Indiana is in our Winter Mode

We are going through a real cold snap. It started two days ago and is to get worse each day at least Valentine’s day. There will be days this coming week where the high will be zero. I hate winter since it affects my ability to walk. I need my walker at the least and it doesn’t work well on snow or ice.

I hate cold even more. My feet always are cold in the winter, partly due to the weather and partly due to my Diabetes and age. I can’t wait until this month is over. I always look forward to February because it is short in days and longer in daylight.

The Covid is still here so we are still under some restrictions. Businesses are hurting but I think school kids are hurting worse. E-learning as we call it is done from home. The parents have to be quite disciplined to be able to help their children with online learning and if they or someone that is caring for them isn’t, I would think the child could slip between the cracks real quick. It is always easier to learn when it is learning in person in a class.

I hope and pray Covid leaves us soon, and leaves our countries but new strains are already showing up here in the United States from South Africa. Will it ever end? God has a plan and I believe he knows what is going to happen and why.

Do you live in an area where winter is going on right now? I saw Ute is observing Spring already and I wish for that. We do have Robins returning and this is a good sign, because they won’t return if the chance of food could not be found.

4 thoughts on “Indiana is in our Winter Mode

  1. Funny I said Spring is coming and today it is snowing….we have a week cold spell and then it is getting warmer again. So the wolly jumpers stay and the heating stays on. The snow does not stay on the roads though. I do hope it does not freeze those little daffodils. Keep warm Terry!

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  2. You and me both my friend my feet ache in the winter more so because of diabetes nueropathy in my fortunate at this point in my life Not needing a walker yet. Can’t wait till spring Praying you stay safe and well. God bless you.

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    • I am very thankful that you don’t need a walker. God won’t have you using things like that because you are caring for your husband. When I got my illness it was right after I cared for my brother and he passed away. God always has perfect timing. I will be glad for Spring because of my feet for sure. HUgs


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