Whispers In The Breeze

English: Willow Trees beside the Cam Within th...

Weeping willow trees

Are my favorite of all

Flowing gently in the breeze

Reaching fingers around me

Bring me comfort as I stand

Under your wings

Protected from all evil

No one can harm me

As I hide within your beauty

I watched you from afar

One day not long ago

I thought of the prior

Times I used to sit

Beside you thinking

Some day I will

Myself be buried next to you

But instead today

It is not my turn

To rest in forever peace

For today as I watch your

Flowing branches

I don’t feel the peace

I have always known before

Instead I hear the words

Of the minister giving

His last words of wisdom

Reminding me you are

In a better place

As tears cloud my vision

I can still see you

Off in the distance

Remembering the

Words I whispered only to you

I have to wait my turn

Because at this moment

I am placing your empty shell

Near the whispers in  the breeze .

Terry Shepherd


I have been thinking of you so much Dad as we are getting ready to prepare for another soul to come to rest. I love you Dad and miss you


Mom & Dad

Cries of the Past

Standing under our favorite weeping willow tree

Seeing the swing that we too often sat on

Looking out over the waters flowing to channels

Birds calling to each other, babies please come home

I look to my side and don’t see anyone

But my shadow mocking my every move

I look up to the skies so blue

And luring me through white cotton balls

My mind reaches beyond the color of my eyes

Depths of haze that will fog my sight

I reach deep within my soul and I force out

The cries that have been buried deep within

Crashing the heavens with my urges

To see them once again

The flying creatures take refuge

As the shatters of my thoughts

Pierce the heavens far from my reach

My shadow falls to the ground

As the breath is shaken from the soul

My body follows in repetition

Lying beside the broken sillouette

Tears come sobbing from deep within

Rocking my world shaking my spirit

No one comes to my rescue

No one hears my cries

I grab the green grass between weak fingers

Smelling the earth of where bodies rest

No more request the world now silent

A voice whispers gently in my ear

My dear child I have heard your cries

Here let me wipe your tears

Stand up and stay strong

Walk with your head held high

For they know of your love

And I have instructed them

That you will be along soon enough

You must go forth and spread the word

Bring as many children to me as you can

Only when you have completed my task

Will you be joined with them once again.

I feel his hands reach my weak body

He tenderly stands me up brushing me off

With gentle fingers he turns tears to smiles

He blows strength into my body

And my feet begin the journey

He has directed me towards

I can see nothing as I look around

But our two spirits have connected

His hands disappear back to

The heavens and the birds

Begin to come to life once again

The skies bluer than water

Puffy clouds sheltering my walk

As I complete what makes my soul unbroken.

Terry Shepherd