My Walk In Hope

wave_touristIt isn’t easy

Walking alone

Among the wolves

Hoping the walls

Don’t collapse

Around you

It’s easier to

Carry the burdens

When there are

Two in agreement

But I am put

Here for a purpose

I strain to

Find my gift

My offering

To the world

So I will continue

To do what

I am called to do

Walk with one

Foot in front

Of the other

Until I am

Given the word

That now I can rest.

Chocolate and Lollipops

Whirly Pop lollipops.

Chocolates and peppermints

Lollipops too

Are the things that I remember

When I think about you.

Taking my fingers in your big hand

We walk the block and a half

I knew in my heart it was hard for you

But you gave me memories and lots of laughs.

The bell rang clear over the door above

The owner knew our faces

You let me go and choose my desires

Feeling so grown-up in familiar places.

Wooden boards creaking neath my feet

As I walked from glass to glass

You standing on the side watching me

Being patient as the minutes passed.

Finally I had made my decisions

And you handed me my money

I picked a gumball and some licorice too

A  lollipop and pieces of honey.

I handed the owner all I had

And he made the register ring

He put my goodies in a paper bag

I turned and waved as we began to leave.

I will never forget those days of long ago

You were my hero the one I loved

Now when I pass a candy store

I stop and think of you up above.

Terry Shepherd


Picture It & Write; Blind Sight Edition

http://ermiliablog.wordpress.compictureitandwrite2copy-1seventies photo

The picture in my mind

Resembles this photo

I came across

Racing up the steps

Once again from school

Running back down the steps

To be with my friends

Slumber parties, skate-a-thons, driving my new second-hand car

My boyfriend walks up to meet my parents for the first time

My family walking down together to go to church

Walking slowly down as we attend funerals of loved ones.

Watching Daddy walking up the stairs coming home from work

Where have all the days gone

Have I really gotten older?

Am I all grown up

Now I sit here with this picture in my mind

Smiling as I travel down memory lane

If only I could reach out and touch

Mommy and Daddy’s hands once again.


Terry Shepherd


The Dream Job

gorgeous flower 2

Last night I walked a way from my routine of watching King of Kings. I wanted to see what other people were watching. I surfed through the channels and came across a show called Dirty Money.

Now I have always known that money was dirty. I learned that real quick when I was working in the public eye where money was quickly exchanged. My fingers some days look like I had been working in a small flower garden.

I tuned in on it and I was really shocked at what I had been missing out there. There were work opportunities that  had been  passing  me by. The money that could be made was more than in my wildest dreams. Thousands, yes thousands. All I had to do was be myself.

I had to buy some fancy clothes. I may have to take a one-time class updatin  my lady etiquette  manners. Maybe buy some jewelry and oh, the most important thing, go to Weight Watchers to get slim and sexy looking.

For only four hours worth of smiling and maybe a few favors being done, I could earn five thousand dollars. That was the least I could earn. Do you realize I could stay at home keep my passion with my writing and friends? I could work part-time and still have plenty of time for all of you.

As I watched the show I compared myself to some of the business owners and knew that I had a lot of work to do before I could open my own business. I would have to stop my fun and healthy exercises and get my own personal trainer.

I may have to seek out a plastic surgeon and have some bumps and curves added here and there. Oh and by the way, while you are adding Mr. Doctor, can you take out this extra five-pounds around my waist? It really has been bothering me ever since I had kids.

Now I needed to go visit one of those second-hand stores. I was going to have to practice walking the run way with my new four-inch heels. I guess I would look pretty silly falling in front of all of those prestigious clients. So the goal for one day was walk, walk, and hold the chest up and out.

I noticed that a very important piece of evidence included in my resume needed to be my education. Did this mean that my local high school education was not good enough. Well what about my local community college classes, did they count? Was I going to have to send a way to one of those phony internet companies and have some printed framed degrees made up?

I really don’t believe that this work opportunity was a gift from God. Knowing this before  hand, would I be spending all of this quality time with myself only to fail down the road? I know that when I walk the wrong path, I always have to pay the price but, I would have plenty of money to tide me over while getting my dignity and confidence back, right?

Well after watching the one hour entertaining and educational show, I flipped the channel over to the Golden Girls. Although it sounded mysterious, glamorous and exciting, I don’t think being a high-class prostitute is for me after all. Thank you little television for letting me see a tiny dark side of what I have been missing in the world. I guess I will go back to praying and listening for an answer.

Daily Prompt; Quote Me/ The Daily Post

Do you have a favorite quote that you return to again and again? What is it, and why does it move you?

I used to have a favorite saying

I would think on this as I was laying

On my bed so late at night

Waiting for sleep and morning light

I read it somewhere long ago

It was in a book tis all I know

Don’t put off  til tomorrow  what you can do today

These are the words I would always say

Keep the mind sharp and body on the move

Don’t get slow, don’t lose your groove

I have let it slide a bit for now

As I concentrate on learning how

To realize that I have done real good

On taking care of Al and his moods

Slowly I am learning another way

To occupy my time and day

Learning who I am all about

Wanting to sing and give a shout

Hi neighbor, hi friend and hello class

Wearing a smile, as I shrink my __ss

I have made the start I am here to say

Digging up the old me I am on my way

Today is the day  I am going to say

Don’t put off til tomorrow what you can do today.

Terry Shepherd





Daily Prompt;Study Abroad/ The Daily Post

Townhall of Stuttgart/Germany

Townhall of Stuttgart/Germany (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you were asked to spend a year living in a different location, where would you choose and why?

You know that saying, curiosity can kill you? This is one time I would choose to take that route. Every once in a while I have this dream. It is precisely the same each occurring dream. There is a red brick path that you walk on. The bricks are formed in to a large circle and seem to run for miles. They are surrounded by many walkers, and beautiful colored businesses.

When I look off in the distance, I see blue skies with white feathers of clouds. In the center of these Wizard of Oz bricks, there sits a round bench. In the center of this stands a very tall tree. I don’t know what kind of tree it is, but it is always a welcome sight, when the days are long and hot.

There are friendly faces of older people. A few bicycles are riding by with young people waving as if we know each other. There is various conversations going on all around me as people crowd close on the bench. We have brought tiny broken pieces of bread, and we all toss the bread to the pigeons as we talk.

This whole scenario is in Stuttgart Germany. I don’t know if I was there and it is real. Or maybe it is a place I have seen in a book or felt in a dream. I lived in Stuttgart many years ago as a young bride, while my husband served in the military. Unfortunately, I just can’t remember this scene when I think back.

If I had to live abroad for a year, I would definitely go to this part of the world. I would want to go to the center of the city and find my cement bench surrounded by peaceful shade, friendly birds and chatty friends. I remember a few words from Germany, just enough to get me by in case I get lost. Yes, Stuttgart would be the ideal place. I would already feel at home.

Ladders, Cracks, And Black Cats

A Black cat Italiano: Un gatto nero Deutsch: E...

A Black cat Italiano: Un gatto nero Deutsch: Eine schwarze Katze (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She hid behind the dumpster in the alley, waiting for it to go by. Her heart was beating so hard, she knew it was about to burst out of her body. It went by, she waited a moment, and then slowly, barely touching her feet to the ground, she emerged out into view. She took small, even steps, counting each one, making sure that each was of the same distance. She had a distance to walk home. She had just gotten off of her part-time job, and today, unfortunately, it was a night shift. She wanted to use the front door, but the manager always insisted they exit the rear door. As she came out of the alley, and was stepping on to the sidewalk, she forgot that construction was going on in her block where she worked. There were many objects in her way, making it difficult to walk straight ahead. She had to walk under the awning. She noticed the tall, stiff, board leaning against the wall, and became frozen in her steps. She knew she would be safest from running in to the construction company’s tools, going through the board with all those holes in it, since it was dark, but she didn’t know if she could force herself to walk that route. It was making a sort of bridge over her head. She pondered, and chewed on her nails. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw it! There was that thing that had scared her so badly. It was crossing the street. She didn’t take time to think. She ran through the tunnel, and  continued running  until she came to the next block. She stopped to catch her breath, inhaling large amounts of air. Slowly she could feel her heart slow down. She started walking again, making sure she counted her steps, making sure she didn’t go to fast or too slow. She didn’t want to step in any holes, or step on any cracks. She had to walk for about fifteen minutes before she arrived at her home. A mist formed, and fog was beginning to surround her. The eerie trees above her looked like long, ugly fingers reaching out to grab her. She caught her breath, but kept walking, trying to keep track of her steps. She heard a trash can being knocked over, and saw a raccoon run across the street from fear of the sounds he had created. Above her she heard an owl signaling to her that he was watching her. Finally, she made it to the front door of her home. She took out her house keys from her pocket, and let herself in. She took two steps at a time up the stairs, relieved when she had shut her bedroom door behind her. Why did her boss make her work the night shift on Friday the 13th? Never again!