Remember My Brother , Al Miller?


December  1st  is a huge day,  not only  for me, but for many who  are suffering  from  a rare illness  called MSA ,  and let’s  not  forget  my brother  who passed away  last year  from thi111s ugly, terminal  illness.

On Tuesday  I’m  asking  each of  you to donate  money of the value  of  eating  out for one lunch. There are foundations  who have committed  to match  our donations  up to $150,000. ♡. Now  in my eyes  that is a lot  of  money.

Only December  1st  will our donations  be matched .  Please help in honor  and memory  of  my dear brother ,  Alvin Miller, who suffered terribly  from this.

The body  shuts down  in the end by slowly  taking away the use of speaking ,  eye sight, and body movement. There is terrible  pain that even with  the strongest  medications ,  my brother  remained in pain.

The memory  is  usually  left in tact, so imagine  how embarrassed  Alvin  was when he had no choice but to have total care. So please help me find a cure, or at the very least  some rhyme  and  reason to MSA .

The address to  donate  is;  https://