More Thank-You’s For Al’s Cards

Get Well Card

I want to take a moment of your time and say a huge thank-you to all who participated in sending Al cards, some even sent me cards, which was a nice surprise. Al still looks at my hands to see if I have any mail for him when I go to see him at the nursing home, and now, I have two more to take to him tomorrow.

I went to see Al today, and he was in therapy doing leg exercises. The therapist was telling Al how good he was doing and making big process. I had to admit, hearing those words made me feel good also, and for a quick moment, I wished that this meant he was going to be able to throw that walker a way one day, but Al did more than think it, he asked it.

He told the therapist that since he was doing so good, that his Parkinson’s was finally going to leave and he gave a big old smile, and then she busted that smile and turned it into a frown and tears.

She said no, you won’t ever get to the place that you won’t need the walker, we can’t fix the PD, but we just want to try to keep your legs strong for a bit longer. He sure did not understand and told her so by saying, but you said I am doing better……..I backed out of the therapy room a moment while I let a couple of tears flow for his sadness at hearing this,when he truly did hear that he was getting better.

It reminded me once again, that doctors and nurses, therapist sugar coat, telling me Al is doing great, but instead they forgot to mention the PD has now penetrated his heart muscle.

I want to say thank-you to:

Patricia Beggs

Kathy Fehr

Melody McAtee

Jim Wright


thank you all!!!!