I entered the party

I felt so out-of-place

All the people I saw  dancing

I knew this was a waste


I went to the bar

I got myself a drink

I sat at a far table

Then I saw you and you winked


I looked  behind me

To see who else sat near

There wasn’t anyone around

I wanted to run from fear


There has never been a soul

Who has made my heart beat race

But when I saw you smile

I felt connected to your face


The music changed its song

You got up and walked towards me

I sat frozen in my seat

Until your hand touched my knee


You then took my hand in yours

And asked me for a dance

I stood up feeling dizzy

I felt my body in  trance


You moved so easily

Guiding me all around the  floor

And when the  music stopped

I knew I wanted more


You led me back to my seat

Then you asked if you could sit

I felt like Cinderella

Who had been lifted from the pit


We talked and danced

The hours seemed to fly

Then the party was over

We looked at each others eyes


You  stood and touched my arm

Then  led me towards the door

I knew this was a beginning

For now and ever more.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd

Terry’s Thoughts in Poetry