. I kept this in my special place in my bedroom among  the other memories I had collected through the years. There had been weddings here, and funeral dinners held here. It was a home-built with love by my  great grandma and grandpa. I stopped rocking and sat very still. I could hear giggles coming from the kitchen, where children had helped bake home-made cookies.  I scooted my rocker around so it was facing the big living room. The furniture was still in its place, but covered with sheets. I could picture grandpa standing over grandma with a twig of mistletoe at Christmas, and I remember  giggling as I stole  a peek of  them kissing. Lots of memories here. A home filled with love, now standing empty. I placed the rocker back in its original place and placed the sheet over it, to protect the memories and never let them escape. I walked out of the house and shut the door softly, singing to myself.

This story was written by me for a post of Picture It And Write It