Lesson Learned

sore-elbowThis is what hurts the most tonight; what you see in the photo to the right. To this I add, legs, neck and arms. Of course my feet always hurt and burn.

This all happened because I had one of those frame of mind moments where I thought I was 25 years old again.

I was excited as I was paid a visit by my son-in-law today and one of my grandchildren. It was wonderful to see them.

They live in Ky where I am going to be moving to. He was up here visiting family and brought his pick-up truck here and took a load back home with him. I was very grateful as it saved a little more room on the big moving truck.

After he left I met my daughter-in-law and two of my grandchildren for lunch. I don’t usually eat at McDonald’s, but the oldest girl wanted to go there bad, so she could play in Kiddie Land.

It was fun watching all the little kiddies play on the equipment but I wasn’t used to all the screams and noise. We stayed a little over an hour and when we decided to leave, I was ready. I did have a good time though and I ate sensibly, or as well as I could; a four piece chicken nugget, and a grilled chicken salad.

I came home then and since the idea was still hovering in my mind of the idea I had yesterday, that is when I had the 25-year-old moment to act upon it. I moved my mattress and box springs out of my bedroom, down the hall and into the living room.

There were some funny moments and a scary moment with this ordeal. First of all I only had my house coat on and I wasn’t near as strong as I thought I was so I got stuck in the hallway.

No matter how I tugged and pulled on that flexible mattress,  I couldn’t move it past my dryer. The more I tried, I was doing nothing but actually moving the dryer. I stopped a few times and thought of different ideas, then went back at it again.

I finally got to the point I was trapped. I have a back door and I considered going out that door and walking over to my neighbor who I was sure would help me; but all I had on was my house coat. I wouldn’t have looked very good to the neighborhood.

I was beginning to get sore. I had made progress so didn’t want to go backwards. In fact, I wasn’t sure I could get the mattress and box springs back in their old position. I couldn’t call anyone for help because there was no one to call.

I had to go forward. The only other option I  had was to wait in the hallway until someone noticed there was no movement in my house and call the police, lol.  What would have taken a couple of guys without Parkinson’s and arthritis along with  Neuropathy in their hands only a few minutes, took me about forty-five. I did it. I got them out to the living room. I was too weak to try to take the bed frame and headboard out. I knew I couldn’t lift the box springs and mattress back on to the frame, so it is on the floor and now I have a new bedroom.

Why did I do all this? Crazy, just plum crazy idea. I thought I would have more room in my bedroom for boxes I pack. It also seemed less work for all involved on moving day if as much furniture could be out in the main room. Well,,, I was just trying to  help.

I sat down on my bed and my heart was racing so hard and fast it scared me for a few. I remembered my exercise classes where the teacher had said always keep exercising; but do it slower and slower until the heart beat is back to normal.

I immediately did this and it did help. I made the bed and crashed in it like I had not slept for hours. I was so sore I got back up and took some ibuprofen and then laid back down.

I couldn’t even get online because of my pain. I am still in pain but not quite as bad. I will take more medicine at bedtime and hopefully tomorrow I will feel better. My lesson I learned? Listen to the body, not the mind.