Continuing Story Part 44

It was  hard to go to sleep that night, with the excitement of graduation day having been and now it was the day before the wedding and the rehearsal dinner and practice walking down the aisle was going to be happening. Dahlia closed her eyes, but they kept popping open and she found herself going over and over these next two days, but sleep did come finally, and when she opened her eyes next it was morning.

She jumped out of bed, knowing she had a million things to do today. Meet the florist at the church, so the flowers could be placed on the pews. She needed to go get her dress picked up that the store had been holding for her, and Drake needed to pick up his own suit. The cake was going to be delivered at the house here by the neighbor tomorrow morning.

She had clothes to pack to take over to their new home, and she wanted to get some of that over with today,and there were some knick knacks that she wanted to take with her. Some of the people from their church had donated some furniture and she and Drake were going to meet them over at the new place right after lunch.

The house had the basics that anyone could need but it lacked in furniture what it provided in needs, so it was going to be a big day. She went over to the bathroom and took a bath, and putting clean clothes on she met everyone down in the kitchen for breakfast.

The kitchen was pretty lively as the excitement grew for the day and appetites were big. Eggs were being scrambled along with bacon and ham. Dahlia found herself to feel hungry, so she fixed herself a plate and pulled up a chair alongside the others.

There was a lot of chatter with giggles and questions being targeted towards Dahlia. Was she nervous, how did she sleep last night, was she ready to become a bride. What was she going to be doing today?

In between bites Dahlia filled them in on her plans and they all offered to help in what ever ways they could, and Drake walking in and over hearing the conversation, said that he was going to count on the help. He explained how he had just gotten off of the phone with a couple who needed to meet them at the new house and deliver their donation of furniture as they needed to leave for the rest of the day, so Drake was going to be going over there in about an hour.

Drake got himself a plate of food and when he sat down beside Dahlia, the conversation became even more lively. More laughter and giggles could be heard throughout the house. The ladies and Dahlia decided that while Drake was gone, they would go ahead and pick up her wedding dress and Drake’s suit, then after lunch they would go to the church and meet the florists.

Ralph and Rachel stepped into the kitchen and Drake filled them in on the plans for the day, and Rachel asked Dahlia if she would like her to accompany her on the way to the dress shop, and Dahlia said that would be nice. They could all go as a group. They all chatted some more, drinking their coffee, while Ralph and Rachel ate their breakfast,and then clean up began. The ladies cleared the table and did the dishes, Drake asked his dad if  he would go over with him to meet the delivery people and soon everyone was bustling and getting around to leave. They all decided to eat lunch out, so what ever everyone was going to do with their time after the errands were done, they were all going to meet at the cafe in town at noon.

Soon the house was quiet, and the ladies were standing in the dress shop admiring all of the beautiful dresses for sale. Some of them were dreaming and imagining what dresses they would wear when it was their special day. The sales lady came up and recognizing Dahlia asked her if she was here to pick up her wedding dress, and they all chimed together a big yes, that tomorrow was the day.

The lady went back to the storage area and came back carrying the dress. Everyone expressed how much they loved the dress and how beautiful it was, and they could not wait to see Dahlia in it. The sales lady lowered a plastic covering over the dress to keep it clean and dry and then the ladies left the store and took the dress back to the car where Rachel was sitting, then they walked down another block and went inside the store and picked up Drakes suit, and then went back to the car once more. No one was ready to go home yet, and so Rachel got out of the car and locking the doors, they took off down the street to window shop.

While they were walking, Rachel asked Dahlia where the shoes were, that she had not seen them when she carried the dress out. Dahlia stopped dead in her tracks. The shoes, shoes for her dress she had never gotten. Here it was the day before her wedding and she had no shoes. Then she started to cry and Rachel patted her on the back and asked her what was the matter,oh no, no shoes?, and not to worry, she could stop at the shoe store down the block and purchase a pair, but Dahlia said she did not have any money with her for a pair of shoes. She had only brought enough with her for lunch.

Well this was no problem silly girl, they would just all pitch in together and find an affordable pair and then when they got home, Dahlia could reimburse the ladies. Dahlia smiled at them and said she didn’t know what she would have done without them, as she did not want to let Drake know that she had forgotten the silly shoes,and with this the few tears dried up and they walked toward the shoe store.

Entering the glass door, the sales lady came to them and asked if they needed help, and Dahlia said she needed a white pair of dress shoes. She led the ladies over to the dress shoes and they went through each pair, Dahlia trying them on, all giving their opinions, Dahlia  walking in them for comfort and feel, and finally they decided on one pair that was very simply white, with a little pump to them. These shoes would look perfect with her dress, and the best thing about these shoes was, that they were on sale.

The ladies pulled their money out of their purses and handed it to Rachel, and she took the shoes and went up to the register so that she could pay for them. While the sales lady was ringing them up, Dahlia turned around and looked back at the group of friends and smiled and then handed the lady the money. With a tiny bit of cash back, and the shoes in a draw string bag, they thanked the lady and went out the door. Dahlia looked at them and said that they had saved her life!

They took the shoes back to the car where the dress and suit were  waiting and looking at their watches saw that they still had an hour to go before the guys would be coming, so they continued their walk by going to store windows and pointing out things they thought were cute or nice and somethings they saw, they laughed at because what they were looking at was way too modern for where they lived.

They walked down one side of the store fronts street and then came back up the opposite side of the street. They had gazed into each and every window, and this was nice and relaxing, for this was the most free moments left for the day.

As they were making their way back to the car to wait, they saw Drake and Ralph walking towards them and they all went together towards the cafe and walked in and sat down. They ordered lunch and then all asked questions about the furniture and Drake asked if Dahlia had picked up her dress. One of the ladies giggled softly as they said they did pick up the dress and a little more. Drake asked with a grin what, what was he missing out on, and the ladies all giggled and said nothing, don’t worry about it, the dress was picked up and beautiful. They had it waiting in the car.

They ate their lunch and listened to the music playing in the background. Elvis Presley was playing on the jukebox. Everyone in these parts loved Elvis music. When they were done eating and the jukebox became quiet they got up and went to the register to pay, but the owner came to them, and said that this bill was on the house, a little wedding gift to Drake and Dahlia. Drake shook his hand and said a big thank-you and Dahlia went behind the counter and planted a kiss on


the owner’s cheek and said thank-you for a wonderful gift, and with this they all left the store.

They all drove over to the church and waited for only a few moments and the delivery car came up and stopped in front of the church. Drake went to the front doors of the church to make sure it was unlocked and they were, so he entered in announcing to the staff person working there,that he and his family and the flower delivery person were here to deliver the flowers. She got up from her desk and went to help by holding the door open on one side and Rachel held the other door and the delivery man brought all the beautiful flowers in.

After the delivery man left, everyone including the staff lady, helped place the flower bunches at each pew and with plenty of tape, they taped each bunch to the top and when all done they stood back and looked at their work. Beautiful was all that could be said.

They told the staff thank-you for your help and that they would be back later that evening, and with that they all walked out the front doors and back to their cars. Before getting in to leave, they all did a verbal check, making sure that nothing had been left undone. This was it, no more time to shop. Nothing could be thought of that may have been forgotten, so they piled in the two cars and took off for home.

Continuing Story Part 42

Each of them took turns going in to see Drew, and telling them to hurry and get well so he

Dahlia "Dahlstar Sunset Pink"

could come back home. No one knew if Drew was actually hearing what they said, as there was no movement from the bed, but the monitor showed that he was still alive.

After everyone had finished visiting, they all gathered together and went back home, making sure to tell the nurse to call them if any changes occurred. It was a quiet ride back to the  house and even as they walked into the front door of their home, the house felt empty.

There was no big dinner plans made in advance, so each of them fixed their own meal this evening, and after finishing their meal, and cleaning up, they all went their separate ways.  Drake and Dahlia followed Rachel and Ralph out to the front porch. It was very peaceful here, and peace is what everyone in this house needed.

Drake and Dahlia sat on the porch rockers and Ralph and Rachel sat on the porch swing. It seemed like each was lost in his own thoughts, as the conversation was dead. Looking out over the property, Rachel finally spoke saying, Drake, I know this has been an unexpected event in all of our own lives with Drew in the hospital, and I also realize that you and Dahlia are to get married this Saturday. I think the wedding should continue as planned.

Dahlia spoke up and interrupted saying that no, they could not do this. This was not a happy time, they would post pone the wedding until Drew got better. Rachel said, no, we must go on. We do not know the outcome of this and sadly, we don’t know when Drew will come home. You two have made all of these arrangements, invitations were out, food was and has been started for preparations and the flowers have been ordered. She continued on with, Drew would not want you to stop just on his account, and maybe he can possible be there at the wedding.

Ralph spoke up agreeing with his wife. Dahlia had a job that she was going to be starting after the wedding. Graduation was Thursday night, and it would be much easier to just continue with all plans.

Drake and Dahlia looked at each other and Drake opened his mouth to say something, but his dad stopped him, saying it is alright Drake, it is alright. Dahlia reached out for Drake’s hand and placed it in hers, and the two of them with sad faces said alright, we will continue on, and with that, they got up, with his parents following their lead and all went to their rooms.

School was the next day and it was a buzz everywhere with exams being taken and finished up. Some were loading up their lockers preparing to take their personal items home. Drake stayed busy, grading papers and when Dahlia was not busy, she would stop by his classroom and help him.

So far Dahlia had passed all of her exams and she was on her way to graduation day. She stopped into the office the next day at school and picked up her rented cap and gown, and took it home to show the others how she looked. They all clapped and cheered as they said she looked so beautiful in her gown.

All of them went to see Drew, and by now his eyes were opened but he was too weak to get out of bed. He was still hooked up to several tubes, making life easier for him, but he would be here for several more days, but things looked like he may be improving.

The atmosphere relaxed at home as the news drifted from one to the other that Drew was going to be alright soon. Wednesday after school, the day had been completed. Exams, lockers being emptied  and all small details were finished. Drake and Dahlia stopped by the dry cleaners and picked up the suit for her dad and stopped and got the socks and they ran them over to his house and to see how he was doing.

He was smiling when he opened the door. Spring had surely changed the attitude and he seemed pretty content. He had even made a pot of coffee and the three of them sat down and shared some coffee and conversation. They could not stay long they told him as they had to hurry home to help make more foods for the wedding Saturday. Her father smiled at the two of them and told them to go on, get their work done, that he would see Ralph Saturday, when he picked him up.

With this they got up and she kissed her father good-bye on the forehead and the two of them left to go home and get busy. When they arrived home the kitchen was full of activities. Everyone had their part and knew their job. Rachel had made two big home-made pizzas earlier and all that had to be done for supper was to pop them in the oven.

Sandwiches were made and placed in the cooler on the back porch. Salads were also made. Two of the ladies had made some pretty mints, and others were cutting up a vegetable tray. Everything was coming along nicely.  Ralph walked into the room and rubbing his stomach, he said where is the food, I am hungry! They all laughed for the first time in a couple of days, and with that Rachel popped the pizzas in the oven, and the table was set and drinks poured.

As they all seated for supper, they reached for each others hands and said thanks to God for the meal and a speedy healing for Drew. Supper was filled with anticipation of the next few days ahead, and the laughter was so nice to be heard again.

Just as they were finishing supper, the phone rang, and it was the minister making sure the wedding was still on for Saturday, and with the answer of yes, the phone call ended. Everyone chipped in and helped clean up and soon the floors, counters and table were sparkling once again.

The next day was graduation and there was no school. Dahlia and the other ladies slept in a little late and  then had a late breakfast. They decided to celebrate this day with pancakes and sausages for breakfast with milk and fresh orange juice. It was going to be a grand day!

All that could be done for the wedding had been done. Tomorrow the flowers would be delivered the church, and the rehearsal dinner and practice of going down the aisle were going to be done, and then the next day was the big day!

Continuing Story Part 39

The days flew by, as school finals were being studied for and Dahlia was finishing up with her tutoring with her student in dance class. Plans were final for the wedding, and  a

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dress rehearsal  date was made and everyone in the wedding party were going to be coming to the boarding home for a party after the rehearsal was finished.

Skies were turning more blue as clouds were disappearing due to spring being closer and closer. Love was in the air, and laughter could be heard all through the house. Well wishers were shaking hands when Dahlia and Drake were down town and wedding cards were being found in the mailbox.

Two weeks before the wedding. Dahlia went once again to the store holding her precious cargo, and tried on  her dress once more. She was seeing herself as she truly looked, beautiful with long flowing hair lying against the shoulders of her dress. The sales ladies couldn’t say enough about how beautiful she looked and what a beautiful bride she was going to make.

She had received a beautiful garter from her friend Sue, as something new for her wedding, and Rachel gave her a delicate silver necklace with a blue rhinestone that cradled itself in the dip in her neck. This was her borrowed gift. Ralph had went to the jewelry store and picked out a blue bracelet that matched the borrowed necklace, and as he gave it to Dahlia, he said it was from him and Rachel as her something blue gift. She had the earrings that Drake had bought her and they sat in a box on top of her dresser. Her dance teacher offered her services to do Dahlia’s hair. She told her that she would love to put it up in delicate swirls of curls, with tiny white flowers braided around the edges.

Dahlia was getting so excited she had butterflies in her stomach almost daily. She was lying on her bed and dreaming about the day she would walk down the aisle at the church, seeing Drake at the end of the walk, waiting for her and he would be smiling at her, and she at him, and both of their hearts could be seen beating from love.

Tomorrow she was having Drake take her over to her dad’s house to check on  him and make sure he was still doing well, and to see if his suit needed a cleaning or not. She had told him that they would bring over a picnic basket and they would all eat lunch together.  She thought of all that she and her parents had been through, and she felt so fortunate to have her very own father walking her down the aisle.

Supper that evening was light, and since it was so nice outside, they took their filled plates and went out on their favorite porch and ate. Afterwards, they spent time singing together, and laughing and playing together. It was a nice way to end the day, as once again tomorrow was back to business with school exams.

Drake had asked Dahlia if she could meet him at the end of the school day, as he could really use her help in speeding up the grading of these exams. He made sure to tell her that he, himself would grade her own paper. She had agreed and after everyone quit singing, they all went in and went their own way.

In his room, Drew was feeling a bit light-headed and decided that he didn’t want to do anything but go to bed. He had a big day and he knew that he had over done it some, so sleep was in order. His lights could be seen turned out early.

Rachel and Ralph retired to their room and talked of the upcoming foods that needed to start being prepared in advance. They talked about how blessed they each were with their continued love for each other, their wonderful children and all of the boarders that lived under their roof. Life was surely good.

Drake was knocking lightly at Dahlia’s door, but she ignored it as she knew that too much dreaming of him through out the day would surely make it harder to have him leave her room tonight. She wanted their first night of marriage to be perfect. She wanted them to be able to share all they had to offer to each other for the very first time together. Soon the knocking quieted, and her room was hers to do as she wished tonight, which was to go to  sleep dreaming about Drake.

Drake went to his room and walked over to his window, and looked out over the night skies, and as he gazed up at the stars, he  thought about how well his students had progressed this year, and how much he loved Dahlia, and nothing could be more important than starting a new life with her. Soon the house was dark and all were in their own dream lands.

The next morning, school as usual, students finishing up their goals for the year. Going to the office to make sure all  plans were finalized for college next year. Last minute high lights of items that were going to be on the tests were being given freely by the teachers. The teachers wanted students to do as well as the students wished for it.

The dance teacher said that Dahlia had done an excellent job tutoring the student, and that this part of her job was over. She felt that the student had made great progress from the help of Dahlia. She then asked her if she would be interested in meeting another student for a full-time job after her wedding.

Dahlia could not believe what she was  hearing. Another student, a full-time job? Her stomach did flips. Without hesitation, she quickly said yes, where is the student, is he or she in the class now? The teacher said that the job was already hers if she wanted it, that she had already spoken to the parents of the child and had told them wonderful things about her, and they were anxious for you to start teaching this child.

The child showed talent and the parents had so much love for this child that had been wanted for so very long. These parents wanted to give their child everything that they could and since they saw the interest in dance, they wanted her to have the best teacher they could afford. The parents were willing to give a nice salary, if in return they could expect an excellent instructor.

Dahlia was  ecstatic. She almost jumped up and down with squeals of delight, but she kept her composure, and instead leaned in and gave the teacher the biggest hug she had ever had and planted a kiss on each side of her cheeks. The teacher smiling, and her eyes glowing, knew that she had made the perfect choice to fulfill this job opening.

After school was over, she went to Drake’s classroom to tell him the good news, but in the excitement had forgotten that he was the one teacher that had given a pre-test to his students, giving them a chance to repair any errors and to do extra studying before the final exam started in two days.

She kept her secret to herself and instead told him she was there to help him grade the papers. He walked over and shut the door and walked back over to her and grabbed her quickly spinning her around, and as she threw her head back in laughter, he planted a kiss in the nape of her neck. This brought her head straight up immediately, and she reached up and touched his lips with hers,and for a short moment, there was silence in the world as the only breathing being done was by these two.

They let go of each other, and sat two chairs together, and buried their heads in grading papers, with every once in a while stealing looks at the other and smiling. When the papers were finished, they grabbed their things and left the school door on their way over to her father’s house.