Lonely Souls Living on a Dime

Lonely faces

In bright sunshine

Wishing to be thought of

All sitting in a line.
Cars driving by

Leaves rustling through trees

People sitting on benches 

Asking, “What about me”?
No planned activities 

It’s the weekend today

Hoping to sleep time away

Waking up to a Monday.
Written by my feelings, 

Terry Shepherd 
September, 2017

Reflection in my Heart

The moon shines  bright 

The stars reflect  on me

I sit here by myself

As quiet as can be.
I see my father’s smile 

I see my mother’s tears 

I see my brother’s illness 

Now  passed away three years.
I tossed a pebble smoothly 

And hear the sound it makes 

Then quiet followed soon after 

And I know that I must take.
The new path of living daily

Without you in my day

The stars whisper, “Have no fear

I’ll help guide you on your way”.
Written by my feelings, 

Terry Shepherd 
September,  2017

Some Days are Hard

Sitting on my bed

Eating breakfast alone

Suddenly my brain wanders

And my heart feels sad.
I look around the room

Which suddenly becomes the world 

I sense a feeling of anger

From events in my past.
The anger leaves quickly 

And the arrow of sadness stings 

When the shadows of family members

Can’t be seen by my naked eye.
Death has snatched some friendly faces

Money caused a tear in family seams

The years have not repaired the tears

And I still do not understand. 
I have my children and their families 

I have some friends where I now live

But the familiar and loving people

Are now silhouettes in my mind.
Written by my feelings, 

Terry Shepherd