One Blog Plus One Blog Equals A New Chance To Sketch    I was reading Al‘s blog. I just love what he does with his camera so I try never to miss a post. Tonight he was showing me a drawing he had done. He got the inspiration from another blog named,

So of course since Al liked it I knew I would too, so I hopped over to this brand new blog and looked at the fantastic art work. Now you all know I can’t draw with a crap, but the desire is deep within me, so I continue to make a fool out of myself by trying. I thought after I looked the fabulous art over I would give it a shot too. I knew I could not even  compare my work to theirs but you know what? I had a good time. While I was sketching I forgot about all that goes on around me. For ten minutes I was with me, all alone with my charcoal and pad.

So here is my version of what I saw and my little scribbles. You can see the fantastic work that was done on the second link I gave you, but please don’t compare theirs to mine. I don’t want you to laugh until you wet yourself.

art leaves

Weekly Photo Challenge; Saturated,Theme of the Week

This week, show us a photo of whatever you’d like, but make sure it’s saturated. It can be black and white, a single color, a few hues, or a complete rainbow riot; just make sure it’s rich and powerful. Let’s turn the comments into an instant mood-booster!


I Learned Two Things Today

I learned two things  this morning. They  could change my life if I follow the rules. My life could be less stressful if I only chew on a pencil.pencils

All this time I thought I had to take a nap. Or take deep breaths. Maybe take a vacation to Disney World.Walt-Disney-World-Disney-characters

I never knew that all I had to do was take one of my stale pencils from my desk and start chewing and biting on it.

Sort of reminds me of school when I was struggling to find an answer. Or when I was nervous I would bite a pencil during testing times.

Of course I would have to give up my blogging. To have the pencil in use I would have to put down my black keyboard. Then on top of that I may become regressed. Because of my Diabetes I have nerve damage in my fingers.

I do a lot of tracking and writing for my  job and Al’s Day Program. My fingers always end up numb and sore from writing in black ink only.

I don’t know, I may have to go back to the way I was doing it prior to this new information. Blogging helps heal me. Each word speaks to me and helps me sort things out. Napping is something I enjoy. It takes every clogged thought and tosses it until I wake up.

Also I am getting older and my teeth are not as strong before. Could biting on wood cause me to rot my old teeth? Would I end up having to have dentures?false teeth

The other thing I learned is in order to release stress, smile more and live a happier life, I should have more sex.

What in the world is sex?sex I have been divorced for six years and although there have been a couple of guys pass by I have not had anything serious to brag  about. I think if what I have heard in the past with sly jokes is that I probably have spiders living among me.spider

So now I discover that until I have sex again I may not smile.baby_smile

Should I go out and stand on the street corner in order to smile again?hooker

Could I tell the arresting officer that I learned to smile and live a happier life by watching a TV program? Would this keep me out of jail?jail

Well I guess I am out of choices pretty much. I think I will just stick to who I am and be happy with myself.

I will smile because I have been given one more day to do what’s right. I will be thankful for what I have. I will keep waiting and stressing for that special man to appear before my eyes and say, ” Lordy woman, where have you been all my life?”fabiobook4

Come On, Let Me Have It

This sketching thing I have been doing may just be something I need to toss to the birds. I want you to tell me to break the pencils, give the sketch pad to my grandchildren to scribble on; if you believe in your heart that this is just plain crap. It’s alright, I am tough, I can take it.

This is my second attempt at having an urge to draw. Not knowing what will happen I just place the art pencil to the pad and see what happens. I never know what I will get when I am finished. Maybe I would be better at trying to draw something I can see instead of letting my mind wander.

I guess I am afraid of making a fool out of myself. Not that I plan on receiving big awards for this, but hey, come on, I am no longer in K -6 grades, so come on, let me have it, the artwork

Daily Prompt; The Artist’s Eye, DP, Daily Prompt

Is there a painting or sculpture you’re drawn to? What does it say to you? Describe the experience. (Or, if art doesn’t speak to you, tell us why.)

Photographers, artists, poets: show us ART.

I collect Victorian children paintings. Other than that I don’t go to Art galleries, mainly because there are none in my neck of the woods.

Art to me makes me feel good. It can cause laughter or bring me peace in my day. Also, I am not an artist, myself, but I do love to play around with my camera. A few of my favorite shots I have taken are placed here for your view.

Alive100_0462birdtreesphoto4peonies 2plane skieswalk on trees sky101_0592101_0680pike lake cloudshelicopterdeerIMG_0036IMG_0103

Art Scribbles

I can’t draw worth crap, but my Dad was a good artist. After spending a day with my girlfriend, she suggested I start sketching what ever it is I am feeling.

I bought the sketch pad but let it lay for a while. Then today for some odd reason I was just angry at the world. It came and passed pretty quickly. I think seeing Al the entire hours of a day have opened my eyes.

He is sick, really sick. He struggles for everything he wants and does. The video I posted last evening is just a small sample of his life. Getting up out of bed, is a real chore for him. The first thing he has to do is get those legs to work.

Something has changed since he has been home. I can’t put my finger on it, but something is different. In many ways he is calmer, but in other ways, the only thing I can think of is he has given up.

Not the kind where he cusses up a storm. It is like his body has given up or he is tired of working to survive. He barely touched his lunch, but he did drink his chocolate milk and his cookie, just like kids do.

I wanted him to stay in the living room with me after lunch but he insisted he go back to bed. I changed his brief and laid him down. I don’t know what led me to do it but I came out and got that new sketch pad and drew this.

I have no idea what it is, I just let my mind draw it.