Today my daughter took me to the store and I bought a wireless keyboard for my tablet and a bluetooth speaker. For the first time, I am sittig on my bed, writing to you.
For an old lady, I am learning to be tech savy.
My daughter put I Heart Radio app on my tablet, so I am chilling out here on my bed listening to the calming sounds of birds singing.
I feel like a kid in a grown-up body playing with my new toy.


Calm Tremors


The sleep that I got did me so much good

I’d wish for it each night, if only  I could

I had the energy today of a big  jumping jack

I cleaned the house thoroughly never looking back

The hospital bed and commode are in place

I cleaned his room and also threw the waste

I sorted the summer and winter wear

With his weight loss, now the closet is bare

His tremors were calm, and a smile did show

So I took him to supper and then we did go

To Wal-Mart he headed straight for the toys

To buy a new car, he fitted in with all little  boys

He grinned as he picked it and showed it to me

I smiled at him, as proud as a sister could be

I wish every day was just like today

But I will take what I can and thank God for this day.