What We Will Eat at Christmas, Plum Pudding

I was reading an advertisement in my email and it was talking about Plum Pudding. Now when I think of plum pudding I think of the children’s story and Christmas. But I really didn’t know what it was.

I looked it up online and I don’t think I would care for it. It sounds like Dried Fruitcake. It can also set for up to a year and never spoil.

I found it interesting on where it started from and how it is made, so I thought I would share it with you.

plum pudding

Many households have their own recipe for Christmas pudding, some handed down through families for generations. Essentially the recipe brings together what traditionally were expensive or luxurious ingredients — notably the sweet spices that are so important in developing its distinctive rich aroma, and usually made with suet. It is very dark in appearance — effectively black — as a result of the dark sugars and black treacle in most recipes, and its long cooking time. The mixture can be moistened with the juice of citrus fruits, brandy and other alcohol (some recipes call for dark beers such as mild, stout or porter).

Christmas puddings are often dried out on hooks for weeks prior to serving in order to enhance the flavour. This pudding has been prepared with a traditional cloth rather than a basin.

Prior to the 19th century, the English Christmas pudding was boiled in a pudding cloth, and often represented as round.[1] The new Victorian era fashion involved putting the batter into a basin and then steaming it, followed by unwrapping the pudding, placing it on a platter, and decorating the top with a sprig of holly.[1]

Initial cooking usually involves steaming for many hours. To serve, the pudding is reheated by steaming once more, and dressed with warm brandy which is set alight.[3] It can be eaten with hard sauce, brandy butter, rum butter, cream, lemon cream, custard, or sweetened béchamel, and is sometimes sprinkled with caster sugar.

So there you have it friends. A traditional treat for Christmas season. Now it is up to you whether you want to try to make it or even eat it.

Daily Prompt; Art Appreciation

Painted Doll

Antiques Sign

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Do you need to agree with an artist’s lifestyle or politics to appreciate their art? To spend money on it?

I believe beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I love antique paintings and wall hangings. I would never find myself in a modern art museum. I can’t understand the crazy swirls and blotches.

I have seen them before on TV and imagine myself just taking a paint brush and throwing paint on a canvas. Or maybe dipping my hands in a rag or even my bare hands making something according to my mood.

I like the Victorian era as I have stated before. Give me some children, or kittens or maybe dogs and I will be happy. Victorian houses with wide molding speak to me as I venture through each room.

Give me some history about the photo. Who painted it? Was the beautiful house ever lived in by some famous poet at one time? Is the house said to be haunted? The history is something that to me is the icing on the cake of the picture.

If I happened to be somewhere and saw a man sitting on a stool putting his talent to work I would stop and watch in awe. If he had a sign that said he was trying to feed his family, I would be more eager to buy it. Not for the picture but to help not let his kids to starve.

So to me, it is the history, or the situation of the art piece. There are various reasons I would buy it. Even if my friends didn’t like it or some mocked it, I would remember in my heart the story behind the work.

So no, it has nothing to do with agreeing or politics for this gal.


Remigiusstrasse Viersen - Victorian house (1)

Daily Prompt; Clean Slate/ The Daily Post

Victorian Era Cosplay WIP 5

Victorian Era

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Explore the room you’re in as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. What do you see? Who is the person who lives there?

When you walk into the room  in you feel peace. There is a nice comfy wrap-a-round couch that I could curl up in and take a nap. I see several shelves full of old crocks. It seems that this person likes antiques pretty well.

Two miniature trees decorated in white lights and gold Victorian ornaments. This brings a calmness when you gaze at them.  I see an old round chrome table with two matching chairs. On top looks like several boxes of left-over candies that may have not been able to be stuffed in to Christmas stockings.

On one wall right by a window, there sits a computer. Decorated by white soft curtains this would make a wonderful view to look out. I wonder if the one who uses this computer is a writer? I can see this person gazing out the window gathering ideas to place on  paper.

I see several candles sitting on the fireplace. This white Victorian fireplace brings a sense of warmth and could provide a very romantic setting. There is a big screen television and sitting beside that is a WII system. It is covered with dust. It must not get played with much. There is a beautiful wood blanket chest. It looks like an antique for sure.

I imagine that the person who lives here is into old stuff. She loves romance and peaceful surroundings. The glow of white lights and candles burning makes me feel like she is a loving and compassionate person. A philosopher, a deep thinker. I would love to meet her.


Very Inspiring Blogging Award


Ute is whom I woke up to this morning. When I realized she had nominated me for this award, I smiled.

To know that there are some who think I inspire them is truly a gift given to me.

To me, I am no one special. I write from my heart and soul only. I want to thank Ute and others who have nominated me for this, letting me know that my words are worthy or writing.

About utesmile

Love life, music and dance. Live today as for tomorrow it will be all history!

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1. I am left-handed, and so is my brother

2. I love Christmas trees in my house all year round

3. I don’t get all hyped up about the New Year coming end

4. I love the Victorian era and costume jewelry

5. I want to own one old baby doll before I retire to my coffin

6. I fall asleep to Nick At Nite every single night

7. I sleep with the fan blowing on me 365 days a year

Nominations are;


Melissa (Just Enough Sugar)


linesbylinda x

Vickie Fulford


Very Inspiring Blog Award


Ed, my dear friend nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blog Award.

Ed is a very strong Christian man who never leaves my comment box empty. He always lifts me up with his words which are spoken from the heart and the Bible.

Thank you Ed, for this wonderful award.

Did you know that I used to stand five foot three and now stand five foot two from getting too old?

Did you know that I love the Victorian Era?

Did you know that I fall asleep every night to the Golden Girls?

Did you know that each time you comment, you are letting me more into your life, and I am loving our friendship?

Sara, a dear friend who shares with us her views and feelings of her life. You will want to read her blog, and follow them daily.kyllingsara.wordpress.com

Tahlitha- a friend to me. her blogs are something I look forward to reading. Very inspiring, and uplifting. You will be inspired by her writing. Check her blog site out! justmyfaithtalking.wordpress.com

You are to nominate others who you feel would enjoy this award and also tell seven things about yourself. Also send a link back to the one who nominated you!

Thank you once again, Ed. I feel blessed and you have made my Sunday much brighter.