Picture It And Write it-Prompt #27 God Is Always With Us

This is the way my head feels when I have had a bad day. Husband and I have argued over nothing in particular. Kids have been picking on each other. I have too much laundry to catch up on, and tomorrow is the beginning of another work week. I went to my favorite hiding place, my bathroom, and sat on the stool, and began to cry. My stress was not at a good level, and I needed to get a grip on myself. I needed to have some quiet time to talk to my best friend God. I quit crying, wiped my eyes, and blew my nose. I got off of the stool and knelt right there on the floor and told God of my problems. I ask him to bring order to my house and peace in my heart. I told him how much I loved him, and gave thanks for his love and understanding for me. Within minutes, the tape measure unwound. The house became quiet. I could hear husband rattling around in the kitchen, maybe searching for something to start for supper. God is good. He is always with us.