Daily Prompt; Cringe-Worthy

Child among the rocks

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Do you feel uncomfortable when you see someone else being embarrassed? What’s most likely to make you squirm?

When I am in the public today

And I hear something out-of-place

I turn around to see

What the commotion could possibly be

I see a small child of three

Being beat by the mother I see

Red boiling in my eyes

I can only begin to cry

And I will walk over to where they stand

And ask if I can lend a hand

If the mama gets mad at me

I just turn on my cell to see

The numbers 9-1-1

I am reporting an injustice being done

To a wee little and tiny one

Please rescue this child from this

I don’t care if the mother does hiss

No child deserves to be hit or beat

So if you see me on the street

And our paths do eventually meet

You better run for your life I swear

Because God is watching everywhere

He and I see what you have done

You could lose your daughter or son

Don’t ever take me a fool

I will remain so very cool

Be afraid of me I warn

For they deserve to be safe in their environment born.

Terry Shepherd