Re-Springing/ Your Step

Re-springing Your Step

Tell us about the last experience you had that left you feeling fresh, energized, and rejuvenated. What was it that had such a positive effect on you?

Actually today was that time when I felt rejuvenated. You will never believe the reason why; not even if you made 500 guesses. Ok, let the drama sentence drop and go forward explaining.

Well as of January 1, 2015 I had a new health insurance that kicked in. I won’t say their name in case they stop by and kick my ass for telling on them. So anyways, when I first got a hold of this insurance company I liked what they were trying to sell, but before I placed the SOLD sign in my front yard, I asked questions. Twenty questions to be truthful. Remember that game? Examples of questions that I was asked as a punk kid were; who is the first boy you kissed. Oh wait, I think that was Spin the Bottle and my mom came in my bedroom and heard the question and put a stop to the spinner on that game.

So after asking and receiving answers, just like a prayer I guess, I took and signed my John Henry on the dotted line. I wait patiently for January 1 to roll around so I can get off of straight Medicare.

Yeah, popping balloons and having a ciggy, the day arrived. I went to the doctor the insurance stated would be my choice of preferred doctors. I sat for forty-five minutes waiting for my name to be called.

“Hello, Terry, please come with me.” Oh crap, I hurry and put my cell phone away, and the magazines I had glanced at. I guess I had made myself at home while waiting. I swear when I looked up at the lady who had called my name,  she was tapping her foot, anxiously awaiting for me to follow her. I cleared my throat thinking, ” Listen lady, who has been waiting on who.”

Sitting on the cold, non-cushioned, hard chair the nurse pumps my arm to see if I am alive. She sticks a gun of sorts in my ears and claims, normal temperature. She then says, ” why are you here?”

Oh Lordy I think to myself. I have nothing better to do. I just wanted to come in and sit a spell because I was bored. Instead I smiled big and said, ” I am here to get my labs ordered so I can get my new prescriptions.”

She turns to leave and says, ” the doctor will be in shortly.” Darn I wish I would have brought those magazines back with me. Tick tock the clock goes. No one enters, Hello, does anyone know I am here?

The door opens and a doctor walks in to see me. I can barely make out what he is saying but I try best reading his lips. Well we do our talking, and my labs are ordered for the next day.

I leave and come back as scheduled. I got pricked and didn’t even cry. I made a new appointment to go back a week later to find out the results. I wasn’t anxious. I am not a very good patient. I always hear the same thing. You could stand to lose a few pounds. you sugars are out of the normal range. ” But, but doc, I try, I really do. I can’t help it Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years fell into that three-month cycle.”

Then the disco ball dropped. The front office explains I am not in the preferred network and I must pay all of the lab bills. I smiled nicely while she and I stood there arguing. Hey, my mom always said you can be nasty as hell, but do it with a big smile.

Well I got my cell out and called the insurance company. Yes I did, I knew I was right. After three times of bitching because no one would answer on the other end I finally got a hold of them almost three hours later.

Yep, that was what they confirmed too. The doc WAS in network, but the doc argued back so I got a new lists of doctors to call, which I plan on doing tomorrow.

I received a text from the pharmacy today stating my medications were ready to be picked up. What the F is this? $191. 00 for one medication? Why did I have insurance?

Once again I called the familiar number and  I ended up calling it three times in a row because we got cut-off or they would be telling me that I had to pay the bill and would then politely say goodbye.

The last time I called and they answered. I said, ” Your commercials playing in the background about retaining good health do not pertain to me today because I have had to dial you three times and have been cut-off and if you tell me one more time that you will transfer me I am going to explode. I have a whopping headache now and I won’t be responsible for what happens next. No more transfers.”

Oh brother did she bend down and kiss my you know what. She stayed on the line and called the Pharmacy and we had a three-way call, and I was able to get all my questions taken care of.

I told the insurance lady ,” thank-you very much for all of your help.” She said, ” Well Miss Terry, I couldn’t sleep tonight if I thought I was responsible for your headache not leaving.”

We both flew into hysterical laughter. We wished each other a good day and I hung up feeling like I was Super Woman, Super Man and the President. I stuck my hands in my pockets and threw my head back and walked away from the phone with a new look on life.