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Victorian Era Cosplay WIP 5

Victorian Era

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Explore the room you’re in as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. What do you see? Who is the person who lives there?

When you walk into the room  in you feel peace. There is a nice comfy wrap-a-round couch that I could curl up in and take a nap. I see several shelves full of old crocks. It seems that this person likes antiques pretty well.

Two miniature trees decorated in white lights and gold Victorian ornaments. This brings a calmness when you gaze at them.  I see an old round chrome table with two matching chairs. On top looks like several boxes of left-over candies that may have not been able to be stuffed in to Christmas stockings.

On one wall right by a window, there sits a computer. Decorated by white soft curtains this would make a wonderful view to look out. I wonder if the one who uses this computer is a writer? I can see this person gazing out the window gathering ideas to place on  paper.

I see several candles sitting on the fireplace. This white Victorian fireplace brings a sense of warmth and could provide a very romantic setting. There is a big screen television and sitting beside that is a WII system. It is covered with dust. It must not get played with much. There is a beautiful wood blanket chest. It looks like an antique for sure.

I imagine that the person who lives here is into old stuff. She loves romance and peaceful surroundings. The glow of white lights and candles burning makes me feel like she is a loving and compassionate person. A philosopher, a deep thinker. I would love to meet her.


Continuing Story Part 32

The next day Drake and Dahlia found some free time and Dahlia asked him to accompany


her to the jewelry store so that they could pick out his ring for their wedding. They walked to town, hand in hand, and window shopped at each store they came upon. Drake was explaining what items were placed in the windows for all to see. The two of them found themselves adding notations to what they would like to put in their own home. Drake opened the jewelry store door and let Dahlia enter. They went to the counter and Drake said they were here to find a matching band for the rings that he had picked out for his bride to be. The sales lady took out the order from his purchase and found a band that matched perfectly. Dahlia asked him if he liked it and did it fit alright, and Drake just gave her a big hug to show how much he loved it. She told the lady that she would take it and she pulled out her money to pay for it and then had the lady keep it put back for her until it got closer to the wedding. They all said good bye and then left the store.

With Drew’s illness, classes and tutoring the students, the two found time ticking quickly by. It was now two months before graduation, so they decided while they were in town, to go to the florist shop and actually place an order, instead of dream shopping only.

The florist was very nice and eager to help the couple. They each told about the colors they wanted and what time of day the wedding was going to be, and putting their heads together, they decided on red dahlias, that would be showing their full beauty on the day of their wedding to compliment their love for each other. They also ordered some rose petals to be placed on the church aisle where the two would be walking down to receive each other. There were going to be small white buds of different flowers that were going to have white ribbons surrounding them, and these could be hung at each pew. The cost of these flowers was more expensive than they had wished for, but they went ahead with it, knowing this would be a day they would never repeat with any other again.

After leaving there, they compared notes with what needed to be done yet. Drake had his suit, and he had her rings on hold at the jewelry store and she had her dress,and now his ring, and  the church had been reserved, the minister had been talked to and had committed to the date. The flowers were ordered. All that was left was the food and the finishing of the guest lists. The guest list was going to be small and intimate. Family, and close friends from school.

Drake had Drew who was going to be his best man, but Dahlia noted that she had no one to walk her down the aisle, but she knew that Sue was going to stand up with her. The two of them looked at each other and both knew where they wanted to go, so they headed back home, and went in and told Rachel and Ralph that they were going to pay a visit to Dahlia’s father, and then they got into the family car and took off for his house.

Upon arrival, they got out and went to the door and knocked. No one answered, so they knocked again. The door opened and Drake saw  Dahlia’s father standing  there looking like death warmed over. Drake and Dahlia entered and helped her father back into his chair.

The three visited and Dahlia asked her father if there was anything that needed to be done around the house and had he eaten lunch yet, and her father replied, he wasn’t hungry, and the house was fine.

Dahlia wanted to help her father, but she did not know quite how to be of help. She could cook though, and maybe this was a way of showing him that she cared about him.

She asked her father if he would be willing to let her  fix them some lunch, and he did not say yes or no, so she found her way into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator and cupboards to feel  what was available to  fix them for the noon meal. Everything seemed so empty. There was an egg box with two eggs that were stuck to the inside.  When she opened the jug, she could smell that it was once milk and had now soured, and it was almost empty. There was a few slices of  cheese, but she could not tell if it was outdated or not, and the cupboards were not much better.

She walked back into the living room and took Drake aside and explained the despair of the kitchen, and he immediately told her father that they were going  to go to the grocery store to replenish his kitchen cupboards and fill up his refrigerator. Her father didn’t say anything, and  neither did he argue, but instead he pulled out his wallet and offered them some money, saying it wasn’t too much, but here is what he had.

She gave Drake a kiss and thanked him for his help and understanding and the two  headed for the store. They left him sitting at the house wondering why they were being so kind to him. After all he did not deserve even a visit.

Soon the two were  back and filled his refrigerator and cupboard shelves back to a decent spot. She then proceeded to fix them lunch. She took lettuce and washed it and tore it apart, and laid a leaf on three plates. Then she washed some tomatoes and cored them out and placed tuna mixed with eggs in the cavity of each tomato. She called out to them and let them know lunch was ready and soon all were sitting at the table, eating and talking.

Dahlia could feel  that this visit they paid to her father was a good one. In no time at all a quietness was turned into more laughter. He was glad for the conversation, and it took some of the loneliness out of his day. He enjoyed having his daughter in his presence.

After lunch was finished and the table cleared, they went back into the living room and all sat down. Dahlia told her father she had an important question to ask him and he said what is it. She explained that their wedding was coming up soon, in two months, and they had almost everything planned or purchased, but there was one thing missing from the wedding. Her father said nothing but was listening and paying attention. She went on to say, that their wedding would be perfect, if he would agree to walk her down the aisle.

Her father instantly teared up and tried hiding it by wiping his eyes. He told her that he never thought that this day would happen, that his little girl would grow up and become a woman and be happy. To be getting married to such a nice man and to want her own father to walk her down the aisle, could only be a miracle to him, a prayer that had been answered. He took a hold of both of her hands and said he would love to be involved, and nothing could keep him from being there. The two hugged each other, and then Drake  noted the time, and said that they needed to get back to the house. They all stood up and walked to the front door together and with hugs, they left him a  happier and healthier man.

Continuing Story Part 31

Drake and Dahlia arrived at the hospital and went to the lady at the front desk and asked

Dahlia x hortensis

what room Drew was in. The lady questioned who he was and he said brother, and she told him the room number.

They took the stairs slowly so Dahlia would not trip over herself and made it to the third floor and then walked the halls until they found Drew’s room numbered, and then walked in. Drake was shocked to see his brother.

He was in a big plastic tank, and his mother, upon seeing them at the door walked over and told each of them  that Drew had pneumonia and that the plastic covering would help Drew’s lungs. Drake took hold of Dahlia’s hand and together they walked over to where Drew laid. Drew acknowledged their presence with his eyes, and Drake could see that his brother was definitely sick, as he witnessed blood splatter when Drew coughed.

They stood for a moment looking down at him and Drake and Drew touched hands from each side of the tank cover. This pulled at Drake’s heart and he then stepped back, walking back to where his mom and dad were sitting.

Rachel said that they had found Drew almost collapsed on the floor and their was a small amount of blood on the floor where he had been coughing. They had called the doctor and the doctor had told them to get him to the hospital right away.

The doctor said they had brought him in time, that he was going to be alright, but he did not know if the cancer would recognize this weakness in Drew’s body and decide to move faster. This was going to be a waiting game, but he was sure that he could heal the lungs for now.

Some of the boarders had shown up at the door, and Drake and Dahlia stood up and walked over to them and explained what was going on. Rachel told the ladies to come on in, and Drake told Dahlia that they should take their leave now, so Drew would not have to many visitors at once. Drake walked over to the big mask covering Drew’s top half of his body and told him they would be back later, and to take care, and to hurry up and come home. Drew made a small smile showing that he understood.

Drake and Dahlia back out in to the fresh air talking  among themselves about Drew, and Drake said that he could see the tired looks in his parents faces, so why didn’t the two go home and make something easy for supper that could be reheated. Dahlia thought this was a good idea, and she hugged her fiance for being so thoughtful and caring.

They went home and saw that hamburger was thawing in the refrigerator, so he took it out and opening the wrapper of it placed it in a bowl, and while he made a meatloaf out of it, Dahlia scrubbed potatoes, and made a salad. In no time at all, the meatloaf was baking, the potatoes were sitting beside the meatloaf, and the salad was in the refrigerator keeping chilled.

When the two had cleaned up their mess, Dahlia said that she was going to change clothes and go out to her balance bar to practice some moves that she wanted to help her students with, and Drake said that he would help her also. She laughed out loud and asked him what he knew about dancing, and he laughed back and asked, you do not realize that I understand your kind of dance?

Without waiting for a response, Drake walked into the living room and found a record that he loved to dance to and one that was smooth and romantic. He had seen his father dancing with his mother to this record. He placed the record on the record player and then walked over to Dahlia and reaching for her hands, he led her into the middle of the living room floor, and wrapping his arms around her waist, he pulled her close and they danced.

Dahlia looked up into his face and said that the dance she was going to practice was ballet, and not this kind of step, but  felt her body once again beginning to turn into butter, as he led her around the living room ever so gracefully. Drake let his one hand slide down to the curve of her butt and soon his other hand met the other and Dahlia held him tight around his neck, and the music swept them through the room.

It was like magic  in the air and roses bloomed and spread their perfume throughout the room. As the two held each other so close, Dahlia could feel a hardness near her abdomen, and when Drake saw that she had noticed his desires, he led her to the couch and gently lifted her down on to the couch, letting her head rest up on a soft pillow.

He began by kissing her lips and then kissing her forehead and neck and then back to her lips. He parted her lips and moved his tongue  inside of her mouth and filled her mouth and lips with heat and desires.

He then glided his lips down to the curvature of her breast and he kissed what was revealed and with one hand he cupped one in his hand and gave a gentle squeeze. Dahlia heard a small gasp escape from her throat and she drew herself closer to him, as his hand reached behind her and unbuttoned the top few buttons. He moved his hand to her chest once again, allowing his skin to touch her soft velvety skin. Her body arched to meet his and he took this as a cue to move further, and soon his hands were making their way under her under skirt and he felt the heat that was flowing from her. He let his hand rest on the outer part of the cotton that kept the love she felt for him hidden away.

He started to slide his hand under her panties, and then the back door was heard opening, and the two of them jumped up and sitting  upright, Drake hurriedly buttoned back her few buttons, and both of them straightening their clothes out, they parted to each side of the couch.

Rachel and Ralph came through the door and the boarding ladies were following behind. They could hear the music playing and Ralph looked at Rachel with fond memories of their own dances, and wondered if they had broken a sin about to take place.

Saying hello to each other, Drake jumped up from the couch and as he went to the kitchen he yelled back at everyone that supper was ready, and they should all gather round for supper. Rachel walked over to Dahlia and kissed her lightly on the forehead for being so thoughtful as to get supper ready for them.

When all were seated Ralph announced that the doctor said he thought Drew would be resting comfortably tonight. The medicine was working in his system at this moment, and there was no reason for everyone to stay, that Drew needed his rest, and for them all to go home. If anything should happen, the nurse on duty would call them at once.

The supper hour was spent with people’s mind on Drew, and some were wondering what they had walked into in the living room. The meal was good and everyone thanked Drake and Drew for the delicious meal. After wards they all helped clean the table, and do the dishes.

Continuing Story Part 27

The next day came, and with it gloom filled Dahlia’s heart. It was the day of the funeral, a


day where she was going to face her own demons, that she had well hidden for years, so she thought.

She sat on her bed, not wanting to get dressed, but instead, crawling back under her covers, bringing them up over her head and burying herself until the new dawn met her. She knew though, that she needed to go, and how disappointed Rachel and Ralph would be in her by not doing the proper thing.

She got up out of bed and making it behind her, she went to her closet and chose a dress that had no frills or lace on it. Something so drab and plain, just like her thoughts were today. She got dressed in silence, tuning all noises out around her and then took her basket and went across the hall to brush her teeth, splash cold water on her face, and run a comb through her hair. Today, she would not fuss with her hair as she usually did, today, she would leave it down, to show her own personality.

She then followed the common path to the kitchen, and only had toast and orange juice for her breakfast. No one else was in the kitchen today, she thought, but over in the corner on a stool, sat Drew. He was watching her ever so quietly, as she finished her breakfast and got up to pour herself a cup of hot coffee.

When she sat down to enjoy this one moment of the day, she heard a stirring in the kitchen and asked who was in here with her. The voice of Drew came to her and her body became stiff and rigid with fear, and she started to get up and leave, but he asked her to stay seated, that he wanted to talk to her.

His voice sounded soft and her fear let up a little, and she heard him walk over to her and set across from her at the table. He began by apologizing for his past actions with her. He explained that he did not know why he had done this at the time, for he had no interest in her in that way, and he knew that she was promised to another. He went on to explain that now he knew why he had done as he had done, and she needed to know, that he was ill. That he had discovered yesterday, that he had brain cancer. He wanted her to know how truly sorry he was, and he was moving closer to her in his seat, begging for her forgiveness. He needed to know that she forgave him before his time was up on this earth. He could not rest easy until she understood.

Stirrings moved in her heart, and she knew from the tone of his voice that he was sincere. She stood and moved closer to him, and lying her arm over his, she said that although the memories are still fresh in her mind, and she was still struggling at putting it behind her, she understood, and she forgave him. She told him that she was so sorry to hear of this illness and she was willing to lay things to rest between him and her.

He cried, and the sobbing was hard, and he was taking her hands in his and thanking her for being so kind. He told her that she was a nice woman and that Drake was so lucky to have found her, and that he hoped they truly had a good life together. He promised her that nothing like this would ever happen again. With this conversation having nothing more to be added, they both parted the kitchen together.

What Drew had told Dahlia brought comfort to her, and she prayed to her God, that this would soon be a past never to be remembered. She found Rachel and Ralph coming out of their bedroom, and they saw her and asked her if she was ready to go. It was time, and no one wanted to enter late. Dahlia nodded in affirmation, and the three of them left to go the funeral.

Dahlia’s mind drifted to her past,and she thought of her parents and wondered if they had ever loved her. Had they ever wished that this child had never been brought to this earth. How did her mother feel about her on her dying bed. Thoughts drifted in and out as they drove to the church.

Once arriving, Ralph turned the car off, and came over to Dahlia and Rachel’s side and opening the doors for each of them, helped them to get out. The three of them walked into the church, where soft organ music was playing. Dahlia stayed close to Ralph and Rachel as she was not familiar with where she was and didn’t want to collide into anything.

The door greeter met them, and after asking their names, walked them into the main area, where her mother laid. Ralph and Rachel stood by her side as they found themselves standing in front of the open casket. Silence was surrounding them, and Dahlia found it odd, to have her mother not speaking to her. Soon they made their way to their special seats and others had come in and viewed and then had walked over to Dahlia and told her how sorry they were.

Dahlia thought this was never going to end. She didn’t recognize most of the people who had introduced themselves to her, but why would she? She was always left behind to do some type of cleaning. She was not allowed to intervene with her parents.

Soon the minister began to speak, and he was telling of things that Dahlia had never known. He was speaking about what a rough life her mother had when she was a young child herself. The rape that had occurred when she was a teenager, was a terrible incident, but her mother had fought hard to over come this, but never quite made it to total healing. He spoke of the marriage between the two and the child that was born, Dahlia.

He went on to say that he hoped that she felt peace now, and he said that he had spoken to her on her death-bed, letting her know that God had forgiven her of her errors in life. Dahlia sat and listened, not knowing who this person was, that the minster spoke of. This was surely not the mother that she, herself knew.

The service ended, and people shook hands and said their goodbyes and well wishes. When all had left the church, all that remained was Dahlia, Ralph, Rachel, and the minister. There was a stranger standing off to the side, as if he was waiting for approval to move. The minister went to him, and brought him along with her own father, and the two men asked Dahlia to please sit, that there was information that needed to be told.

The entire time of the funeral, her father had never made his presence known to her. She had wondered if he was even here, as even Ralph and Rachel never mentioned seeing him, and now here he was, sitting beside her.

He placed his hand on Dahlia’s hand, and commented on how beautiful she looked all grown up. He said how sorry he was for the bad treatment of his wife, her mother, and even himself. He explained that he was always trying to hide his feelings from the world, knowing he had a wife that lived in hell in her mind from the damages that had been done to her. She had never been able to get passed it, and when you, Dahlia, were born, she loved you so much. I can still see the glow in her eyes, as she held you close to her heart, showing you off to all those who paid a visit, but somewhere in the middle of all of this, nightmares would reappear, and she would hide within herself, sometimes not even speaking to him, her own husband.

Her father went on to say, that he knew of one person in her life that she loved more than even him, and this was Dahlia, but she could not get close to you, as she was so afraid that her fears and depression would enter your soul and destroy your chance of a good life.

Dahlia sat there trying to take in the new picture of who her mother really was. This was not the woman that she had grown up with, and now she was being told that her mother really loved her, so much love she felt, that she stayed away from her. She had practiced hatred so hard she had convinced her own child that she was not worthy of living.

This was a lot to digest, but before she could think farther, the strange man who no one seemed to recognize, brought forth a long envelope and opening Dahlia’s hands, he placed it in her hands, and said that this is from your mother, she wanted you to have this. It is her way of telling you how much she loved you, and also asking for your forgiveness.

Dahlia sat there with the envelope in her hands not knowing or wanting to open it. Was it a letter that she herself could not read?  Perhaps a card with her own apology written inside. Rachel asked her if she would care to open it, since this man had made a point to come here in person to give it to her. Dahlia handed it to Rachel, who handed it back to the stranger, and he opened it, and inside was a letter.

There was a letter stating that her mother hoped she forgave her, and that nothing from her own sadness had ever entered her heart. She wanted to let Dahlia know that she cried every night before she went to sleep over not being able to hug her own daughter, and tell her how much she loved her. The only way she could show this now, was to let her know that in the bank downtown, was key to a special box and inside of it was money that she had been saving every day since her child had been delivered into her arms. The amount of money that her mother had left her, was $50,000.

Dahlia sat in shock, then started to sob heavily. Her mother had loved her, all these years, and had never been able to show it in order to protect this child from the same fears she had carried herself. Tears came to everyone’s eyes, as the story that was poured out, began to make sense, and people were understanding. Her father moved closer and told her that he could not expose his wife’s wishes, and that he had also loved her ever since she was born. He produced from his pocket a big envelope that was filled with pages of a journal he had been keeping for her. His thoughts for her were inside, and as he handed Dahlia the envelope, he said that maybe one day Rachel could read these to her, and as the words left his lips, he broke down and wept, letting her know how much he has always loved her and still does. He explained that he was getting old, and if he could prove to her how important she was to him, then he could be content to die in the old house.

Continuing Story Part 25

Dahlia felt so good inside that the teacher had asked her to be a tutor for a new student.


She wondered who it was and where the child lived. She forgot those thoughts quickly as she was remembering all the positive things that the teacher had said about her.

Once she got home from school, chores were done, and supper preparations were beginning. The other boarders came to her, and they all wanted to hear the news from the horse’s mouth. They had heard through others that there was going to be a wedding.

They stopped what they were doing and all gathered around the table, making Dahlia sit down and spill it all. Dahlia had no problems sharing her news with them, and told them that she and Drake were planning on being married the day after graduation. All the ladies congratulated her in unison, and clapped their hands for her. They all decided that they were going to throw her a bridal shower party, and they couldn’t wait to start the plans.

All through the dinner preparations talk was on nothing else but the wedding and bridal shower. For the evening meal, tonight there was going to be meatloaf, baked potatoes, tossed salad, green beans, and cherry pie for dessert. As they were preparing and setting the table, others came home and soon all were talking about the upcoming wedding. As they all sat down at the table together, holding hands, they said a prayer of thanks, and also thanked God for bringing  these two, Drake and Dahlia, together.

Drew was sitting at the end of the table, and he even partook in the prayers. He glanced at Drake and their eyes locked. No smiles were exchanged but hope was in Drake’s heart that his brother would be healed of his behaviors. Drew lowered his head once again, and said an extra prayer to himself for himself.

Supper over, and the evening held nothing major, so each was doing their own thing. Drake was grading papers in his room, but his mind was wandering, thinking of Dahlia, and Dahlia was in the back yard, practicing harder than ever at the dance bar. Others were on the porch singing, and others were studying their school work.

Ralph and Rachel found Drew on the back porch steps. He was just sitting there looking out over the property. They both sat beside him and explained that the doctor’s appointment was tomorrow after the school day was over, and they would meet him outside the school doors and would accompany him to the doctor. Drew nodded his head up and down, barely getting the word, thank you out. He was struggling with what he had done and he didn’t really feel that well tonight. He just sort of felt achy all over but his head was throbbing. He thanked his parents for their help and excused himself to go to his room and retire for the night. They patted him on the back and said their good nights, and all departed.

The next morning, everyone got up and got ready for school and classes. Drake walked Dahlia to school, and as they stepped outside the front door of their home, he stole a quick kiss and told her he loved her, and that he had thought of her all evening long. She smiled up at his face, and whispered she loved him also.

It was midterm in school and each of Dahlia’s teachers stopped the regular class teachings and went over with the class of how each student was progressing so far. There were some claps and whistles and happy times, as the news was that each student was working very hard and it was showing in their grades. The entire school administration was proud of this years students, as the marks were very high for their academics.  At the end of the school day, there was a small party in the dance gymnasium, with refreshments served, for a reward of their good works.

Drew did not partake of the festivities, but instead found himself walking out alone through  the front doors of the school. As promised his parents were waiting at the curb, ready to drive him to the doctor. No words were exchanged between the three as they drove to the doctor’s office and parked the car and then went in and announced their arrival. In a short time, Drew’s name was called and they all went behind closed doors.

The doctor asked many questions, and wrote all of the answers down. He decided that they needed to run some tests. They would start with a CBC, and then they would run a Cat Scan and see if anything was happening that would show any changes from those years before.

Drew went down the hall to the lab and had his blood drawn, and then went to the Radiology room, and had his scan performed. When all was finished, the doctor came back to them and said it would a few days before the results were in, and that the receptionist would give them a call and set a time for them to come back, and with that, the doctor disappeared, going to see his next patient.

Drew, and his parents got up and made their way out the door and headed for home. Excitement was over flowing in the kitchen as everyone was talking about the party that had been given to them. They decided to celebrate here at home also, by having a pizza party. They made hand-made pizzas with all the works. The pizzas were so heavy laden with goodies, they were hard to get into the oven, but it was done, and soon the aromas were filling the room with yummy smells.

After everyone had stuffed themselves with pizza and sodas, they cleaned up and all went to the porch and sang songs of joy. Ralph played his guitar, and they all sung for a good hour. The skies were being overtaken with clouds, so each got up and made their way into the house, and Ralph went with Rachel to the back yard and helped take clothes off of the clothes line that had been hanging to dry all day. The two of them took this private moment to ponder on the doctors visit. Ralph asked Rachel if she thought everything was going to be alright, and Rachel said she did not know, but she did notice that Drew looked pale tonight at supper. Ralph nodded because he had also noticed too. They decided that prayers would be lifted to God tonight when they retired to their bedroom.