Until Never More

English: Start of a long road

Last night I had dreams or some

May call them nightmares

Wicked things of death

But with no names

I tried my best to

Stay so busy today

But now it is dark

And I am alone

Sitting here with my thoughts

And I touch my cheeks

And I feel the warmth of tears

Falling gently from my eyes

You are still here for me to see

But my mind is preparing me

For something I don’t want to face

I want you to know

That you mean the world to me

Made from the same genes

I am your sister

You are my brother

How can one go on

Without the other

I can’t know your pain

But I feel your heart

When I look into your eyes

And you are begging me why

Is this happening to me

I can only look at you bud

And tell you I love you

I will always love you

And be here until

There is never more.

Terry Shepherd