Friday Night Delight

You all know how much struggle I go through emotionally when exiting my comfort zone. Sometimes it pays off and I enjoy myself. Other times I run home like a dog with its tail between his legs.

Friday night, I made it through it. I went to the Moose with my new friends and I stayed the entire time. I didn’t realize that it was band night so the place was pretty crowded. I did my best to tune out the size and concentrate on my friends.

I even got up and wiggled my fanny a couple of times, just for the humor in it.kicking

About half-way through I was told that all of them were planning on going to Applebees for appetizers.

I started to freak but prayed like crazy, let me get through this Lord, let me get through this.

They said we were leaving the Moose at 10 and I began to think of every reason why I should go home and not go along with them.

I knew that I can’t see that well at night when driving. I have a cataract in one eye and night driving is just about finished for me unless it is a short distance; so I better go home.

I had made it through the evening, I may not make it through that much more time; I better go home. It is late for me to be out, but then who is waiting on me at home; no one.

Excuse after excuse I mentally made until I had myself about sick at sea. I finally spoke out and thanked them for inviting me when one of the girls said, ” Leave your car here. I will take you there and bring you back.”

How could I back out now? I couldn’t, besides the only real excuse I had going for me was the night blindness. The million other excuses were from being out of my comfort zone.

I did go and I stayed. I got through it and I laughed. A part of the old comical me came shining through. I thought about how strange it may seem to my new friends that they had not seen this laughing hyena’s side so I toned it down a bit.

Here are some photos of my new friends. Amy, Sandy and Sue. Thanks ladies for posing for me and my camera. By the way girls, I am a camera freak, always be prepared for the unexpected.

friday nightfriday night 2Friday night 3friday night 4friday night 5friday night 6

8 thoughts on “Friday Night Delight

  1. I am so happy you have these new friends to hang with and get out and enjoy yourself.
    Way to go girl and I am proud of you.
    You are learning how to live.


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