Unexpected Guests


You walk into your home to find a couple you don’t know sitting in your living room, eating a slice of cake. Tell us what happens next.

I walk into my home and there is a pair of strangers sitting at my kitchen table. They are eating the cake I was planning on having for my dessert tonight.

My eyes widen and my voice heightens. ” Who are you and why are you sitting…

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Unexpected Guests


You walk into your home to find a couple you don’t know sitting in your living room, eating a slice of cake. Tell us what happens next.

I walk into my home and there is a pair of strangers sitting at my kitchen table. They are eating the cake I was planning on having for my dessert tonight.

My eyes widen and my voice heightens. ” Who are you and why are you sitting in my house eating my cake? I am going to call the cops right now. Don’t you go anywhere. Just sit right where you are.”

The two sit there looking at me as I start to panic and reach for the phone. They look at each other and shrug their shoulders and go back to taking another bite of my delicious hand-made cake.

I replace the phone in its cradle and look at these two nuts. Evidently they are not dangerous. They are just plain idiots. What the heck is going on here? Why aren’t they afraid of me standing here?

I start to walk over and as soon as I am standing at the table’s edge, I begin questioning them. ” I asked you who you are and how did you get in?” The two look at her again but say nothing.

I pull up a chair, obviously I have nothing to be afraid of. I start spitting bullets, trying to let them know they need to remove themselves from my home. I watch their faces for indications they are going to leave, but nothing.

The man starts raising his hands and I jump up from my seat. I turn, knocking over my chair, but head to my knife drawer to pull out the most dangerous looking one. Looking back to make sure I am not being followed I see both the man and the woman making finger gestures at each other. Their hands were working quicker than a man drawing out his pistol.

I stop and suddenly remember a conversation I had not too long ago with a friend of a friend I had met. Her parents were deaf. These people must be deaf also. They aren’t hearing a single word I am saying.

I walk out of the kitchen and go back to my bedroom. Closing the door I pick up the phone and call the police. Not to turn these two in; but to see if there is any information on them.

I hear someone on the other end say ” Hello, Sergeant Carter here, how can I help you?”

” This is Sue Brown and I just came home from running some errands. When I walked in my front door there was a man and a woman sitting at my kitchen table. They are eating a cake I made. I think they are deaf. I am pretty sure that they are using sign language with each other. Do you know anything about these two? They don’t seem to be dangerous.”

” Oh Sue, I am so glad you have called. We have been looking for Bob and Mary. They live at the Lake Facility here in town. They are deaf. They went for their usual walk this morning around the facility, but somehow they managed to unlock the gate and they took off for a longer walk. I bet they are  hungry and felt free to walk in your house and get something to eat. Don’t you keep your doors locked?”

” Yes, I usually do, but I was only going to be gone about half an hour so didn’t bother locking up today.”

” Well half an hour or hours, you should always keep your home safe from predators Sue. I will send an officer over to pick them up. Did they do any damage to your place?”

” No, they just ate my cake, but I will make a new one. It will give me something to do while I kick myself in the ass for being so stupid and presuming I know the future of my day. Thank-you officer. I will sit with them until your officer arrives.”

I lay the phone down and walk back to the kitchen with a calm attitude. I pick my chair up off the floor and sit down in it and smile at them.


Daily Prompt; Shoulda Woulda Coulda / The Daily Post

Hershey's Christmas Kisses


Tell us about something you know you should do . . . but don’t.

Wow this is one prompt that forces me to look at how bad I am. I like it better when I look at the positives in my life. I have worked very hard at not knocking myself down. I used to be very bad at it and had little confidence. I don’t even think the word was in my own personal dictionary.

Now here I am looking through my mental list of bad things I have let slide through my life. The number one thing I do that I should not is smoke. You can give me all the reasons in the world as to why I should not smoke those packs of cigarettes, but the real truth lies with the fact; I am not ready to quit.

The number two thing I should do but don’t is lose weight good or quickly.  Every year I can count on the numerous commercials on the television to pop-up as soon as New Years is over. This is almost bigger than the toy commercials for kids at Christmas. It preys on our minds and feeds our guilt over not being as totally fit , healthy and skinny we should be.

I imagine that there is more money made in the first three months after the new year than the entire year in total. I think it is a darn shame that these companies feed on our self-worth.

Do you know how sick and tired I get of hearing these actors state how they lost thirty to fifty pounds in just three months? You get to see the before and after photos of these people.

It reminds me of the men who portray themselves as bald men. They use the expensive treatments to grow more hair. Before and after photos. I have studied these photos for months. I swear on my mother’s life that some of the before and after men are not even the same man. There are slight changes I have been able to pick out to prove to me they are two separate people.

When I became too fat for comfort and my diabetes was out of whack I made a decision to change it. I followed Dr. Gott’s words and ate nothing that was white. No white sugars, bread, pastas or rice. Everything had to be whole wheat, whole grain.  It worked and it was fairly easy. I lost almost 100 pounds. I could never be on one of those diet commercials because it took me almost a year and a half to lose that weight.

My doctor told me in one of my visits recently that the old-fashioned way of losing weight was the best. He said it was and still remains the counting of calories. I usually have counted carbs and sugars but I have changed. This has allowed me to still lose but the plus was I was able to eat a little bit more of a variety of foods. I now feel like I am not being cheated out of the food enjoyment area as long as I continue to lose the weight. I am allowed 1500 calories each day. This is easy for me now. I still don’t eat regular sugar and I try hard not to use sugar substitutes because of cancers. I just divide 1500 into 3 meals and I get 500 calories per meal.

I don’t snack usually through the days and I allow myself up to 7 Hershey Kisses as my bed time snack. I go by the carbs on this snack. I have a tendency to have my sugars drop too low through the night if I am eating correctly through the day. Eating sugar at night helps keep me safe.

I am sure I have many more shoulda woulda couldas but these two are my biggies in my opinion.

Daily Prompt: Race the Clock/The Daily Post

Here’s the title of your post: “An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse.”

365:277 The Ticking Clock

Set a timer for ten minutes, and write it. Go!

When I was a young child, I had a friend named Pam. Pam came from a different up-bringing than I did. Her parents loved her so much, they gave her everything and also gave into every whim.

My parents brought me up with tough love. I was guided by rules and regulations and love.

Pam was a friend I had made in elementary school. We went through grades K-6 together. She was beautiful. I can still see her in my mind, even though I have not seen her for so many years. She had brown wavy hair that reached half way down her back. Big brown eyes, freckles, and she was thin, where I was the curly blonde, blue eyes, and chubby, or as mom used to say, healthy looking!

Now when you place two opposites together,  you get problems. No problems for us two girls, but problems with my own parents. Every suggestion, and offer Pam  made, I never turned down.

We played together every summer.  I stayed at her house, she stayed at mine. Her dad and I worked at the same company. Her mother did not work, mine did. We would ride our bikes up town and go through all the alleys. We would stop at the now famous place that Al likes to eat at, and go inside to the soda fountain, and buy a milk shake and share it.

She had money and I did not, so she always bought. We would ride our bikes over to other little friend’s houses, and stop and play with them, never counting the minutes on the clock, before leaving.

One day her mischievous little mind suggested we ride to the cemetery, and I got on my bike with no hesitation and no looking at the clock first, and we took off for our new adventure. We rode all through the cemetery, reading many names. We would get off of our bikes and lie down beside caskets to see  how tall they were!  How stupid was that?

I have many good memories of her and me, but if I could talk to my mother beyond this universe, I am sure she would still be scolding me. Yes, I worried her, and I forced her to have to drive down to my friend’s house to find out if I was there.

I was punished so many times by having to be grounded from playing with Pam, but evidently, when I look back, the punishments were never severe enough, because when mom would go to work the next day, I would return to my friend’s house on my two feet, since only my bike was grounded!

I smile now, as I sit here thinking back, at the little things I did as a kid, but also look at the issues in the world today, and not coming home on time from a friend’s was by far nothing to the drug issues today, the bullying of others, and the fatal shootings.

If I could talk to my mom today, she would now look at me and say, I love you and be careful. Try to be home at the time that I have asked you to be. She would realize that being late was nothing to worry about, right? Or do you think because she loved me that she would still ground me and scold me?  Oh geesh, I bet she would still go to my friend’s house, looking for me, and then when she found me, I would be grounded from my bike once again!