Smell the cooking

Feel the love

Serve that Turkey

Please do not shove.
Table settings

Chairs are placed

All are seated

And saying grace.
One heaping

No make it two 

No one’s watching

What I do.
Pushing back

The kitchen chair

Can barely stand

I need some air.
What a dinner

Too much food

I promise for next year

I will be good.
One month later

I’m sitting here

Christmas dinner

 Presents and cheer.
New Years over

I look at the scale

Good lord, I did it

A look of whales.
11 months of

 lifting weights

Now I’m ready

For Thanksgiving day.
Written from my heart,

Terry Shepherd

Secrets of Hollywood 

Are we blindsided 

By glitter and lights

Jealousy of wishing?

With all our might?
Is the whole;divided?

Our world and theirs

Fantasy and reality

Is ours to bare?
Faces appearing 

Words spewing accuse?

Has this been happening, 

This terrible abuse?
Why now,  years gone by

Secrets revealing today

Sexual violations 

Abusers having their way.
Don’t know the truth

Or the reasons why

I just sit dumbfounded 

Feelings of wanting to cry.
Written from my heart,

Terry Shepherd