Daily Prompt/One Word Prompt



The word for today is; Messy


Grams lived alone after her husband died for several years. One day, things began to change. She couldn’t remember if she took her medications or not. She sometimes left her burners on.

She began forgetting to take a shower or change her clothes. I seemed to be the only one who noticed. Others seemed to take note; but turned their heads. This was my Grams. I loved her. She was the best Grams of all. How could I turn my back on something that may end up hurting her in some way.grams


I decided that when the moment came I had time to talk to her, I was paying her a visit. That time arrived and I headed over to her house with some of her favorite chocolates. She was happy to see me and instantly invited me in.

She motioned for me to sit while she opened the box of candy and held the box to me. I took one and we both sat there enjoying the flavor. After that I made some small-talk and then asked her how she had been.

I decided I would wait for an opening, and she gave that to me soon, as she began telling me she thought her mind was slipping; just a little. I nodded my head and replied that I had noticed it too. I expressed my concerns on her welfare and initiated the invite for her to come live with me.

At first she bucked at the idea, saying she had been fine, but the more we talked, she knew it was the right move. We smiled and made a date to start this new adventure. We then both ate another piece of chocolate and closed the topic.

The following Saturday I took my truck over to Gram’s house and began loading all the items that meant so much to her. I had quite a load by the time we  headed to my house. Grams talked the entire drive and I listened and nodded my head at her conversation.

It wasn’t an easy transformation. Having an older woman living with a young guy who wasn’t the neatest housekeeper or who liked to stay up a lot later. The house became messy between the two of us, but that didn’t last long. I loved my Grams and I wanted her safe. I changed a few things in my life because she was worth it. The mess? Big deal, when we love someone and we can do something to  help their life stay safe and good; we do it, with love in our hearts.love

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