Happy New Year

Another year has come and gone, quicker than before. I have made resolutions over the past and failed them like so many. This year has brought too many changes for me; some good, some bad.

What ever your plans for New Year’s Eve, be safe, have fun, and carry new hope into the next beginning.

I Am Who I Am
I am who I am
A grain of sand
A pebble on the beach
Mixed among those
Beside and within me
From the years of
Meeting and drifting on
Or sticking by my side

I am who I am
I have tried the trends
I have changed the outer
I have lost the weight and gained
I laughed at your jokes
I wept when you cried
I spoke the words
You wanted to hear

I am who I am
A woman with empathy
Filled with compassion
Seeing into your feelings
Love unstoppable
Beauty from within
Hope I cling to
Embedded with faith

I am who I am
I can be no other
I must accept that I am
Who God hath created
That the path which I walk
Will guide me where needed
I will finish what needs to be done
For I am who I am

Written by,
Terry Shepherd