Life seems smooth

No questions asked

When suddenly you are shaken

And you look back on your past.


You scratch your head

You wrinkle your brow

You see your book

Holy cow!


A pebble on your path

Turns from small to rock

You try taking it in

You sit and take stock.


No one promised

Life would be grand

The fairy tales  suck

Of the Never Lands.


You rise from the floor

You take one step then another

A tear falls from heaven

And you’re touched by your mother.


She smiles down at you

She wraps you in love

She knew this would happen

From way up above.


An illness appears

Out of nowhere you saw

Your thoughts turn ahead

You cry out with a call.


You pray for the first time

With humble, bowed head

You stand up and look

While tears you do shed.


Then God reaches down

And grabs hold of you

A feeling of warmth

Embraces all that you do.


He whispers so soft

Words of knowledge you need

He says, “it is time

You have done such good deeds.


I looked through my books

Of things I could choose

I don’t want to hurt you

But I don’t want to lose.


I want you to live

But I need you here

So I picked this disease

So please don’t fear.


I will allow you to breathe

I will allow you some time

But when all is over

You will want to be mine.”