Stress And Fat


I was so excited this morning, when I discovered for the second day in a row, I did not have




to do a complete bed change on Al’s bed. Yipeee!!! I was able to sit down and drink my hot coffee and linger over my emails right away, while Al ate his breakfast of Toaster Streudals. He loves those things, and his favorite is Strawberry and Cream Cheese. I so wish I could have one, but they are loaded with carbs, sugars, and fats, but for him, it is alright, since I don’t want him to keep going with his weight loss.


I didn’t get any smiles this morning, but I did not receive tears neither, so I was content. After breakfast, he watched his divorce court show and part of The Price is Right, and then he decided to get properly dressed, as I had a doctor’s check-up for labs that I had drawn last week.


When the time came to leave the house, we headed for the doctors. He was doing well enough, that I left him in the waiting room and went back to the small doctor patient room by myself.


I had gained two pounds, and this is so disappointing to me. When I moved here from Florida, I had lost so much weight, but I was involved with the YMCA and Al went to a daycare, and the sun was shining, and I swam most of the year. Now that I am back, my physical activity is pretty narrowed down to cleaning the house, and once a month, rearranging furniture, to get that heart beat moving, and of course, my fingers get their work out on the computer and also lifting the fork to my lips.


The doctor said all of my tests were good except the usual culprit, the cholesterol, which I refuse to take the medications to lower it because of my mother’s warning, and the doctor knows exactly how I feel and how important it is to me what my mother told me. He said my sugars were better than last test time, my triglycerides were wonderful, kidneys were good, in fact, all was great. So, I looked at him and asked him why am I gaining weight? Is it because I get hardly any activities in?


He said he didn’t think it was what foods I was or was not eating as my sugar levels were acceptable. He said there was one area that was causing me weight gain more than anything else, and I asked, what was that. His answer was something I did not care for, because I can’t seem to beat the odds in that area.


Do you think you know what his answer was? The dirty culprit helping me to gain weight is STRESS! Yes, stress, he explained how stress causes a hormone change and causes weight gain. He also went on to explain that at this point, he did not want me to get overly concerned, because he knew what I was dealing with at home, then he smiled. He said everything will be back to normal one day, just be patient with life.


Stress? I never knew that could cause weight gain. Do you think I was stressed when I came through the birth canal? Because I have seen my baby picture where I had a couple of rolls of baby fat. Do you think I was stressed when I was in elementary school, maybe kids picking on me, or teachers that didn’t like my constant chatter. Maybe I was stressed as a teenager. Experts state that teenagers have to find themselves and where they fit in with life, and I would think this would cause much stress. Maybe, I was stressed when I got married, divorced, and did stupidly repeat that process one more time. That surely causes stress.


I think from now on, I will not blame that ice-cream cone, or that hamburger on a white bun from McDonald’s, and I won’t even blame my weight gain on that one little pumpkin doughnut, that I popped into my mouth for breakfast. I will blame everything on being a woman with hormones, who stresses out easily.


Now that I know who I am and why I am who I am, I decided that Al and I needed to celebrate my good report and finding the answers to being fat. So we went to the KFC for lunch and we had that new little sandwich, the Chicken Little sandwich? Yes, they are fairly good. They come with too large of a miniature sub-bun, with mayonnaise and two pickles with one long chicken strip. They are alright, but not that great for cheating on my carbs. I should have went to Ruby Tuesdays and had a fish snack pack. Now those carbs are worth eating!


Then after we finished lunch, we went to our favorite little thrift store, and Al immediately scanned the aisles for coca cola, and found two tin type signs, and I bought two car air fresheners and a tiny pair of baby satin shoes to match the baby dress I had purchased there last month. They are Victorian, and you already know how crazy silly I am about Victorian era. I also found another lamp that is small with crystals hanging from it, with one single bulb socket. It is more like a night stand light. It was the right size, right price and so I claimed it.


We had a good time and  now we are  both home, and Al hit the bed for his nap, as his nurse is coming at 4pm.




Calm Tremors


The sleep that I got did me so much good

I’d wish for it each night, if only  I could

I had the energy today of a big  jumping jack

I cleaned the house thoroughly never looking back

The hospital bed and commode are in place

I cleaned his room and also threw the waste

I sorted the summer and winter wear

With his weight loss, now the closet is bare

His tremors were calm, and a smile did show

So I took him to supper and then we did go

To Wal-Mart he headed straight for the toys

To buy a new car, he fitted in with all little  boys

He grinned as he picked it and showed it to me

I smiled at him, as proud as a sister could be

I wish every day was just like today

But I will take what I can and thank God for this day.


I See It Coming!

Today, I wrote a nice blog about how I got to get my time out, blah blah blah, remember? Now, I shall write about the flip side of the coin, so that hopefully, my brain will calm down and  I can get some rest tonight. What is the topic of interest? My brother, who I really did not want to write about tonight. I get tired of pouring out my heart to all of you sweet people who are trying to find posts that are enlightening but tonight’s post is frustration and a sense of losing the game once and for all.

While I was out relaxing, Al did pretty good, but the caregiver did have to work a tad harder as Al could not get up off the couch and she had to help him. It was no shock to me when she told me she had to assist him, I do it all the time in one way or another.

When she left, he was napping, so I had some extra minutes to spend with each of you. When he rose from his nap, he barely made it to the couch, and almost landed on the floor at dinner, missing the mark of the seat of the chair. I have told him so many times that he has to back up to the chair, and once he feels it to his legs, he may sit down. Remember the game we played when we were little, Mother May I? This is what I play now as a grown up.

He refuses to back up to any chair, because he wants to do it like he used to, just flop the butt down and scoot yourself to get comfy. I finally got him seated, and gave him his plate, and then I came and sat at my own little table, and he says to me, he can not eat.

I leave my plate behind for the wandering flies, and go to him. His tremors are so bad, that he can’t use the fork or spoon, and he decides he is not hungry any longer. I offer him an Ensure, which he did drink the entire drink, but then he changed his mind and wanted his dinner, but asked me to feed him, so I did, but he ended up eating about a fourth of his dinner. He was even struggling chewing the bites I had cut up. So glad I had the ensure.

After supper, he asked me to load up his tooth-brush, because he could not squeeze the toothpaste out, so I did. He asked me to help him get washed up, so I did. Then he came to the couch and sort of fell into it, like I would if I was so tired and I was going to be lying in a nice soft fluffy down feathered bed.

I left him there with the television on and went next door to the neighbors for a short time. When I came back he was still sitting in the same spot, and this is good. I played around on the computer for a while, and before I knew it snack time and medication time was here.

He could not get off the couch all evening, so I helped him each time. His knees have been freezing, a side effect of Parkinson’s for the last three days, not freezing as in cold, but freezing as in can not move. The freezing has continued in strength each of these days. He could not get the lid off of his snacks, so I opened it. He could not get on the chair so I had to physically place him in the correct spot.

Along with all of this, he is bitching because he thinks he is losing weight, which I am sure he is, then he was cussing at his shorts, because when he was being helped to his seat, his shorts dropped a little. Time for a third set of clothes due to weight loss this year.

Now snacks are over and I have told him about the depends that I bought today, and I want him to try them for tonight, just at night-time. I explained that since he is freezing so bad that he is going pee in his pants, that this might help and in the mornings he could take them off. I expected a big argument, but he said alright.

He is now sitting on the couch, tremoring and crying because his shorts are too big.

It is 11:30 at night, and I can see it is going to be another long night for the two of us. So I think you can understand why the title says, I See It Coming. Placement is going to be decided for me, I will not have to think about choices.

Mother May I

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

I have been nominated this morning for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award by Carolyn.

Thank you Carolyn. This is an amazing lady, and you really need to check out her website to see all the interests she has.

The rules are,

Give credit to the one who nominated you

Tell seven secrets about yourself

Nominate seven others

1. Did you know that I am left-handed

2. I have a fascination with paintings, and I have my father’s first paint brush he held

3. Did you know that most of the time I never know what Al and I are going to have for supper until about an hour before eating?

4.Did you know that I am hooked on Wintergreen Lifesavors? I have to have them while I am drinking my coffee. Does something to the flavor.

5.Did you know that I have struggled with food and weight my entire life?

6.Did you know that I have always considered my eyes my worst trait, they are light blue, like the color of a little piglet?

7. Did you know that you can be plump in weight, and still have no butt? LOL, I know from experience. LOL

For nominations, I want to choose:



Thank you once again Carolyn!!!

Fat, Thin, Or Healthy

Fruits and vegetables

Vegetables (Photo credit: Professor Bop)

The words today are weight

Everywhere you look

Lose ten pounds is the key

And found in every book.

I used to think I looked alright

Until I heard the news

That I am unhealthy and oh so fat

And now I have the blues.

Our forefathers ate from the ground

And we eat from a box or can

The chemicals we do put within

Should automatically all be banned.

I want to be happy with who I am

I will never be very thin

So turn my mind to home cooked meals

And empty out the cookie tin.

It if grew in the ground it is alright

If it came from production, get it out of sight

Replace the sweets with natural sugars

And never, ever eat through the night.

I don’t have to be a walking stick

To feel like I fit in

I just want my inner parts

To be happy inside my skin.

Terry Shepherd

July 6th Free Write Friday Exercise

She had done it! She had completed her goal. It had taken her two years to complete and it wasn’t easy at all!

Casey, had been in poor health. She had eaten herself into a total weight of over four hundred pounds.

Glued to her bed, that her family had moved into their living room, this is where Casey spent most of her waking and sleeping moments. Unless she had a doctor’s appointment, she watched TV, and her only movement was raising the remote control to change channels, or lifting the eating utensils to her mouth.

It started years before that. It was a love that became an obsession, that became a danger to her life. She loved food. She used food for every occasion. Whether it be sadness, depression, anger, or happiness, food was her reward.

This is the way her mother and their family used food also, a celebration to eat, but Casey took it one step further. She didn’t use the occasion, she used the food. Her husband worked day shift for a local industry, and her two kids were in school. When they all arrived home, they sat down to an early supper. By the time the kids were in bed, she was hungry again, and snacked, but the snacks turned into another supper, and soon she was being awake during the night, to grab a piece of cake, or a candy bar, whatever was easily available. This in turn started to attach fat cells on her body, which in a few months, became obvious to others eyes.

Soon her clothes no longer fit, and she started buying lounging dresses, that fit loose and were comfortable. The dresses also did not alert her to any weight gains. Looking through a jar of glass marbles, resembled looking at her thighs. People would talk, but no one made the effort to speak to her ears, and with time Casey also neglected to care about herself.

One day, the doctor’s visit was not a usual one of reminding her that she needed to take off her weight. The reminders of blood work checking her cholesterol were off, triglycerides were off-balance. Every visits warnings, were entered in one ear and left through the other, but this visit was different.

Casey had special tests, that dug deeper, checking into the heart and kidneys. This visit produced bad news for her. There was no more warning, there were hard rocks being thrown at her. No more nice words, but daggers, meant to enter her heart and mind, and change her views on her life. Her heart was suffering. It could no longer handle the heavy load it was carrying, and proteins were backing up in her kidneys, causing them to not work properly anymore. The doctor announced that she was going to be dead within two years, if she didn’t change RIGHT NOW!

Casey teared up and could feel her internal furnace heating up. She sat as straight up as she could, and for the first time was listening and asking questions. The questions lead to appointments with a dietician, and a call to the local YMCA.

Following up on these leads was tough. It meant family being there more, to drive her to and from, and thought put into clothing for the public viewing, but Casey was scared, and she didn’t want to die. She wanted to see her kids graduate and to feel what it was like to be a grandma.

Three times a week, she worked out at the YMCA, very easy exercises with a special trainer that had been assigned to her, and gradually more difficult exercises added each month. She followed the diet she had been given by the hospital dietician, each week writing out her menu, and her husband would go to the grocery store and fill up his cart from her list.

Two years later, today, she had made it. She had just come from the doctor’s office for her monthly visit. Her weight was normal, in fact, the doctor said she could afford to gain a pound or two. Casey had never heard that before, and was beaming. All her blood work came back excellent. She stood up and gave the doctor a huge hug, and thanked him for caring enough to say it straight. She walked out of the office, with a thumbs up. She had done it, she had completed her goal! She had saved her own life!

I want to thank Kellie for allowing me to write for her with this writing exercise. You can also find her at this link:

Thank You, Kellie!