The Lore of Valentine’s Day

Although a Christian bishop named Valentine was martyred on February 14 in A.D. 269, there is nothing in his legend to account for the custom of choosing a sweetheart on this day.

In medieval England, people believed that birds mated at about this time, and farmers knew that “winter’s back breaks” by the middle of February.

By the early 1600s, it was a popular custom to send handmade valentines to your sweetheart, and in about 1800, the first commercial cards appeared. Cards were usually sent anonymously. An English official reported having to hire extra postal workers to handle all of the mail on this day in 1822.

Nobody knows exactly why chocolate has become the food of choice for many people on Valentine’s Day, February 14. At the Almanac, we eat it all year long!

1500s: Handmade valentines were customarily being sent from admirers to sweethearts.

1521: Spanish explorer Hernando Cortés tasted cacao, liked it, and called it chocolatl because he had difficulty pronouncing its Aztec name, xocolatl.

1800s: The first commercial valentine cards appeared. Cards were usually sent anonymously.

1822: An English official reported having to hire extra postal workers to handle the increased volume of mail on February 14.

1847: The first solid chocolate candy bar was made in England.

1848: Esther Howland of Worcester, Massachusetts, started selling high-quality valentine cards that became so popular that she became known as the Mother of the American Valentine.

1876: The first milk chocolate candy appeared.

1890s: The first confection-filled, heart-shape, ornately decorated boxes (or “caskets”) were created by English chocolatier Richard Cadbury.

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Happy Valentine’s Day Brother

alvin valentine's dayBeing Valentine’s Day I decided to give Al, my brother a few goodies. I stopped at the grocery store and picked up these items for him. I bought myself a Cadbury egg also. I just had to do something to spoil me also.

When I arrived at his facility he was napping. I hated to do it but I woke him up letting him know I was there. He looked at me and gave me that famous smile of his. Eventually he sat up with my help and looked at his gifts. He was more excited about the creme horns than the candy. I knew he would be. It is his favorite junk food. I got him some diet soda as he has been drinking so much diet coke. It is hard on his stomach ulcers drinking too much dark pop.

I bought him some heart-shaped sugar cookies with red sugar sprinkles on top. I bought him a Cadbury egg also and his box of candy. He seemed happy with it. He laid back down and we watched television together.

When it was time to get up for lunch  I saw he had his shirt on backwards so together we changed it. I walked with him down to the dining room. I learned today that for $3.50 I could purchase a meal. I asked Al if he wanted me to dine with him and he said that would be fine. He normally is the only one sitting at his table. This upsets me because he is such a social person.

After we both ordered I observed that every CNA and nurse or any staff that went by he said hi to them. There were a few that didn’t say anything but most of them did respond back to him with a comment. I explained to Al that his voice is so soft that the others could not hear him. I do believe this is the truth too. Al’s voice is very soft.

We each had chicken for lunch. Al had scalloped potatoes and green beans with vanilla ice-cream. I cheated because of the day and I had a baked potato half, butternut squash and a piece of cherry pie with coffee.

Al was definitely struggling today. I just can’t seem to get anything to work with getting those cups to his lips and then being able to tip them enough more to get the liquid in his mouth. I talked to the dietary supervisor and she suggested weighted cups. She was going to dig a few up for him.

I also noticed that a portion of his food went to the floor instead of his mouth from those nasty tremors. He struggled getting food on  his plate. I went to the kitchen and asked for a plate guard. I clipped it on my brother’s plate and it made a huge difference. I told the kitchen to please make sure to attach a guard to each meal plate and they said alright.

The sighing and the tears left as he was able to finally get food on his spoon easier. I don’t see him eat with a fork much anymore. I don’t care. He would have more problems with a fork I think.

He was going on an outing today. He and his driver were going to go get his glasses tightened and get a strap for his glasses. They keep rolling down his nose as it is very difficult for Al to look at a level direction. Just for his photo today, I had to help get his head up far enough for him to look at the camera.

All in all we had a nice time. I told him unless we get that big snow storm I would be back on Sunday. Happy Valentine’s Day bud. Your sister loves you bunches.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!

Children's Valentine, 1940–1950

Children’s Valentine, 1940–1950 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have learned so much

By my friends here at WordPress

Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers

But for them and all others.

I had thought of my brother Al

Thinking of giving him candy

But then I thought he may look at me

And think I was silly and too full of glee.

So I asked all of you what your opinion was

I had so many responses that made me smile

You all said the same as the  other

Valentines are not just for lovers.

So I have made up my mind

To do what feels good to me

I will purchase a box of sweets

And a card for his treats.

I will go even one more step

And buy myself a nice candy bar

This way Al and I can share

As others will  everywhere.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!