I Took a Different Path

Today I went and saw Al. After I left there I forced myself from returning to the computer and went through one of those self-serve car washes. I swept the inside and shined everything possible. Then I used the big hose to give the car a bath. Sort of like the old song, Doggy Want a Bone???

On my way to the Y I stopped and shot this photo.pear tree It is a Pear tree. I thought you would enjoy also seeing the first photo I took about seven  years ago. This is when it hit me that I really enjoyed being an amateur photographer.62983060313

Then I went to the YMCA and used some of the weight machines. I walked a mile on the treadmill, and then went swimming in the warm water pool for half an hour. I came home not sore but knew that I had done something unfamiliar to my old body.

My grandkids came down and we watched a movie that was recommended to me by a friend on here. The life of Pi.

Both of them were glued to it along with me. It is an excellent movie. Here is the trailer for it.      http://youtu.be/mZEZ35Fhvuc

I thought of Al definitely today, but I made some free time for my mind. I am tired tonight but in a good way. I wonder if I will be able to walk tomorrow………

About Al? and his day? I felt bad for him. He was seeing flowers with no tops and squirrels running around. I hope after his body adjust to the new increase of pain medications this will cease. He wasn’t in a bad mood nor happy. He was just being there, sitting in a wheelchair. I took him outside to get some fresh air. He ate all of his lunch. He cried when it spilled on his lap. There were times that he was very confused about the days and what was going on. Is this something he and I have to get used to in order to keep him pain at minimum??????