mountains 2


Enough of the noise

Enough of the chatter

The bitching and like

Nothing seems to matter


I have to leave

I tell you now

I gotta get out

Or scream and shout


I clock out today

And go home and pack

I leave a note

I am not coming back


The drive out of city

The air begins to clear

I can almost feel

That I am very near


I get out of my car

And shut the door

I look back at the past

Thinking never more


I stand at the bottom

I look way up

I can feel my heart

Running over the cup


I get my gear

And I lock the doors

I head up the mountain

For ever more


No one will see

What my eyes can view

Understanding is gone

Between me and you


I find a place

A perfect fit

I place all my things

Then I bend to sit


The air is pure

My head is clear

I can feel God everywhere

He is very near.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd

(Facebook) Terry’s Thoughts in Poetry