Daily Prompt; Life After Blogs

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Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us WITHOUT.

I wasn’t one of the first ones to get the new gadget called the computer. I went quite a while before testing it out. First I started with the Web TV. I am not sure if that is still around. Then I bought a second-hand computer, which I learned on but it was very slow, due to it coming with its own set of viruses.

For me, I thought  life was more exciting without the computer. I went outside more. I enjoyed nature, and walks and went to friends houses. I went window shopping and second-hand store shopping.

Through a nasty marriage and finally a divorce I bought my very own first computer. I had it built for my preferences. But what I didn’t know was my future and how important of a play my computer would play in it.

At the time when I got my computer I didn’t spend a lot of time becoming best friends with it as I was taking care of my Dad full-time and had a 40 plus hour a week caring for other patients.

When I wasn’t working I was cleaning house or grocery shopping. One day a week you could find me at the local laundry area chatting a way to strangers waiting for the machines to do their thing.

On free moments I tinkered with my computer. After Dad died, I dug more into the computer to comfort my broken heart. I visited chat rooms which I found to be perverted and a big waste of time. I started doing research on my hobby, slavery. I learned about internet games. I had fun.

I still didn’t spend a lot of time on it. I managed to walk several days a week on one of the hand-made walking trails. I loved raking leaves and sitting by the lake. I adored watching kids play on the playground at the beach.IMG_0253IMG_0273

I loved watching kids swim and laughing. It reminded me of my own youthful days.IMG_0270IMG_0231diving boydiving

But the time came when Al got sick. I was bored with playing games online. The chat rooms I had removed and I was down to a little of this and a little of that.

When I prayed for months to feel useful God turned my computer in to a  healing machine for me. Without having to face people face to face I was able to freely express my feelings.face2face I have been on a healing path that has helped me sort out my life. Although my parents are no longer here I have been able to understand a little easier what kind of family I lived in. I understood why Mom was so tired. I understood why Al is the way he is today.

God has helped me and I have been led by God to help others. He had a perfect plan and used my life to help another soul that I have never met.

If I didn’t have my computer I may not be able to reach out so easily to those needing a shoulder to lean on. Maybe I would go back outside and walk the streets professing my love for him.

Maybe I would go to the park and swing allowing my child to rise once again. Walking could be placed back in the picture. I don’t know, but I do know that I am doing what God wants me to do. I have grown through blogging. I have been able to take the stale band-aides off and let Jesus heal the wounds.

When the time comes and my life is no longer being a caregiver, I will look to God once more for the direction of where he wants me to travel. Who knows, maybe he will lead me to your city.