Teens Who Harm Others

When I was a teen I did the teen things. I wasn’t a terrible brat but still, I was a teen. I remember drinking my first taste of wine standing in an alley with my best friend while trick-or treating. Yes, I still did the get the treat things in my teens. I really didn’t go to the door, instead I was a teen stepping out of my guide lines set by my parents.bottle

When I was old enough to drive I would put on a Halloween mask and drive  up and down the streets in our city. I thought it was so much fun getting the looks from older drivers.

I once went to Fort Wayne with some friends. I wasn’t ever to go out-of-town and I was also to tell my parents where I was going. When we do something we know is wrong it always comes back to bite us in the ass, and it did.

I was at the busy intersection at a stop light and it was dark. The laughter from inside the car immediately stopped when all of a sudden steam came barging out from under the hood of the car. I had broken a hose.

I immediately froze and became serious as I was trying to figure out a kind way to call my parents and tell them what happened and where I was. Luck was on my side as one of the guys knew enough about cars to temporarily fix it until I got back home.

So I did the teen thing but never anything bad. So you can imagine how angry I was at the local news on TV tonight when a family who loved to over-decorate outdoors for Christmas. When they woke up this morning they were so sad when they discovered that teens had ripped apart so many of those expensive decorations.

Stomping on lights, smashing Santa and Frosty the Snowman. Tearing lights out of the trees and busting them. What a very expensive teen episode that was. I felt so bad for that family.

They enjoyed having people drive by and being entertained by their hundreds of lights only to have them blown out by teen pranks. I don’t get it. What was the ending goal that was on the positive side?

Why weren’t those teens home going to bed so they could get up and go to work? I was an ornery teen but I also knew if I did something this horrendous, my parents would punish me so badly it would be weeks before I was let out of the house.

I won’t try to place blame here on anyone. I will just say that the word respect for other people has been tossed out the window in the past few years. What a sad situation this was.

Here is a similar video of what that house looked like that got torn apart.

A Good Laugh Was Needed Today

Today I escaped the house for an hour. I had to go to the Pharmacy and pick up a new medication for Al. Lyrica, the doctor is hoping it will help his pain while his body contracts into a smaller body.

I went by my old elementary school on my way home. I don’t know why I revisit places like this. Maybe I am yearning for my free youth. Maybe I enjoy the memories. I stopped in front of the school and had a chuckle.

It was recess time. Remember those recess times? Freedom from studying, being quiet and listening to the teacher talk on and on and on? A time to forget the world and frolic and play.

I can remember catching grasshoppers in the back yard of the school. I remember playing tether ball. I really liked that game. A ball on a rope and a single pole. Playing it with another student trying my best to get it to go around past until I scored a win.

Playing chalk hop scotch and jump rope. Even as I sit here writing I look at my life now and back then and I would have never dreamed that it was going to play out like it is. Here I am caring for my brother. I have done a lot with my life and yet nothing that anyone will remember.

I sat in my car just smiling and then it dawned on me the weather. It has been very warm for December here lately but that all changed this afternoon. Now we are in the thirties and we are going to only be in the high of twenties for a few days.

But when I was at the school it was still forty something outside. I watched the kids as they ran and played and part of me envied their free spirit. The innocence of a child not having to worry about sick people, or bills or how they are going to eat.

Then I looked down at myself. I laughed out loud. I had a sweatshirt and sweatpants on. The heater was on in the car. All my windows were rolled up. The oldies station was being heard on the radio.

As I enjoyed watching these young people I saw that their clothing was quite different from mine. Some had shorts on and sweatshirts. Others had jeans and jackets wrapped around their waist. Some had jackets that were unzipped and flying in the breeze.

I laughed so hard when I realized I was or am becoming my parents and grandparents. I used to laugh at my family because in the fall I was wearing my shorts and Mom was saying she was so cold.

Where does the time go and how does it slide so quickly without us realizing it? In my mind I am still young. There are more and more days that my body reminds me that on my birthday I will be that big scary number 60.

I watched them for a bit longer and then started the car. I turned my fifties music up. It was Elvis Presley singing Rubberneckin.  I had revisited my youth, picked up medications for a very ill brother, and noticed time had been ticking all these years. I was definitely becoming my Mother.



Free Entertainment

English: A rear view of a woman's thong underw...

Did someone say something or did you notice anything that made you all of a sudden jump back? Did you in a blink of an eye realize that you are getting older or out of the hip hop age?

Did a fly land on your nose and you smacked it, knocking some kind of weird thoughts to fly through your head? Did you really think that you were like a balloon being blown up and at one point you would not burst?

I did have that moment last night. While laying in bed watching my Nick-At-Nite station this commercial came on. I sat up sort of snickering to myself. I was trying to picture it. Then as the commercial repeated itself several times, and this was in case you are so old that you didn’t catch it all the first time, I was laughing hysterically.

There was a small part of the stunt that I didn’t find amusing. No dimples were showing on my face. In fact, I thought, what will these TV programs do for a buck? Is this what most people want to see; or am I just out-of-date.

The show that was being advertised was Forever Young. The show is about mixing up young people with senior citizens. First of all why does this rub me the wrong way? Isn’t it the young people who laugh when I am walking through  the street crossing and ask a young man to hold my elbow so I don’t fall?

Isn’t it those young whipper snappers always trying to show me their manliness by showing me their butt cracks in their pajamas bottoms? Or how about those young fillies last week that laughed their you know whats off when they saw me walking down the pier at the lake? I couldn’t help it a wrinkle escaped here and there through my new bikini. For heaven’s sake give an old lady a break.

But what about the happy Seniors that were brought up in a different era. Being taught to dress properly, respect all elders, obey your parents, and be a God-fearing person. Why is so important to show the younger generation getting the Seniors to get drunk or party on.

Is that the way people have fun today? Going to bars, bed hopping, getting plastered or making complete fools out of themselves? Is this what it takes to sell TV? What about medical conditions; shouldn’t that be considered before you pour that first glass down an older person’s throat?

The part that made me laugh myself until I almost peed was the thongs. Ya thongs, yep, I tried them one time. But it felt like I was always picking something out of my rear. Like a piece of chicken caught in my teeth, I was always picking at my britches.

The size of the thong for the TV commercial looked pretty large to me too. Sort of like where does that string go, or finding a needle in the hay stack thing. I don’t know; I tried to picture myself strutting downtown with the walk, but every few feet I had to stop and pick, just like a dog stops and scratches.

I always used to laugh when I was a snotty teenager about the brand of underwear that guys wear. Fruit of the Looms, I wondered naughty thoughts that I won’t write here, just use your imagination.

But now that I am older myself, I want comfort. I want the fruit of the Looms for gals. Cover up my whole area, no picking for me. The only thing I want to be scratching is my new lottery tickets I just bought.

So maybe I am getting dull or older or simple. But when I have a guy looking my way I want him to notice my Madonna breast and not my fingers that have been lost in the deep divide.

I don’t want to come to the realization that the only way I am going to attract the opposite sex is by being all fogged up and wondering who’s bed I am waking up in. I will be content with who I am and try to do good things for others. For entertainment, I will laugh my ass off at the TV commercials and be asleep by ten.


Do You Connect or Know Someone ? Bullying

Beyond Back Creek sent me this video to watch. I had just posted a blog from my Daily Prompt about bullying.



This brought back memories that made me cry as I watched this. Back in the time where I was called names for being heavy.

If you know someone or have been a victim of bullying, please watch this.

Thank-you so much Beyond Back Creek

English: Bullying on IRFE in March 5, 2007, th...

Raise Your Glass!

I saw this photo on my Facebook and it reminded me of myself, and what I have been trying to tell my children of lately.

I am not what I used to be, but I keep trying. I can’t move the furniture like I used to. I can’t run anymore, unless I want to break an ankle.

My son will come down and lift something with one hand, and hint that I am a weakling. What he doesn’t realize is that before I asked him for help, I had already spent much time on trying to pick the darn thing up myself. It is like a slap in the face by my age number, that I have to realize I am not 21 anymore.

It was the funniest thing last fall. I was at Wal-Mart and I saw something that reminded me of my youth. A hoola hoop. When I was young I used to play with one for hours. I could walk with it moving, dance with it not falling. I felt like a kid, so I spent the five dollars and bought me one. The next day I took it outside, and I spent quite a bit of time, trying to get it to move, to flow without falling beneath my knees. My hips are bigger now then when I was young,so the stupid thing should stay in place. After trying and trying, I had to come to the conclusion it wasn’t the size of my hips, it was that the hips had gone stiff. They would not move gracefully, therefore, allowing the hoop to drop to the ground over and over. I got more exercise bending down and picking it up then the actual moves for the hoop.

Will I be able to let go of things I do now as I age? My mind says I can go for ever, but when I see the photo above, I may have to be told, Mom, give me the keys.

We need to keep our eyes on the Lord above, that he will fill our minds and souls with new experiences. He will need to teach me patience, as I am forced to admit that I can no longer be safe while driving, that I may hurt someone by not being able to brake quick enough.

Growing older is supposed to be wonderful, entering the golden years.  I say phooey to this. I don’t want to grow old. I don’t want to others to drive me where I need to go. I want to keep my youth, but I may have to be content with my wonderful memories instead.

I say raise your glass to spunk, vitality, laughter, love and life! Hip hip hooray!!

Is This Your Child?

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He was only a child. Lying spread out on the street where he lay in a pool of blood. His home life had been less than perfect. No church foundation, no guidance at home. He looked for self-worth in his friends. He grew up in the streets, learning the way to fit in was to act tough. He went out  through the night and went  into the streets where  his friends were waiting. This is one of the toughest gangs known to the city. People crossed to the other side when they saw them. More and more guns were carried by the good and the bad. Drugs were forcing long time home owners to sell their homes and move elsewhere. Women were standing on street corners trying earn a living. Men in expensive clothes were strolling the streets. Tonight, the streets were full of noise. People whispering, sirens sounding. Police directing traffic. In the distance you can hear the EMS coming.  A sadness comes over me as I realize this is a reality in life. This is no longer a murder mystery book that we are reading. This is happening in our own back yard now, today. You can no longer say that this happens only in the bigger cities. As I look at this young man lying there lifeless, and realize that this life is over. One of God’s children was called home early. It unwillingly causes tears to form on my cheeks. We have to go back. We have to check our list of priorities in our lives. The only way is God’s way. This is our purpose here on earth. To love, and honor our glorious God. By doing this, we will place God as our number one in our lives, with family in second place. As a story writer, this has been the most difficult story for me to write. I ask God, now at this moment, to help me to be a better person. To help me to have more understanding, and to carry a compassionate heart. I pray that we protect our children, that we listen to them, and help nurture them in our lives. I don’t want to see another young man lying in the street surrounded by a pool of blood.