I Am Learning

Life is  fragile

I am learning

To be aware

Even more

Of what I

Can lose

By one look

One word

All that I

Thought can


Into the black skies

I am learning

To appreciate

Even more

Than what I

Did before

The gifts of

Friendshipsea of waterclass reunion

The life I live

For I know

That in a

Blink of an eye

It can all

Be taken away.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


He Heard Our Whispers

Prayer Circle

Can it be this easy

To see stress leave

Or am I just lucky

That no one has grieved.

Is knowing that help

Is on its way

To save the damsel

And the man who does sway.

Not one tear has escaped

As we sat down and talked

We both know there is help

So he can continue to walk.

Two extra hands can only be good

To help with all things that we do

I pray that she shows and isn’t too late

As I knock on each piece of  wood.

I thank each of you

For the prayers that you gave

You know that my quest

Was asked not by one but by twos.

I do not know what tomorrow will bring

But I thank God for this wonderful  day

Giving strength and some peace for each of us

It brings joy to my heart, and now it does sing.

Terry Shepherd


Thank You

God, the Father watches us all everywhere.

What am I thankful for today

That I was able to work and play.

That I could see where others are blind

That I could think with my own mind.

I saw tears and I saw pain

But I saw sun, no clouds, no rain.

I was able to use my feet

As others had to sit in their seat.

I used my hands to pull the weeds

I touched the ground and planted seeds.

I thank you Lord for watching over me

I thank you Lord for tranquility.

The tears were spotty  here and there

Thank you for the time that  we could share.

I ask you God for peace to flow

Through Al’s mind and body til he does go.

I thank you God for my Cali cat

Who brings me love while sitting in my lap.

I ask for silence as we do sleep

For no bad dreams for him to keep.

I am thankful Lord for all you do

For watching over Al and me too.

Life would be so hard today

If you were not guiding all the way.

I will give thanks to the one above

For forgiving my sin, and continued love.



Don’t Be Blinded

There is much to be thankful for

In this world we live in

But pain can blind us

And we can give in.


Not seeing what stands before our eyes

Blinded lies are looking down

Walking away from this that shines

With smiles that have been turned into frowns.


We need to get down on bended knee

Hands together, head bowing low

Thanking God for all he gives

Loving Jesus and letting all know.

Written by,



Prayer (Photo credit: Chris Yarzab)