Camera, Rest Break is Over

Rain, this is what my part of the world looks like. According to the weather, we can expect these warmer, dreary and rainy days for the rest of this week. I don’t mind, as I know it won’t be long until the sun will shine and the heat outdoors will kick into higher mode.

I had to run to Wal-Mart today. When I came out I saw these birds in flight so thought I would give my camera a break from rest. When I returned home I had a box waiting for me.

I had been with my granddaughter last week and probably got caught up in her excitement about wigs and extensions. She ordered a couple which won’t be here for a while and I thought, : what the heck, I will order a cheapie too for me.” Well mine was what was in the box.

I guess it will be fun. I can forget trying to do my hair and throw this on, like an old, familiar hat. So what do you think? Should I let my hair grow out and get this look in my real hair? Or, should I just consider it a fun thing?

seagullseagull 2seagull 3