Chapter 17

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Henry and Jane went out into the kitchen where his mom was writing a grocery list.

“What don’t you like to eat Jane?” Carol asked as she looked up from her list.

“Oh don’t worry about me. I eat about anything except liver and spinach. Those two things just give me the shivers thinking about them.”

“You don’t have to worry there. We don’t eat that shit either.” Everyone laughed and this relieved the tension a little. The two ladies put their heads together and picked out food choices everyone liked. Henry stood in the background listening and chomping on an apple.

“Are you eating again?” his mom asked him.

“I’m a growing boy Mom, give me some slack.”

“You are no longer a growing boy. You are a man with a wife and a baby on the way. Get used to it.” Henry and Jane exchanged looks and then asked if Carol if she needed anything else.

The conversation ended and Carol got ready to go to the store. Henry and Jane went out back and sat on the porch. They talked about when he had to go back to work.”You have to go back tomorrow already?”

“Yeah baby, we gotta have some money. Going to cost to feed us and the new kid coming.”

The two fiddled with each others fingers and started poking each other making laughter ring in the air. Carol came out and said, “See you kids later.” After she left Jane slid her hand down her new husband’s leg. He did the same to her. Soon hands were being placed and the two got up and walked in the house. Once inside their bedroom he slid her blouse off and then her skirt. He laid her back on the bed and for the next half an hour time slipped a way from them.

Getting dressed Henry asked her,”What ya want to do today? Anything special?”

“I don’t care. Whatever you want to do is fine with me.”

He grabbed her hand and led her out to his car. Giving her a smack on her butt she got in and the two took off. They parked at the garage where his buddies worked and they both went inside.

“Hey guys, look who I brought with me. Guys meet Jane. She is now my wife” Whistles were heard through the garage as his friends gave their approval. Once again they gathered around the famous table and talked.

“So you’re the gal we always hear about.”

“He never told us you were so darn pretty. Guess he was afraid to? Everyone laughed. One of the workers there couldn’t seem to take his eyes off of Jane. Jane could feel his stare burning into her flesh. She pulled her shirt collar a little closer to her neck and when she glanced at him he smiled at her.

“Is there a bathroom I could use?” Jane asked.

Kurt, the guy who couldn’t take his eyes off of her jumped up from his seat and said, “Ya back in the corner. I will be glad to show you where it is.” Jane glanced down at Henry but he missed her look and she ended up being led by Kurt.

When he stopped they were standing in front of a tall narrow door. Kurt said,”Henry never told us how gorgeous you are. You sure are a looker. Don’t worry I won’t try anything. There’s a lock on the other side of the door.” She looked at him and then went through the door and immediately locked it.

When she opened the door there he stood. “I thought I better walk you back up front. In case you forgot how you got back here.”

“I would have been fine. I think I know my way, but thanks for waiting.” The two walked back up to the group of guys. Before sitting down Jane tugged at Henry’s shirt. “My stomach feels a little funny. Do you think we could leave?”

“Sure baby. Well guys I will catch ya all later.” The two left the garage and when they were in the car Jane turned in her seat and asked Henry,”That guy Kurt, is he a good friend of yours?”

“Why do you ask? I don’t know him that well. He works here and he always hangs with us during break times. I don’t think he has worked here very long. Probably about as long as I have been at the bowling alley.”

Jane didn’t say anything. “Did something happen Jane? Did he make a move on you? By God he better not have. You are my wife and I would hate to have to show him who’s boss.”

Jane didn’t want anyone fighting, especially over her. “No, no nothing happened. I thought he just looked familiar to me. I must have run into him somewhere, maybe the grocery store or at the burger joint.”

If her voice sounded unsettled or strange, Henry didn’t pick up on it. “Hey, about going down to the lake for a while. The lake should be pretty quiet now. The weather is beginning to change. Maybe it will just be us. Wanna have some fun?”

Jane looked at him with that special smile and Henry pinched her cheeks. “Come on, let’s go have some fun.”

Chapter 13

Hair rollers

While Jane was home rolling her hair for the wedding the next day Henry was hard at work. The pins were acting up and weren’t falling into their slots like they were supposed to. He was constantly running from one end to the other replacing them.

He only stepped out twice to take a quick smoke and then back to work. The bowling alley was noisy tonight. He could hear lots of laughter coming from out front. It sounded like a bunch of drunks were bowling. He thought that explains the messed up pins and the gutter balls in the return lane.

Jane painted her fingernails and toenails. She had her prettiest dress lying on the bed. She stared at it imagining how she was going to look while her nails dried. She and Henry were getting married in Henry’s parents home. Carol insisted on this. She had commented about getting married in front of strangers.

Carol was home and had spent half the day cleaning and the other half putting ham on pretty party plates and cutting up cheese. She had bought some fancy crackers and had bought some orange sherbet and some 7-up for something to drink. She laid the buns on the table so they would be easy to open. She sat out the plates and plastic cups and napkins. She had splurged and picked up some nuts and mints. Everything was ready.

She was exhausted. She didn’t remember when she had worked this hard in a long time. When she was finished she gazed at her kitchen and living room and thought this is it. This is as good as it gets.

After she turned out the kitchen lights she went in and soaked her tired body. George had not lifted a finger to help her and yet there he laid on the couch fast asleep with the newspaper half covering his face.

The night finally ended for Henry and he clocked out. Well wishers said words to him as he left the building. As he got to his car he noticed Jane was not standing near by. Where was she? I told her to meet me here after work.

He got in his car and drove over to her house. After a couple of knocks Debbie answered the door and said, “Well tomorrow is the big day almost son-in-law. Are you ready for it? It’s not too late to back out if you want to”.

“I don’t want to back out. I love her. Where is she by the way”?

“She’s been locked in her room most of the day. She has been primping all day and getting her last-minute things together. You can go on back and see her. You are almost married now”. She laughed as she closed the door behind him and went to sit in the living room and watch some television.

“Hey babe, you in there”? Henry asked. Jane answered the door trying to cover up her rollers. “Is this the worst I am going to see you doll? If so, I think I can handle it”. Jane slapped him on the arm and said, “You aren’t supposed to be seeing me this soon to the wedding. What are you doing here”?

“Hey you were supposed to meet me after work. When you didn’t show I figured I would come over and see what’s going on”.

“I had so much to do Henry. It just took a lot more time than I figured. I am sorry I wasn’t there. Can you ever forgive me”? She planted a big kiss on his soft lips and then chuckled. “Soon enough we won’t have to say good-bye at the door anymore. We can be in each others arms all we want”.

Henry had already thought plenty about this and he took her and tossed her back on her bed. She let out a gasp and said, “Hey what about my hair? You knocked one of my curlers out”.

Henry ignored her as he lay on top of her and played with her rollers. He tickled her and she wiggled so much two more rollers came out. He leaned over and picked them up from the floor and handed them back to her.

He kissed her lips and then reached his hand under her skirt. “Hey, I already had my bath Henry. I don’t want to take another one. Let’s save it for tomorrow night. By the way, what if my mom tried to come in”?

“Yeah, you are right doll. I guess I can hold off for now. But I am telling you tomorrow night is another story. You are not going to be able to have any excuses then. I have a surprise for you too Jane. A very special surprise”.

“Really? What is it? Tell me”. Henry rolled off of her and said, “Nope I am not going to tell you. I said it is a surprise. I know you are going to just love it though”. Henry walked towards the door to leave and she followed him.

“I love you Henry. I can’t wait to be your wife”.

“I love you too doll. We are going to have a great life together”, Henry told her. With this he gave her a quick kiss and then disappeared. Jane stood staring at the door still being able to feel his lips on hers. She thought, we are the luckiest people in the world. She patted her belly and whispered, we are going to give you a good life little baby. We both love you very much and tomorrow we are going to make this all legal.

She put the rollers back in her hair and played with her make-up deciding exactly which colors she was going to use. She had light pink nails so she decided on the pink lipstick. Her mom had let her borrow the gold necklace that she herself had worn on her own wedding day.

She went over mentally at all she had done and double-checked to make sure she was missing nothing. She went out to the kitchen and got herself a soda out of the fridge. Her mom saw her and laughed at her hair. Debbie commented, ” You did a good job. You didn’t ask for any help. You are going to be fine”. With this Jane nodded and then went back to her room

Continuing Story Part 45

It was Friday, the day before the wedding. Tonight was the practice march for the wedding

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and also the rehearsal dinner, and tomorrow was the big day, Drake and Dahlia were getting married.

The day was spent in leisure,  except for the time taken, where Drake and Dahlia went over to pick up her father,and once back, in Dahlia’s room there was much excitement happening, as Dahlia tried on her wedding dress, and the ladies were just remarking over and over how beautiful she and the dress were. After taking the dress off, they watched Sue slip her dress on and then they took turns playing with each others hair and trying on different styles to see which ones they liked the best. Dahlia decided to wear hers natural, long and framing her face with beautiful waves running through it.

Sue was going to have hers on top of her head with curls framing it and the others were experimenting with their hair also. They tried make-up on and took it off, and tried bolder looks for a wedding, but then nothing ended up looking better than just a touch of make-up, enhancing their already beautiful faces.

Lunch was made, eaten and then before they all realized it, it was time to get some of the spread laid out on the kitchen table ahead of time, so that all they had to get done when they got back to the house was pull of the fried chicken, potato salad, coleslaw, deviled eggs, and desserts from the refrigerator.

The minister, and the organist and a couple of friends and neighbors were all coming back here following the rehearsal. Soon it was time to tidy themselves up and they all took off for the church. This was going to only take about an hour at the most, and if all went well, they may be able to get through it in a half an hour. Ralph kidding told Drake and Dahlia to get it right the first time, he was already getting hungry.

They got to the church and went in the back door. The minister and organist welcomed them at the door and then the minister directed each of them to their chosen spots of where to stand in formation. There was some confusion on who was going to stand up for Drake, as he had planned on all along that Drew would be here by his side, and by now, he would be better, but it was not happening this way, so his father stood in his place, for now.

They listened to some short segments of the music that had been picked out, and each walked the white path down to the altar. Two tries had to be done before getting it right, and Dahlia and her father only had to walk the aisle once. The rehearsal went well, so it was cut shorter than planned and shaking hands with the minister, they bid him a farewell and said they would see him back at the house.

Once arriving back at home, there was no wasting time on getting the already prepared foods out and everyone dived into their plates. They were all so excited this caused every bite to taste better than the last bite. Everyone was laughing and talking and the evening was flying by so quickly.

They were cleaning up the kitchen when the phone rang. Ralph stepped away from the kitchen to answer it. He came back and there was no more laughter on his face. Everyone turned to look at him as he stood in the doorway, and silence fell in the room.

Rachel walked over to him and asked who it was on the phone, and Ralph said it was the hospital calling, saying Drew had made a turn for the worse. The hospital suggested that they may want to come over tonight.

They all hurried and finished what they had been doing, and then they took off for the hospital. Once arriving in Drew’s room, the sight was not a good one. Drew no longer was awake watching them come in, he was lying very quietly in his bed.

The nurse came in and said that he had slipped into unconsciousness and that she wasn’t sure if Drew could hear them or not, but to please talk to him as if they knew that he could hear.

They walked up to him and laying their hands on him, they all prayed together, saying a prayer for his healing. They spoke softly to Drew, each telling him to hurry up and get well and letting him know how much they loved and missed him being home. They remained for about a half an hour and then the nurse came back and told them that Drew needed his rest. They could go home and if there was any change at all, the hospital would call immediately.

No one wanted to leave, and they had to be chased out of the room by the nurse, and with sadness in their faces, the drive home became silent. When they arrived home they all sat around the table in the kitchen and they tried to guess what had happened and that in the morning hours they would each take turns spending time with Drew, until it was time to leave for the church for the wedding.

No one slept very easily that night, each lost in their thoughts of Drew, the wedding, and Drew again. Sleep did come and the morning sun did shine. At the breakfast table they reached for each others hands and again prayed together for healing for Drew. After breakfast was over, everyone made sure that their clothes for the wedding were ready and laid out for easy access to be picked up and to go to the wedding. Dahlia had her wedding dress laid out on her bed along side of that laid her new shoes. Her make-up was lying all in order. When she was done she went to each of the lady’s rooms, asking if they needed any help and they all said no, they were prepared and now ready to go to the hospital.

Ralph and Dahlia sat in their bedroom, with hands being held and heads bowed, in prayer. Praying hard for Drew, that God would do what was best for him. Her dress was lying on the bed and his suit was right beside it. There was nothing else to do ahead of time, so they all left for the hospital to see Drew and take turns visiting him and sitting by his side comforting him.

The doctor stopped by and told Ralph that he wanted to see him. Once in his office he told Ralph that there was little time left. He didn’t think that Drew would make it through the  next 24 hours.

Tears started to form in Ralph’s eyes and he explained to the doctor that today was his other son’s wedding day. The two talked for a while and then the doctor shaking Ralph’s hand, they both left the office and Ralph went back and asked Rachel to come out to the hall with him, that he wanted to speak to her alone.

They went into the hall and Ralph explained what the doctor said and Rachel buried her head in her head and began to cry. Ralph told her of the plan that the doctor had suggested, and through tears, Rachel agreed and drying her eyes, she walked back into Drew’s room, while Ralph left the hospital.

Ralph drove over to the house and went through each room picking up all the clothes that were laid out on the beds, and then he made a couple of trips to the car, placing all the garments carefully across the seat. There were shoes, and suits, dresses, the wedding dress, make-up in bags. When he looked around for a second time, and saw nothing left behind, he got in his car and went over to the church, and went to the front doors and upon knocking, the door was opened by the secretary. Ralph asked if the minister was in, and she said yes, and then led him to the office the minister was at.

Ralph quickly told the minister what was going on at the hospital and asked if there was any way he could borrow the minister now, instead of waiting for later. The minister got up from his chair and shutting the door behind them, they drove over to Dahlia’s dad’s house and knocked. When her father let them in, Ralph explained the situation,and her father grabbed his suit and shoes and got in the car with them. They all headed back to the hospital.

Once there they took all the clothing and accessories into the hospital and when one of the nurses saw what they had, she offered them an empty room to place everything in. When they had everything neatly lying on the two empty beds, they took the make-up bags, and placed them in the bathroom.

Then the three of them went into Drew’s room and walking up to Drew, they spoke to him as if he was listening to every word they said, then he called a brief meeting to all involved in the room where the clothes were.  Tears were coming and short sobs could be heard, but instructions that had been given were being followed.

Soon everyone found themselves standing beside Drew, who lay motionless in his bed. His face so pale, they could see no color except the  blue on his lips that had been forming from the moment they had first come.  The minister went to the foot of the bed, and instructed Drake to stand beside his brother, and then Dahlia next to him, and the others were to stand on the other side of the bed.

When everyone was in place, Drake reached down and touching his brother’s hand, he told him that he was going to keep his word about him being his best man, and with tears dripping from his face, the minister said words, and everyone prayed together. They prayed for the bride and groom and they prayed for peace for the brother, son and friend lying in the bed.

The minister pronounced them man and wife and a brief kiss was exchanged between the two. The monitor in the background that had been keeping time to the beat of the heart, became silent as the last breath was taken from Drew. God always promises that when one door closes another door will open, and on this day, at this very moment, one door had closed with the loved one leaving this earth, while another door opened for Drake and Dahlia to walk through, to start their new life being married.

The End

Continuing Story Part 44

It was  hard to go to sleep that night, with the excitement of graduation day having been and now it was the day before the wedding and the rehearsal dinner and practice walking down the aisle was going to be happening. Dahlia closed her eyes, but they kept popping open and she found herself going over and over these next two days, but sleep did come finally, and when she opened her eyes next it was morning.

She jumped out of bed, knowing she had a million things to do today. Meet the florist at the church, so the flowers could be placed on the pews. She needed to go get her dress picked up that the store had been holding for her, and Drake needed to pick up his own suit. The cake was going to be delivered at the house here by the neighbor tomorrow morning.

She had clothes to pack to take over to their new home, and she wanted to get some of that over with today,and there were some knick knacks that she wanted to take with her. Some of the people from their church had donated some furniture and she and Drake were going to meet them over at the new place right after lunch.

The house had the basics that anyone could need but it lacked in furniture what it provided in needs, so it was going to be a big day. She went over to the bathroom and took a bath, and putting clean clothes on she met everyone down in the kitchen for breakfast.

The kitchen was pretty lively as the excitement grew for the day and appetites were big. Eggs were being scrambled along with bacon and ham. Dahlia found herself to feel hungry, so she fixed herself a plate and pulled up a chair alongside the others.

There was a lot of chatter with giggles and questions being targeted towards Dahlia. Was she nervous, how did she sleep last night, was she ready to become a bride. What was she going to be doing today?

In between bites Dahlia filled them in on her plans and they all offered to help in what ever ways they could, and Drake walking in and over hearing the conversation, said that he was going to count on the help. He explained how he had just gotten off of the phone with a couple who needed to meet them at the new house and deliver their donation of furniture as they needed to leave for the rest of the day, so Drake was going to be going over there in about an hour.

Drake got himself a plate of food and when he sat down beside Dahlia, the conversation became even more lively. More laughter and giggles could be heard throughout the house. The ladies and Dahlia decided that while Drake was gone, they would go ahead and pick up her wedding dress and Drake’s suit, then after lunch they would go to the church and meet the florists.

Ralph and Rachel stepped into the kitchen and Drake filled them in on the plans for the day, and Rachel asked Dahlia if she would like her to accompany her on the way to the dress shop, and Dahlia said that would be nice. They could all go as a group. They all chatted some more, drinking their coffee, while Ralph and Rachel ate their breakfast,and then clean up began. The ladies cleared the table and did the dishes, Drake asked his dad if  he would go over with him to meet the delivery people and soon everyone was bustling and getting around to leave. They all decided to eat lunch out, so what ever everyone was going to do with their time after the errands were done, they were all going to meet at the cafe in town at noon.

Soon the house was quiet, and the ladies were standing in the dress shop admiring all of the beautiful dresses for sale. Some of them were dreaming and imagining what dresses they would wear when it was their special day. The sales lady came up and recognizing Dahlia asked her if she was here to pick up her wedding dress, and they all chimed together a big yes, that tomorrow was the day.

The lady went back to the storage area and came back carrying the dress. Everyone expressed how much they loved the dress and how beautiful it was, and they could not wait to see Dahlia in it. The sales lady lowered a plastic covering over the dress to keep it clean and dry and then the ladies left the store and took the dress back to the car where Rachel was sitting, then they walked down another block and went inside the store and picked up Drakes suit, and then went back to the car once more. No one was ready to go home yet, and so Rachel got out of the car and locking the doors, they took off down the street to window shop.

While they were walking, Rachel asked Dahlia where the shoes were, that she had not seen them when she carried the dress out. Dahlia stopped dead in her tracks. The shoes, shoes for her dress she had never gotten. Here it was the day before her wedding and she had no shoes. Then she started to cry and Rachel patted her on the back and asked her what was the matter,oh no, no shoes?, and not to worry, she could stop at the shoe store down the block and purchase a pair, but Dahlia said she did not have any money with her for a pair of shoes. She had only brought enough with her for lunch.

Well this was no problem silly girl, they would just all pitch in together and find an affordable pair and then when they got home, Dahlia could reimburse the ladies. Dahlia smiled at them and said she didn’t know what she would have done without them, as she did not want to let Drake know that she had forgotten the silly shoes,and with this the few tears dried up and they walked toward the shoe store.

Entering the glass door, the sales lady came to them and asked if they needed help, and Dahlia said she needed a white pair of dress shoes. She led the ladies over to the dress shoes and they went through each pair, Dahlia trying them on, all giving their opinions, Dahlia  walking in them for comfort and feel, and finally they decided on one pair that was very simply white, with a little pump to them. These shoes would look perfect with her dress, and the best thing about these shoes was, that they were on sale.

The ladies pulled their money out of their purses and handed it to Rachel, and she took the shoes and went up to the register so that she could pay for them. While the sales lady was ringing them up, Dahlia turned around and looked back at the group of friends and smiled and then handed the lady the money. With a tiny bit of cash back, and the shoes in a draw string bag, they thanked the lady and went out the door. Dahlia looked at them and said that they had saved her life!

They took the shoes back to the car where the dress and suit were  waiting and looking at their watches saw that they still had an hour to go before the guys would be coming, so they continued their walk by going to store windows and pointing out things they thought were cute or nice and somethings they saw, they laughed at because what they were looking at was way too modern for where they lived.

They walked down one side of the store fronts street and then came back up the opposite side of the street. They had gazed into each and every window, and this was nice and relaxing, for this was the most free moments left for the day.

As they were making their way back to the car to wait, they saw Drake and Ralph walking towards them and they all went together towards the cafe and walked in and sat down. They ordered lunch and then all asked questions about the furniture and Drake asked if Dahlia had picked up her dress. One of the ladies giggled softly as they said they did pick up the dress and a little more. Drake asked with a grin what, what was he missing out on, and the ladies all giggled and said nothing, don’t worry about it, the dress was picked up and beautiful. They had it waiting in the car.

They ate their lunch and listened to the music playing in the background. Elvis Presley was playing on the jukebox. Everyone in these parts loved Elvis music. When they were done eating and the jukebox became quiet they got up and went to the register to pay, but the owner came to them, and said that this bill was on the house, a little wedding gift to Drake and Dahlia. Drake shook his hand and said a big thank-you and Dahlia went behind the counter and planted a kiss on


the owner’s cheek and said thank-you for a wonderful gift, and with this they all left the store.

They all drove over to the church and waited for only a few moments and the delivery car came up and stopped in front of the church. Drake went to the front doors of the church to make sure it was unlocked and they were, so he entered in announcing to the staff person working there,that he and his family and the flower delivery person were here to deliver the flowers. She got up from her desk and went to help by holding the door open on one side and Rachel held the other door and the delivery man brought all the beautiful flowers in.

After the delivery man left, everyone including the staff lady, helped place the flower bunches at each pew and with plenty of tape, they taped each bunch to the top and when all done they stood back and looked at their work. Beautiful was all that could be said.

They told the staff thank-you for your help and that they would be back later that evening, and with that they all walked out the front doors and back to their cars. Before getting in to leave, they all did a verbal check, making sure that nothing had been left undone. This was it, no more time to shop. Nothing could be thought of that may have been forgotten, so they piled in the two cars and took off for home.

Continuing Story Part 42

Each of them took turns going in to see Drew, and telling them to hurry and get well so he

Dahlia "Dahlstar Sunset Pink"

could come back home. No one knew if Drew was actually hearing what they said, as there was no movement from the bed, but the monitor showed that he was still alive.

After everyone had finished visiting, they all gathered together and went back home, making sure to tell the nurse to call them if any changes occurred. It was a quiet ride back to the  house and even as they walked into the front door of their home, the house felt empty.

There was no big dinner plans made in advance, so each of them fixed their own meal this evening, and after finishing their meal, and cleaning up, they all went their separate ways.  Drake and Dahlia followed Rachel and Ralph out to the front porch. It was very peaceful here, and peace is what everyone in this house needed.

Drake and Dahlia sat on the porch rockers and Ralph and Rachel sat on the porch swing. It seemed like each was lost in his own thoughts, as the conversation was dead. Looking out over the property, Rachel finally spoke saying, Drake, I know this has been an unexpected event in all of our own lives with Drew in the hospital, and I also realize that you and Dahlia are to get married this Saturday. I think the wedding should continue as planned.

Dahlia spoke up and interrupted saying that no, they could not do this. This was not a happy time, they would post pone the wedding until Drew got better. Rachel said, no, we must go on. We do not know the outcome of this and sadly, we don’t know when Drew will come home. You two have made all of these arrangements, invitations were out, food was and has been started for preparations and the flowers have been ordered. She continued on with, Drew would not want you to stop just on his account, and maybe he can possible be there at the wedding.

Ralph spoke up agreeing with his wife. Dahlia had a job that she was going to be starting after the wedding. Graduation was Thursday night, and it would be much easier to just continue with all plans.

Drake and Dahlia looked at each other and Drake opened his mouth to say something, but his dad stopped him, saying it is alright Drake, it is alright. Dahlia reached out for Drake’s hand and placed it in hers, and the two of them with sad faces said alright, we will continue on, and with that, they got up, with his parents following their lead and all went to their rooms.

School was the next day and it was a buzz everywhere with exams being taken and finished up. Some were loading up their lockers preparing to take their personal items home. Drake stayed busy, grading papers and when Dahlia was not busy, she would stop by his classroom and help him.

So far Dahlia had passed all of her exams and she was on her way to graduation day. She stopped into the office the next day at school and picked up her rented cap and gown, and took it home to show the others how she looked. They all clapped and cheered as they said she looked so beautiful in her gown.

All of them went to see Drew, and by now his eyes were opened but he was too weak to get out of bed. He was still hooked up to several tubes, making life easier for him, but he would be here for several more days, but things looked like he may be improving.

The atmosphere relaxed at home as the news drifted from one to the other that Drew was going to be alright soon. Wednesday after school, the day had been completed. Exams, lockers being emptied  and all small details were finished. Drake and Dahlia stopped by the dry cleaners and picked up the suit for her dad and stopped and got the socks and they ran them over to his house and to see how he was doing.

He was smiling when he opened the door. Spring had surely changed the attitude and he seemed pretty content. He had even made a pot of coffee and the three of them sat down and shared some coffee and conversation. They could not stay long they told him as they had to hurry home to help make more foods for the wedding Saturday. Her father smiled at the two of them and told them to go on, get their work done, that he would see Ralph Saturday, when he picked him up.

With this they got up and she kissed her father good-bye on the forehead and the two of them left to go home and get busy. When they arrived home the kitchen was full of activities. Everyone had their part and knew their job. Rachel had made two big home-made pizzas earlier and all that had to be done for supper was to pop them in the oven.

Sandwiches were made and placed in the cooler on the back porch. Salads were also made. Two of the ladies had made some pretty mints, and others were cutting up a vegetable tray. Everything was coming along nicely.  Ralph walked into the room and rubbing his stomach, he said where is the food, I am hungry! They all laughed for the first time in a couple of days, and with that Rachel popped the pizzas in the oven, and the table was set and drinks poured.

As they all seated for supper, they reached for each others hands and said thanks to God for the meal and a speedy healing for Drew. Supper was filled with anticipation of the next few days ahead, and the laughter was so nice to be heard again.

Just as they were finishing supper, the phone rang, and it was the minister making sure the wedding was still on for Saturday, and with the answer of yes, the phone call ended. Everyone chipped in and helped clean up and soon the floors, counters and table were sparkling once again.

The next day was graduation and there was no school. Dahlia and the other ladies slept in a little late and  then had a late breakfast. They decided to celebrate this day with pancakes and sausages for breakfast with milk and fresh orange juice. It was going to be a grand day!

All that could be done for the wedding had been done. Tomorrow the flowers would be delivered the church, and the rehearsal dinner and practice of going down the aisle were going to be done, and then the next day was the big day!

Picture it & Write, Novemeber 4th, 2012

A goddess, child of the king of the Never Perishing Land. Every man wanted her, every eye could not be taken away from her beauty. A child who had been protected by multiple servants, keeping her virginity safe until the proper date and time.

Everything done for her, she had nothing to ask for that a servant was not there by her side immediately. Dressing done by her personal attendant. Clothes picked out for her, hair done with perfection. Meals prepared for her liking. She was sent to the finest schools in other countries to be taught  fine manners, the best schooling money could buy. An all girls school.

Gentlemen callers were checked with background checks. bloodlines were hunted for flaws. The desire of the parents for their only child was to be  highly respected and to have the finest education, and to marry a proper man with a good upbringing and good blood.

Now the time had come when she had reached womanhood, and her internal desires came to life, wanting to taste life and to feel what stirred in her loins, but the servants were never far enough a way from her to make any ill judgements. There was to be no scarring when this woman was given as a bride.

There was a ball held in her honor of turning sixteen. The virgin was dressed in the finest materials in the world. Gown of heavy fabric, gold locks draping softly around her face, hiding her from all others, to be lifted by the man chosen for her to wed and to bed with.

She came down the staircase, and all eyes fell upon her, ladies curtsied and men bowed down to her as she stepped on to the main floor. Her father reached for her delicate, white hand, and walked her around the vast room, introducing her to many. Business owners, slave owners, men with money. After making the rounds, he led his daughter back to the throne where his wife was sitting, and beside her was another velvet chair, lined in white and trimmed in gold, and sitting in the seat was the man chosen to be her husband.

She bowed to him and her father placed her hand over his, and introduced him as her husband to be. His teeth sparkled as he spread his smile to her to show her his affirmation in choice. She lowered her eyes in coyness and let him take her hand and wrap it within his arm, and he led her to the dance floor, where the two of them led the evening with the first dance.

People stood properly outside of the circle giving the two enough room to roam and to float through the air. When the dance was completed, all clapped and began to trickle out to the dance floor. Gaiety and drinking and music made this a very festive night. Champagnes and many liqueurs were available at a click of the finger. There were pheasants and cheeses, a variety of potatoes, vegetables, and finger desserts to try.

The groom to be led her out on to the veranda and the two waltzed together to the music, and leaning into her ear, he whispered to her that he had waited many a day for this time to come, and he could not wait to make her his wife and to bed her. They would have children and bring a new heir into the world.

Her face warmed  to the touch, as she had also dreamed of this night he was speaking about. He brought his arm to the back of her neck and firmly slid it down her spine to the dip and pressed her firmly against his manhood, letting her know his desire for her.

Her inner body shivered, and heat began to rise inside of her, as the two danced under the stars. They could not stay long out here as they were unchaperoned and alone. He took his hand off of her back side and led her back in to the ballroom, and they mingled and ate and became merry.

The evening ended, with her groom to be leaning in and kissing her hand, and whispering until the next time we meet. With this they parted. She was led by her father once again back to where her mother was sitting and taking her place to the side of her father, she watched as her mother and father said their goodbyes and shook everyone’s hand and said thank you for attending our daughter’s party.

The weeks flew by with numerous parties, and gifts poured in for the wedding couple. Dresses were being fitted, altered, and nothing left behind by the naked eye for errors. Hair was designed and redesigned. Veils tried on and taken off until the perfect one was sitting atop of her head.

The day had come, and this was her wedding day. Every detail had been met and completed. The honeymoon had been planned and the groom was met with to entail him of what he was to do and where to take his bride. A house on the property had been built and furnished for the two, and now the horse and carriage had arrived to take her to the family church.

The double door was thrown open and the wedding party made their way down the red carpet to where the groom was standing. The priest was standing with him along with the groom’s attendants.

The father appeared next with his beautiful daughter on  his arm. Glitter sparkled off the walls and the ceiling. A beautiful sight for everyone to see. Hand in hand they walked down the aisle and her father handed her hand to the groom, and he sat back with his own wife.

The ceremony was more than any bride could ever dream of. So lavish, that no one could even begin to guess the cost of this event. The wedding over, food and drink being drank, the groom was anxious to take his bride a way to make her his own.

The father took him aside and wished them a happy life, and giving him her dowry, he announced that the bride and groom would now be leaving by the front doors, leading to the horse and carriage. All followed them watching them leave, cheering them on for a long life.

They arrived at their destination that had been planned for the two of them, and once inside, he walked to her, and slowly with his lips undressed her and when he had her completely naked, standing in front of him, he looked her over and with no words spoken, her made her his.

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for allowing me to partake in this writing exercise.

Continuing Story Part 40

Dahlia and Drake arrived at her father’s house, to see the drapes pulled and the only light shining through was the television. Her father had been expecting her, so he had made a point to tidy up a bit and shave and put clean clothes on.

Without asking permission, Dahlia walked over and opened one window draperies. She made a laughing comment that he was not a bat, and he needed some sun light in his life. He murmured something under his breath, but did not try to have her close it.

They all sat down and chatted for a while, asking him how he had been, and was he eating enough, did he have groceries. He said that he was doing just fine, and no complaints in any area.

Drake continued to talk while Dahlia made her way to the kitchen and rummaging through the cupboards and the refrigerator. She heard her dad calling out to her, that he was fine, that the neighbor lady had been stopping by also to check on him, and she had been picking up some groceries for him, when she went to the grocery store.

Dahlia thought that was very nice of the neighbor, and she made a mental note to run over next door and thank her. She went into the bathroom, and saw that it was a tad dirty, so she quickly got the cleaner out from under the sink and cleaned the shower and the sink, then scrubbed the toilet. She had moved so quietly, dad never even knew what she had been up to, or she knew that he would be having something to say about it.

She went into his bedroom and saw the bed was made, and being content, she went back to the living room to chat some more. She asked him if he needed anything and he said that he was pretty well set.

He grinned at Dahlia and Drake and asked them if they were still planning on hitching up, and Drake said of course, nothing was stopping this wedding. They all had a good laugh over this, and then dad said his suit was all ready but it might need a little cleaning and he didn’t have any dark socks to wear with his shoes.

Dahlia went into his bedroom closet and got the suit out and took it back with her to the living room, and told him that she or Drake would drop it off at the dry cleaners and then have it brought back, and while dropping it off, they would stop at the clothing store and purchase him a pair of socks.

With all seeming very good here at his home, they said their goodbyes, and gave each other hugs, and with the suit in one hand, they took off for back home. Once back at the house, they left the suit in the car. With only a week and a half before the wedding, the suit needed to be dropped off at the cleaners tomorrow.

Everyone was sitting down eating in the kitchen, and they told them to grab a plate and fill it up and have a seat. Conversation was about the food preparations, and how it was progressing. Rachel asked Dahlia how her dad was and she commented back he was doing fine. She said that a neighbor lady was picking up some groceries for him sometimes, and then their were jokes about the lady and dad getting together. They all laughed.

Supper over, and the kitchen cleaned back in order, the ladies all went to their rooms to finish studying, as exams started tomorrow. The men went to the porch and talked about nothing, watching the sun drop over the trees. It was a lazy evening, just the kind that was appreciated in this house.

Soon they all got up and went back in the house, and were heading to their rooms, when Ralph heard a crash. He turned around and saw Drake leaning over Drew. Drew had fallen and this time he had passed out.

Rachel and the ladies came rushing out of their bedrooms, and all gathered around to see what was happening. Drake was lightly smacking Drew’s face to try and get him to come around, but it was not working. Ralph leaned in saying to his son, do you hear me, can you hear me Drew, answer me son, but no response came.

Ralph looked up at Rachel and told her to go call the ambulance, and have them get here as soon as possible. She took off for the phone, and others went and got a pillow and a blanket. Dahlia raised Drew’s head and rested the pillow under him, and then covered him with the blanket.

Drake and Ralph were asking each other, did you see what happened. No, neither one had actually seen. Drake had been a head of Drew and heard the crash about just moments before  Ralph. Drake looked over Drew’s head, and was relieved that he saw no blood. He tried talking to Drew again, but still was receiving no feedback.

The ambulance could be heard coming and people backed away, giving the technicians plenty of room. The ladies sat over on the couch and chairs, whispering to each other, giving each other their ideas about what might have happened.

The driver and helper came in, and checked his vitals. The one helper radioed the hospital and said that the patients blood pressure was pretty low, and they were going to be transporting him to the hospital. They would arrive within fifteen minutes.

They got him on the portable bed with wheels, and covered him good, and then took off for the hospital with sirens racing. Everyone back at the house got themselves together and piled in the two cars and took off also.

When they reached the hospital, the ambulance had Drew already inside, and he was being seen in the ER. Ralph tried to go back, but the nurse’s told him to please wait in the lobby, that they were trying to get his blood pressure back up, and get him settled.

Ralph paced back and forth in the lobby, while waiting for news. The others sat quietly, just watching him pace. Time seemed to be standing still, and then the call came, for Ralph and Rachel to come back, the doctor wanted to speak to them first.


Continuing Story Part 38

Dahlia remained in the hospital for two more days, getting better and stronger. Everyone went back to school and doing what they did best, and in between, went to the hospital to


visit Dahlia.

On the day that Dahlia was to be released, Drake was the one who was there waiting with open arms to walk her to the car and drive her home. All paper work filled out and signed, she was released and Drake and her walked arm in arm out the double doors.

Dahlia blinked several times as her eyes were adjusting to the light that she had not seen for some time. Then she noticed everything around her. Trees, dogs running, people walking to and fro from the parking lot. She was taking everything in and Drake smiled down at her and gave her a big hug and squeeze right there. He did not care who saw this, he was in love.

They walked slowly to the car, letting everything sink in that Dahlia was seeing as if for the first time. Getting into the car, she snuggled close to Drake and they drove home. When they entered the front door, they were welcomed home with cheers and bright home-made banners that said Welcome Home Dahlia. Everyone went to her and hugged her and told her how happy they were to have her back home, and to be able to see, what a miracle God had performed. Rachel led them all to the kitchen, where the girls had baked a welcome home cake and there was iced-tea and punch. They all filled their plates and sat around the table talking about all that had happened the past week.

Then the conversation pointed towards the menu that should have been started a few weeks ago. Dahlia and Drake looked at each other and gave each others hand a squeeze, and Drake commented that he was so happy right now, he didn’t care what they had to eat that day, as long as he was pronounced married. They all laughed but Rachel brought it back to reality and said the guests would be disappointed if they came to a wedding and had nothing to eat, so we need to start planning

It was going to be a small wedding, and held outdoors, and so they were going to have more of a festive buffet style, comfortable and easy. So together with everyone’s talents being included, they decided on ham sandwiches, but on bread with the crust cut off, to make them a bit more festive. Some were going to make salads, including potato salad, a pea salad, and coleslaw. Others were going to make their special deviled eggs. There was going to be fresh strawberries, and slices of watermelon. Sue offered to make her famous whipped salad, that  had pieces of apples, grapes, and pineapple, with tiny nuts, all wrapped around a whipping cream. The neighbor, whose specialty was baking beautiful cakes, had offered to make their wedding cake as a gift. There would be punch with ice-cream floating in it, iced-teas, and coffee served.

Dahlia said that she wanted to speak and everyone hushed for a short time. Dahlia went on to explain how thankful she was for the day that Rachel and Ralph took her in, and helped give her a start of fulfilling her dream of becoming a teacher. She told them all that she felt so close to each of them, and she was so happy she was a part of this family. Dahlia continued to say a big thank-you to each of them for being there with her and for her while she was in the hospital, and everyone smiled as they agreed with all she was saying. Ralph spoke up and said that they were so happy that she was going to be an official part of their family, and that Drake had made an excellent choice. With all of the cheering and thanking and praising God for sight, the welcome home party dwindled down, and they all stood up, with each having their list of duties they would perform for the food at the wedding.

One month to go and the big day would be here. School was starting to wind down with the hard labor of learning and home work. Spring was in the air and trees were starting to show buds on their naked branches. The smell of spring was to be admired by all who walked the sidewalks of town.

Dahlia returned to school and the miracle of Dahlia’s eye sight coming back was the whispers of the school. Each class she went to , everyone clapped and hugged her, and the talk of her was what started each class off.

When she entered the dance class, the teacher was waiting for her as she entered the door. The teacher gave her the biggest hug of all, Dahlia thought. The teacher had tears of joy in her eyes, as she welcomed Dahlia back. Dahlia was able for the first time to see the big dance room, with all the bars and the shiny floor. She was introduced to the student she had been working with , and Dahlia leaned in and gave her a big hug and told her how beautiful she was.

That day flew by and Dahlia felt like she was Cinderella for the entire day. Classes continued and soon one day slipped into the next, and the days ticked by quickly, with school coming closer to an end, graduation coming, and then the wedding.

Exams were starting to be put together by all of the teachers. Students were going into the office to make final plans for further studies or new jobs. Everyone seemed to be in a great humor as one door was beginning to close and another one starting to open.

On weekends, families started going to the parks, picnics were being seen. People could be seen walking more and more as people were coming out of their cocoons of winter.  Dahlia and Drake spent every free moment together. They wrote their wedding vows and practiced saying them to each other, until each of them had them memorized.  The rings were picked up and the flowers were checked on to make sure of the date they would be delivered. Dahlia went into the dress shop and took a last peek at her wedding dress, that was hanging in the back waiting for her to come get it. Drake made sure that his suit was still waiting for him.

One afternoon Drake and Dahlia walked over to the neighbor’s house and checked in to see if all was going as planned with the cake. They were told that it would be a white cake, two tiers high, with lots of red roses surrounding the edges. It sounded beautiful. As they left her house and walked down the street,  Drake stopped Dahlia and took her in his arms and gave her a big kiss. Dahlia  interrupted and said not here, Drake, out in the open for all to see? Drake answered back, he didn’t care, he wanted everyone to know how he felt about her. He hugged her  and kissed her again,  and then let her go and together, the two walked hand in hand back home.


Continuing Story Part 32

The next day Drake and Dahlia found some free time and Dahlia asked him to accompany


her to the jewelry store so that they could pick out his ring for their wedding. They walked to town, hand in hand, and window shopped at each store they came upon. Drake was explaining what items were placed in the windows for all to see. The two of them found themselves adding notations to what they would like to put in their own home. Drake opened the jewelry store door and let Dahlia enter. They went to the counter and Drake said they were here to find a matching band for the rings that he had picked out for his bride to be. The sales lady took out the order from his purchase and found a band that matched perfectly. Dahlia asked him if he liked it and did it fit alright, and Drake just gave her a big hug to show how much he loved it. She told the lady that she would take it and she pulled out her money to pay for it and then had the lady keep it put back for her until it got closer to the wedding. They all said good bye and then left the store.

With Drew’s illness, classes and tutoring the students, the two found time ticking quickly by. It was now two months before graduation, so they decided while they were in town, to go to the florist shop and actually place an order, instead of dream shopping only.

The florist was very nice and eager to help the couple. They each told about the colors they wanted and what time of day the wedding was going to be, and putting their heads together, they decided on red dahlias, that would be showing their full beauty on the day of their wedding to compliment their love for each other. They also ordered some rose petals to be placed on the church aisle where the two would be walking down to receive each other. There were going to be small white buds of different flowers that were going to have white ribbons surrounding them, and these could be hung at each pew. The cost of these flowers was more expensive than they had wished for, but they went ahead with it, knowing this would be a day they would never repeat with any other again.

After leaving there, they compared notes with what needed to be done yet. Drake had his suit, and he had her rings on hold at the jewelry store and she had her dress,and now his ring, and  the church had been reserved, the minister had been talked to and had committed to the date. The flowers were ordered. All that was left was the food and the finishing of the guest lists. The guest list was going to be small and intimate. Family, and close friends from school.

Drake had Drew who was going to be his best man, but Dahlia noted that she had no one to walk her down the aisle, but she knew that Sue was going to stand up with her. The two of them looked at each other and both knew where they wanted to go, so they headed back home, and went in and told Rachel and Ralph that they were going to pay a visit to Dahlia’s father, and then they got into the family car and took off for his house.

Upon arrival, they got out and went to the door and knocked. No one answered, so they knocked again. The door opened and Drake saw  Dahlia’s father standing  there looking like death warmed over. Drake and Dahlia entered and helped her father back into his chair.

The three visited and Dahlia asked her father if there was anything that needed to be done around the house and had he eaten lunch yet, and her father replied, he wasn’t hungry, and the house was fine.

Dahlia wanted to help her father, but she did not know quite how to be of help. She could cook though, and maybe this was a way of showing him that she cared about him.

She asked her father if he would be willing to let her  fix them some lunch, and he did not say yes or no, so she found her way into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator and cupboards to feel  what was available to  fix them for the noon meal. Everything seemed so empty. There was an egg box with two eggs that were stuck to the inside.  When she opened the jug, she could smell that it was once milk and had now soured, and it was almost empty. There was a few slices of  cheese, but she could not tell if it was outdated or not, and the cupboards were not much better.

She walked back into the living room and took Drake aside and explained the despair of the kitchen, and he immediately told her father that they were going  to go to the grocery store to replenish his kitchen cupboards and fill up his refrigerator. Her father didn’t say anything, and  neither did he argue, but instead he pulled out his wallet and offered them some money, saying it wasn’t too much, but here is what he had.

She gave Drake a kiss and thanked him for his help and understanding and the two  headed for the store. They left him sitting at the house wondering why they were being so kind to him. After all he did not deserve even a visit.

Soon the two were  back and filled his refrigerator and cupboard shelves back to a decent spot. She then proceeded to fix them lunch. She took lettuce and washed it and tore it apart, and laid a leaf on three plates. Then she washed some tomatoes and cored them out and placed tuna mixed with eggs in the cavity of each tomato. She called out to them and let them know lunch was ready and soon all were sitting at the table, eating and talking.

Dahlia could feel  that this visit they paid to her father was a good one. In no time at all a quietness was turned into more laughter. He was glad for the conversation, and it took some of the loneliness out of his day. He enjoyed having his daughter in his presence.

After lunch was finished and the table cleared, they went back into the living room and all sat down. Dahlia told her father she had an important question to ask him and he said what is it. She explained that their wedding was coming up soon, in two months, and they had almost everything planned or purchased, but there was one thing missing from the wedding. Her father said nothing but was listening and paying attention. She went on to say, that their wedding would be perfect, if he would agree to walk her down the aisle.

Her father instantly teared up and tried hiding it by wiping his eyes. He told her that he never thought that this day would happen, that his little girl would grow up and become a woman and be happy. To be getting married to such a nice man and to want her own father to walk her down the aisle, could only be a miracle to him, a prayer that had been answered. He took a hold of both of her hands and said he would love to be involved, and nothing could keep him from being there. The two hugged each other, and then Drake  noted the time, and said that they needed to get back to the house. They all stood up and walked to the front door together and with hugs, they left him a  happier and healthier man.

Continuing Story Part 29

The next day at school, the dance teacher looked at Dahlia as she entered the door and

മലയാളം: ഡാലിയ പൂവിന്റെ ചിത്രം.

noticed that there was something aloof in her eyes. She went over to her and asked her how her weekend went, and Dahlia started to tear up. The teacher took her by the arm and walked her into her small office. Picking up papers and moving them to another spot, she then helped Dahlia to sit down beside her and she said tell me what is happening my best student.

Dahlia explained about the funeral for her mother and about how she never really knew how her parents felt about her until it was too late. The teacher said it is never too late my child, as long as there is breath coming from our lungs, it is never too late. You have your father, and with effort, you can involve him in your life. As far as your mother, yes, it is sad but true, it is too late, but the positive note is you know how she felt about you. The two chatted for a few moments later, and then standing she said to Dahlia that they needed to get to class, as it was about to start. Dahlia rose and the two made their way to the gym.

The teacher clapped her hands together to bring everyone’s attention on her, and all fell silent in the room as people took their places at the bar. Words that Dahlia had not heard before were being spoken in front of all. She heard the teacher say that there were a couple of students that needed some extra coaching, and that Dahlia was going to be her assistant for this week. Dahlia felt her face blush, but inside her heart beamed with pride.

The teacher started the class by telling them what exercises to do, and to work on the steps that were for the end of the school year recital. Once she saw everyone was working, she took two students and Dahlia to one corner of the room and explained to Dahlia what areas these two students needed work on. She asked Dahlia if she had any questions about what needed to be done, and Dahlia nodded now, and told her thank you for the opportunity to be of help. With this the teacher went about her work watching over the other students.

After school was over, she went to Drake’s class and the door was locked. She wondered where he was as this was not a normal thing. She then waited a few minutes to see if he would show up but he did not, so she turned away from the door and left the school. Using her cane, she walked home and entering the front door, she heard a lot of commotion.

Sue walked over to her and explained that she had been told that Drew was sick, that he had collapsed on the floor and Rachel had called the ambulance, and now the workers were here to help Drew. Sue and Dahlia walked to the kitchen to stay out-of-the-way. Although they could not see what was happening, they could tell that this must be a serious thing, if an ambulance was here.

Sue and Dahlia decided to help the other ladies start supper. To stand here and be idle was the devil’s advocate, but all ears were tuned in on the living room.  They had the table set and meat and potatoes were being fried on the stove, when Rachel came in and explained everything was going to be alright. Drew had a black out, which caused him to fall and as he fell he hit the coffee table edge and cracked his forehead open, and the ambulance technicians were in the living right now sewing his head wound shut. He was going to be alright, but tomorrow they would take Drew back to the doctor to have him checked out better.

Everyone in the kitchen breathed a sigh of relief and thanked God out loud for looking out for Drew. Rachel walked back into the living room and went around and straightened up things to keep her hands busy while the techs were finishing up with Drew. Soon they were finished and had her sign some papers, and then she walked them to the door and she watched them leave, and when she could see them no longer, she shut the door and went to Drew, who was now lying on the couch resting comfortably. He had been given an injection for pain and he was quite drowsy by now and he mumbled that he was fine but he wanted to sleep. Rachel covered him up with a blanket and turned the lights off and went towards her bedroom.

Rachel checker herself in the mirror, and then went in to her bathroom and splashed water on her face and combed her hair back into place. She tugged on her dress and got the seams back in place and then she went to the kitchen and joined everyone for dinner. A special prayer was asked for Drew that he had a quick healing and all said Amen in unison, and they began their meal, talking about what had happened at school that day.

Dahlia told about how she was helping the two students in dance class and Ralph told her how proud he was of her. He told her that he could see how good she was and how much improvement there was when he watched her on her balance bar. Dahlia smiled and said thank-you. Drake asked Dahlia if she could stay a few minutes after the kitchen was cleaned up that he wanted to discuss something important with her. Dahlia said that of course she would stay, and one of the ladies snickered kiss kiss, and this broke the tenseness in the room and all started to laugh.

Supper being over and the dishes being done, all left leaving Dahlia and Drake in the room alone. He took her by the hand and led her to the table and helped her to sit and then he pulled a chair up close to her and said that he needed to get something settled, that it had been on  his mind for days, and he could wait no longer for the answer. She said what is it Drake, what is so important that we need to talk about it now with Drew lying in the other room hurt.

Drake asked her if she had any change of mind about marrying him, and she laughed out loud. She asked him what would make him ask such a thing, that of course she loved him and she would never change her mind. Drake smiled and doing so he pushed back his chair a little and getting on bended knee, he pulled a black box out of his pocket, and  opening her hands he placed the box in them. She felt it and asked him what this was, and he said open it, just open it. She felt for the hinge and then opened the box. She touched what was inside and felt sharp edges and also a smooth stone. It was a ring. She looked up into Drake’s face and said this is for me? You bought me a ring? He said this is not any ring, this is an engagement ring. I want the world to know that I love you. I want to scream it to the heavens that you are my girl. I want to announce to everyone that the day after graduation you are going to be my wife. She held out her hand and he slipped the perfect fit diamond ring on her finger. She twisted it with her fingers and could tell that it fit perfectly. She threw her arms around his neck, and crying and kissing him at the same time, she told him  how much she loved him and she could not wait to marry him.

The kiss between the two would make a person melt if they had been peeking. The kiss sealed the yes to the marriage proposal and the wedding date. He kissed her eyes and kissed her tears, and then reached down and kissed her hands and kissed the ring. She leaned herself into him and pushed firmly against him, letting him know that not only did she love him but her body wanted to show him her love also. He held her passionately and tightly and the kiss was so explosive, that fireworks were exploding from the two bodies touching each other.

They finally let each other go and he said let’s go show mom and dad, and anyone else that is willing to look and listen. With this they went into the other room where most were sitting watching Drew sleep and Dahlia walked over to where Rachel was sitting and held her hand out, showing the ring on her finger. Rachel put her hands over her mouth and then wrapped them around Dahlia’s shoulders congratulating her and then hugging her son, she told him she was so happy for the two of them. Before long everyone wanted to see the symbol of love between the two. There were many congratulations going around the room.