Are You Ready for the Day?

Today is Monday and what will this week bring for me? I know that tomorrow my experience in being a caregiver will kick back in as the friend I watched over a few weeks ago is now going to have surgery on the opposite arm.

I hope all is going to be alright. The arm that was first done began healing and then I was told a feeling of a snap was felt and ever since then, there is more pain than in the beginning.

There were no guarantees to get a permanent fix, but the surgeon was hopeful that more damage would not be done to the arm and hand and a great relief of pain. Prayers for this friend will be said.

The Ulnar nerve is what seems to be the problem.

You can’t see it good from this photo but there is a little groove that this nerve fits into and it runs from the shoulder to the tip of the last two fingers. When it isn’t working properly, tingling and numbness and much pain take over. The last two fingers don’t work well and when you are a type one diabetic on top, there are risks of the surgery not being a great success.

We just never know what life is going to throw at us do we? Some people seem to have an easy, flowing brook in their life. Smiles and good things always happening. Great sight of future dreams and then there are others who because of an illness just seem to have one issue after the other. I suppose God allows the mentally strong ones to take on this type of suffering. He uses us you know. He uses us as examples and places us in the view of those who need to see our lives and their own.

I was able to purchase a hand-help shower nozzle this past weekend. With the aid of my shower chair, I took an awesome shower with no fear of falling and I even got to wash between my toes! Believe me, when you are a high-risk faller, washing the toes can be quite tricky. Today the men who fix things in our complex are supposed to come place a grab bar I have on the wall. This will lower the risk of falling so much better. I can’t wait until it is done.

This past week, I have been hooked on watching Little house on the Prairie. It amazes me at the strength in the parents to bring their children up properly. They pay close attention and make sure all homework is done before play time. The meals are eaten all together too. It’s no wonder I seem to connect to this show. That’s pretty much how I was raised. If I didn’t bring at least a C home on report card, I could guarantee I wasn’t doing much socialization for the entire next grading period.

I can remember having to go to bed at eight on school nights in elementary, nine in seventh and eighth grade and ten in tenth, eleventh and twelfth grade. When I began working I could stay up until eleven. Did you have rules at bedtime?

We had a routine during the school year. We got home from school, we were to do our homework and then I did anything my mom left a note for, sometimes a load of laundry or iron a basket of clothes, After that was done, many times I began or fixed supper. After mom and dad got home, we ate and then us kids cleaned up and did the dishes. The rest of the evening was our free time. What were your school evenings like?

With this new schedule of virtual learning, E-learning or going to school, life should be most interesting for the schools and the parents. I am so glad my children are all grown. I pray that God shuts this virus down for our country. We have so many issues in our world, we really don’t need this on top.

Well, you each have a great day and I will talk to you later on.