Daily Prompt: Unknown Caller

English: Tomahawk Truck Stop at Interstate 76 ...

English: Tomahawk Truck Stop at Interstate 76 exit 16 in Adams County, Colorado. Facility includes Shell gasoline, Blimpie Subs and Biscuits family restaurant. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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You receive a call from an unexpected person. Who is it, and what is the conversation about? Go!

Shelly  was weary.She tries really hard to stay uplifted but some days it just doesn’t work too well. She worked two part-time jobs and in between volunteered at a local community center for Senior Citizens.

She enjoyed working there even if she didn’t make a penny. Her grandmother went there often and she was able to help others as well as visit her family. One of the jobs she worked at was a very nice family style restaurant.

She loved it there because she had so many regulars and they made her feel like a part of their families when she waited on them. The tips were great also. They helped to put the food on her table after she paid the bills.

Her other job was hell though. It was the only job she could find at the time that fit in with her schedule. It was night at the truck stop out on the main  highway. From talking to her I don’t think she realized what type of customers she was going to be dealing with.

Of course there were many kind ones. They would come in and eat and drink cups of coffee. They would tell her about their wives and kids back home and how he couldn’t wait to get back home to them.

But the others, they made her stomach churn. They came in and smelled like open highways. They didn’t bother to shower first. Just to stand next to them to take their orders was too much some days.

They were rude and they took advantage of times where they could pinch her behind or make raw remarks that were too sexual for her liking. But she needed the job. It was this or maybe be thrown out of her apartment for lack of payment.

Shelly kept this routine up for months and then one day she went to her volunteer job and her grandma wasn’t there. She asked around to some of the other volunteers, have you seen Mrs. Miller? Do you know if she is coming today? Have you heard anything about why she isn’t here?

No one seemed to have any answers for her. The day proceeded and she was eventually home doing some work around the house and thinking about supper when the terrible phone call came in.

“Is this Shelly?”

“Yes, who is this?”

“I’m the minister at your grandma’s church. Would you happen to be at home for a while? I would like to stop over and speak to you.”

Shelly said yes but her mind was racing. She hurried and tidied up her place and as she was finishing throwing clothes on her bed the doorbell rang.

The news hit her like a cold brick. Grandma, my grandma, oh my God, she is dead? No, she can’t be. I just saw her yesterday.

Shelly called off work that night. She should have gone in but she just couldn’t force herself to deal with those truckers in her state of mind. The truck stop was nice surprisingly and told her she could have a few days off, and of course with no pay.

The days moved forward although Shelly remained frozen in time. Her family restaurant employees sent her flowers. The funeral home viewings and funeral moved past Shelly while she seemed stuck in reverse.

After it was all over life had to go back to normal. She returned to the family restaurant  job she loved welcomed her back with open arms and lots of hugs and shared tears. She was given an easy section for one night. Her regulars had already heard of the news and brought her much comfort.

One of her customers told her that her tip was laying on the table and there was a napkin with a telephone number on it. She thanked him and walked over and picked both up. The note said I will be calling you tonight at 7:30, please be available.

She had no idea but tucked it into her apron. She finished her job and as she was going past the Senior Center she thought of her grandma and how she did not want to go back to that nasty job tonight.

At home she was anxiously awaiting the phone call. At the precise time the phone rang. It was the customer from the restaurant. The conversation went like this.

“I don’t know if you are aware of this but I am an attorney that speaks up for senior citizens. I have heard you speak so highly of your grandma I was curious to know if you would like to come in tomorrow morning and speak to me about a job. I can guarantee you full-time, good pay and health benefits”

“Yes, I will be there, what time would you like me to stop in.”………………

The Waiting

Al refused to go to bed last night. He instead wanted to sit in his recliner with his glasses




off, and his open Bible on his lap. It was midnight then, and I don’t feel comfortable with me going to bed, at least knowing he is safely in bed.


I waited until about one am and then went in and asked him if we could please get into bed, that I was so tired. He still refused. I got his bed all ready for him and walked out here and turned all the lights off and sat here at the computer, playing a silly quiet game, and then within about a ten minute range, he did get into bed by himself, and turned his television on and his lights off.


Wow, I thought, was this to show me he was still independent or what? I had a half-smile on my face, as I shut the game off and went to my room. Prayers and God covered me up and after six hours of uninterrupted sleep, I awoke this morning, feeling brighter and refreshed.


I started my coffee being ever so much like a sneaky mouse as Al was still sleeping and I didn’t want to wake him. I went to my room again and placed the much-needed call to the local family doctor. I explained how yesterday went and taking him to the mental health hospital, and what the doctor did by coming in to actually talk to me and Al. I explained that I was in agreement with this doctor, that the goal was to have Al in comfort care from now on and as pain-free as possible. I even explained about Al’s thought process on dying and how he planned to make it happen.


I told the nurse all that was on my mind and I was firm about what I was saying, and she said, I will give the message to the doctor, what is your phone number, and he is not in today, so you will maybe hear from us late today or tomorrow. I said thank-you, have a great day, and we hung up. Now, we, Alvin and I are doing the waiting game of the phone to ring.


Al got up this morning, and came out to the kitchen and said his toes were hurting so bad. He asked me to look at them, and of course, I can see nothing with the naked eye. Then he smiled and said he had prayed the hardest he had ever prayed, and he got an answer. I said what was the answer. He stated that God told him this morning when he got up, that his wait was over. He could go to heaven now. I said, well we shall just have to wait and see won’t we bud, and he shook his head with a big grin.


The therapist came over later, and he told her all about his big answer and he was grinning from ear to ear. She started crying and I joined in, and Al asked us both, why are you crying, this is good news!


Now we are both waiting for the phone to ring, and to see if God is speaking to Al or if Al is wishing so hard.