Another Child Of Mine

The king in his brand new Birthday chair which is over six feet tall and hold at least two people. My son, the youngest of the three of my children. He was always a special child to me, as when he was two years old he was diagnosed with a bone cancer. God had it happen at such a young age, as the doctors were able to go in their and completely remove the bone that was sick, and being his age, he was able to have a cast put on and after eight weeks, a new bone grew in making his leg whole again. God blessed him and has been walking with him from that day forward. We celebrated his birthday on this past Saturday, as his true birthday is on Tuesday, when more people are at work. Weekends are always a great time for family celebrations. You can see in the photos above, that he and his lady friend are sitting in the new big chair, watching their kids swimming. These are adorable grandchildren to me. Their ages bring with them much innocence still, and I wish it to remain as long as possible. The cake was decorated in purple and blues with the main theme of The Low Rider truck. My son loves car and truck shows and he travels to see them around the state. Although, it was his birthday, I didn’t bend the rules, and he still had to be the main chef. He roasted brats and hot dogs. Along with this were various salads and his new cake. I tried a new flavor of ice-cream, that my son told me to try. It was really good. It was called Banana Pudding, and it tasted just like it too!  We didn’t do anything special. We just had quality time and I made new memories for myself, watching the kids swim and seeing my brother, Al, in the above photo smile some this day. He did like hearing the boys scream and splash in the pool. I asked him if he would like to get his feet wet but he declined.  Two of my children’s birthdays are now here this year, and I have one more son to celebrate July 4th. Then have to wait another year before getting a bite of that white cake with the butter cream icing! Happy Birthday Son!!