Halloween is Coming, Are You Getting Scared?

Today I didn’t do a whole lot. It is chilly and has been raining here pretty much the past three days. I put a few more things away. I put some fresh cabbage, yellow and green zucchini, onion and new red potatoes in the crock pot this morning. This was my supper tonight.

The time is coming closer for Halloween and dressing up along with passing out treats. I have a feeling I won’t get any trick-or-treaters, since I live on a dead-end street. I did see a recipe on my Facebook page that perked up my interest. It uses pumpkin and there is no baking. I like that kind of recipe and I imagine I will make some soon. Here is the link for you to look at and maybe make too.



I also saw this hilarious video too that is not really scary, more funny than anything. It has to do with Halloween.




Along with the funny video here is some Halloween music to calm your bones, or is that stir up your bones, give you the shivers, hahahahaha.



I have decorations to put up but I probably won’t. I don’t even have the house completely put together. I have one more room to paint as soon as my daughter and I get together, then I can put that room together.

In the mean time enjoy the rest of your weekend my friends.

jack o lanterns

All Hallow Night

Witches and goblins, what a fright

goblin train

When at first I saw this sight!

Black cats running down the street

Don’t want the two of us ever to meet!

The headless horseman just rode by

I wonder what was sticking out of his eye!

Little Jimmy hiding behind that tree

Scaring the pants off of others and me!

Winds whistling in the bare branches of trees

Draws goosebumps and shivers from all over me!

It is that time of year tonight

When it is allowed to cause some fright!

Now go little children and have some fun

Be safe and get candy, and lots of gum!


Terry Shepherd


Memories of Trick or Treating

Frosty nights, feel the bite

Photo of a Halloween trick-or-treater, Redford...

Autumn leaves falling down

Dropping so softly to the ground.

Time for planning trick or treats

Getting candies all in a row

Ghosts and goblins now do show.

Lights and sounds and eerie noise

Under the street lights children go

Holding bags out and costumes that glow.

As we open up the door

We go back in time and remember when

We were the ones trick or treating then.

Looking past the mask they wear

Wondering if we know them and get our bowl

They take the treats, and off they go.

Life has passed us quickly by

Childhood is gone and now we stand

In the door, giving treats with our loving  hands.

Terry Shepherd

Oct.14th 2012