I Am Scared, I Admit It

I can’t help it. I live with Rhino in a small home and I am a little afraid. I have actually been praying most of the afternoon for God to keep me and anyone in this storms path safe. In fact, I have been praying that this storm we are to get vanishes into thin air.

The newscasters say they have never had one of these kind of storms before. It is supposed to be very high winds, chance of tornadoes, one inch hail. It is to start around 7pm central time and go until 2am.

Although I am  praying, I am still afraid. I do not live in a brick home as the Three Little Pigs. Instead I live somewhere closer to the stick and straw home.

If I don’t respond tonight to comments, you will know that my computer is turned off. Please pray that me and anyone in the location of this enormous storm remain safe.animated_lightning.gif

Let My Mind Forget Just For Today

Little Red Riding Hood (1922 film)

Little Red Riding Hood (1922 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For this moment let me be Peter Pan

Or maybe even Cinderella

For today let me be Sleeping Beauty

Let my mind forget  just for today.

For now let me be Snow White

Or maybe the Golden Goose

Let me be other than who I am

Let my mind forget  just for today.

If you don’t like these maybe you can vision

Me as Goldilocks from the three bears

Or Little Red Riding Hood

Let my mind forget  just for today.

I could be the Pied Piper and I could dance

Or maybe one of the Three Little Pigs

I just don’t want to remember now

Let my mind forget just for today.

A dancing Gingerbread Man

Or maybe Thumbelina

How about the Little Mermaid

Let my mind forget just for today.

Terry Shepherd