The Versatile Blogger Award

I was given this award by Rahul. He is one of my newer blogger friends. Very inspiring and interesting blog. Please check him out!

What else can I possibly say that you don’t know about me already? Let me think here a moment.

Oh, here is one thing. I am left-handed. Isn’t there a phrase somewhere that says, left-handed people are special? Haha!

I got my first silver or gray hair at the young age of 21. I was shocked! I thought 21 was too early to look old. Now I think I am young at 58!

For my nominations I would like to choose today,


Kayi and Zara


The instructions are to tell ten things about yourself. Then, please give credit back to the one who nominated you, and finally nominate others you would like to share this award with.

I thank you once again Rahul for this very nice award


The Vesatile Blogger Award don’t know what to say anymore with my awards. It is God who truly speaks through my fingers. It is not me. There is no way I could touch so many lives with my own mind. Thank you Teresa Cleveland for nominating me for this wonderful award

You all know about me. There is nothing left to tell. Trying real hard to say something different.

I am left handed.

I have a weakness for the soap opera, The Young And The Restless

I love giving more than receiving

I am constantly on a diet   this blogger has fascinating things to say every day  this blogger is fairly new to me, but she always replies to my every blog  this blogger is very understanding of what i go through and i really enjoy her blogs


Thanks again Teresa Cleveland!