When I Am Finished

You can see the patterns in the sky of God’s travel all over the world, watching out for each of us, staying near our sides, never leaving us. The glow in  the distance is proof that he does live, leaving brightness in hope, and a warmth that we can remain in while he takes our worries away. The small entry hole in the tree is his love that is shining through our hearts, as we speak to others about the wonders of God, also taking away the darkness of unbelievers, letting in a bit of light and hope into their empty hearts. The shadows cast past griefs and sorrows, pains and despairs that God has already healed. The zipper in the sky is our entrance to heaven, where we will be greeted by our heavenly father. Our hearts and faces lift to the sky and imagine us being lifted from this life right into  the unzipped layers of another life, that we can now only dream and  imagine about. My Lord, I give you thanks for the trials and tribulations that you place upon my heart. For without these, I would learn nothing. I would not learn to place my faith and hope in you. I would be wandering this world in gross confusion. Before, I go on my way, I glance upwards one more time to the zipper and smile, letting God see the love that I have for him. I will be in your arms one day soon, my Lord, as soon as I am finished with the work you have given me to do.

Dedicated to Bonita