I wonder, or better yet, I will just come out and ask you a question. What is the first thing you do when you walk in the door of your home from a work day?

For me, it is kicking off the shoes. Next, clothes come off, bra, socks too. I slip into comfy clothes. Although I only go to my training P/T; I am tired when I get home.

It has been a rough week this week. I was in the ER with weakness so strong, I was afraid it was my heart. I let the nurses poke me and draw my blood, and then I lay there on those uncomfortable, hard small beds and waited and waited.

One nurse brought me in a nice, warm blanket. I loved it. When I am tired, I get chilled easily. When all the labs came back, I discovered it is the nasty tremors from my Parkinson’s Disease.

When I am tired or stressed, my tremors can be worse than a spoiled child. With a child, you can discipline; with my tremors, I have to wait them out. I have been doing great in the mornings, but by 1pm, I am getting sleepy and feel I need a nap.

There are several nice things about my training program. They respect my disability and Parkinson’s. Another nice thing is while it is not snowing here, I have a beautiful view of the creek.

I look forward to sitting in my car for my half-hour break each day and seeing the view in different ways. Today, I captured this photo. Looking at peaceful scenes helps me to calm down, which helps the tremors, plus it frees the mind from all the learning that is being squeezed into it.