#FWF Free Write Friday


fear the nightFear the Night

Fear the night

No one in sight

Heart is beating

I am breathing

Eyes so big

Quivering lips

Waiting for you

To say I do

Silence echos

All to mellow

Standing there

Yet no where

Voices hushed

My face is blushed

As I realize

The tears in my eyes

That you have backed down

You are not clowning around

You have changed your mind

I am no longer blind

You don’t want to marry me

This I can now clearly see.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



Weekly Writing Challenge, Oct. 08,2012–Parkinson’s Disease and Life

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart

Unexpected surprises come my way

And can be upsetting to my day.

The care that I give to others

Is more than I received from my own mother.

Parkinson’s Disease is a game in its own

The seed that is planted has been made and sown.

Tears and depression and too much pain

Is something we deal with and there is no gain.

Comforting words is what I can give

In hopes that he will want to live.

He tells me that he wants to die

He’s in so much pain and he asks me why.

He used to be so big and strong

He worked so hard the whole day long.

Now he can barely stand at all

And sometimes I have to see him fall.

His tremors cause him to be too weak

And sometimes I have to go and seek.

A place to cry as this breaks my heart

To see his body falling too apart.

You fill your memory box with all you can

Of the child you see, that was once a man.

You are forced to take away his pride

While you bathe him daily at his side.

You introduce Depends to him today

Knowing that there is no other way.

You cut up his food and sometimes you feed

You watch him cry and your heart does bleed.

I have come to the conclusion that I can do

Nothing more, so I turn to you.

I pray oh God, that you heal this man

Please heal him Lord, any way you can.

If you must take him from me today

Please have mom and dad standing near his way.

Let him feel peace and no sorrow no pain

Let him forget what is happening today.

Terry Shepherd

October 08,2012

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