I Took Your Advice

I have had a laid back day. I also have had a few comments about the scary truth that happened here last evening. A dear friend named Diane sent Al an anointed cloth a day ago.

I don’t know if this has anything to do with what happened. I have never studied anything about the ever after life. I just always knew and counted on going to heaven, so why question, but maybe I need more answers. This cloth has been prayed over by very strong Christians so it means the world to me. Al keeps it under his pillow.

The advice I took is I did nothing today. Yes, Al is here. He was only up this morning for breakfast and has preferred napping in his recliner or bed and dining in his room. Wow, it must be nice to order room service. LOL

I did sweep the kitchen this morning and clean the kitty box. I did one load of laundry because of Al’s bedding and made my own bed.

Right now he is eating supper and I am eating at my favorite spot, my writing chair. I am listening to some of my favorite music instead of having to hear Pawn Stars in the background. Maybe you would also enjoy this music. Here is a link in case you would. It is Gheorghe Zamfir, full album.

I even took a nap. I feel lazy because I didn’t clean more, but I feel more relaxed, and to dine to my music is divine.


My heart is big enough for two

A little for others  a little for you

Although we are sister and brother

As a sibling there is no other

But we each need our space you know

It makes life such an easier flow

So you listen and watch Pawn Stars

And I will listen to my music and ponder on the stars…………

Written by,

Terry Shepherd